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  1. Youn

    Your latest VR purchase?

    The Climb, when I made my first headset purchase (Quest 1) for my dad... but I can't remember if maybe it was using an included $10 coupon or something? I dunno...
  2. Youn

    combine games to make the ultimate game

    that would be cool too
  3. Youn

    Musk Zuckerberg Cage Fight

    Elon on his way to the fight...
  4. Youn

    combine games to make the ultimate game

    Zelda II + Castlevania + Terraria A side-scrolling Zelda game, with heavier rpg elements (like Zelda II), darker more mature tone (lots of blood) and procedural world-building mechanics
  5. Youn

    What’s your favorite and least favorite Biome/Goegraphic Locations in video games?

    favourite: dark forests, something spooky with puddles and fuzzy trees and mushrooms and shit... least favourite: flat deserts, just sand as far as the eye can see, no vegetation or notin'... super boring... I even prefer those insanely large procedural fields in elder scrolls daggerfall
  6. Youn

    Oculus Quest 2

    wasn't me
  7. Youn

    Apple Announces Apple Vision Pro AR Spatial Super Computer

    only 120 fov? ...meh, no fun
  8. Youn

    Shoes that make you walk 250% Faster

    For something that is intended to be used on a busy city sidewalk (san francisco, new york), they sure went out of their way to NOT demo it anywhere near a real situation like that. They'd really need a special lane to not crash into people, as it seems impossible to really dodge while walking...
  9. Youn

    Epic Mystery Games 2022 Dec. 15th-29th Everyday a brand spanking new game!!!

    I really enjoyed Fallout 1 and 2, and I played them more recently... not sure about Tactics though
  10. Youn

    Epic Mystery Games 2022 Dec. 15th-29th Everyday a brand spanking new game!!!

    The lego game has "Very Positive" reviews on steam... so does that mean it's not worth it? I mean, it seems weak compared to "Overwhelmingly Positive"
  11. Youn

    You're Most Anticipated 2023 Games

    I barely keep track of new releases so know nearly nothing about new franchises, but taking a quick look at a few lists: Starfield Alan Wake 2 The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Final Fantasy XVI Flashback 2 Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection...
  12. Youn

    Meta threatens to pull news from Facebook in response to Congress bill.

    ^ I tried singing that using the original melody, but "eyeballs" is too many syllables so it didn't quite fit. "Balls" would work though, lyrically and rhythmically.
  13. Youn

    The state of gaming (really has me bummed out)

    Yep and the other factor is our eyes (gamers and those paying attention) are getting better and better at distinguishing the differences, even though they may be more subtle than the difference between say PS1 and PS2 which I think is obvious to nearly anyone.
  14. Youn

    The state of gaming (really has me bummed out)

    "I don't understand why we constantly have to cater to people with potato-machines. They are holding the rest of us back." It's just a mainstream portion of the gaming community that you're complaining about, it seems. That is what's new. Don't lump it all together maybe? It's not like the...
  15. Youn

    Attempting To Restore My Old SNES - Inside & Out

    It looks a little better when you do a side-by-side of the photos. Obviously could be just the lighting. Anyways, good luck!
  16. Youn

    What was your first emotional moment in gaming?

    I guess if you're talking about "sad" emotions, for sure it must've been FF6, with Celes getting (what I assumed was) gang raped and then later trying to commit suicide, then that opera scene showing her sorta-turning point. I wrote down the lyrics on a piece of paper, for obvious reasons to...
  17. Youn

    What was your first emotional moment in gaming?

    Seeing Doom for the first time, in the computer lab at school. I was like "finally things are starting to look realistic"
  18. Youn

    [EPIC Store Weekly Freebies] Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition -&- Evoland Legendary Edition

    I nearly bought Fallout 3 the other day, on xbox360 for dirt cheap, so glad I didn't and got this freebie instead :)
  19. Youn


    ah I forgot the anus, yer right
  20. Youn


    needs more dicks, boobies and vajayjays
  21. Youn

    [Epic] Darkwood + ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove! (free till 10/20)

    Darkwood - a new perspective on survival horror. Scavenge and explore a rich, ever-changing free-roam world by day, then hunker down in your hideout and pray for the morning light. ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove is a mash-up of the best...
  22. Youn

    Suikoden 1 & 2 remaster announced!

    include an option to play the original untouched, or maybe a lower-res retro graphics option, and I'm in. I really enjoyed the first game and have always wanted to try the 2nd
  23. Youn

    Bone Lab

    the story is like Halflife, or just the puzzles and physics are similar?
  24. Youn

    Shovel Knight Dig

    glad you dig it
  25. Youn

    Amazon Prime Free Games (September 2022)

    be nice to GoldenTiger, now... :P
  26. Youn

    [Epic] Hundred Days (free till 9/15 8AM PST)

    yea, no need to post junk "add-ons" to free-to-play games... thanks!
  27. Youn

    Amazon Prime Free Games (September 2022)

    yea, these games aren't free and should be moved away from this forum... imo
  28. Youn

    [Epic Store] DOOM 64 (Free Till August 25)

    crazy timing, I was THIS CLOSE to purchasing the original N64 cart yesterday, had no idea this version would be free the next day :)
  29. Youn

    [Epic Store] DOOM 64 (Free Till August 25)
  30. Youn

    Voxel Doom

    this is cool. I'd love to see the animations tweened out a bit, that'd take it to the next level
  31. Youn

    Top 100 Games played on Steam at any given time just suck

    reminds me of an old guy at the arcade always standing there complaining nobody is over in the pinball section... I mean, it's kinda funny, kinda sad... I wish him well
  32. Youn

    [Epic Store] Lawn Mowing Simulator (Free Till [DEAD])

    Great game to relax to while doing other mindless chores...
  33. Youn

    Riot Games to start recording Valorant voice chats starting July 13

    Only just learned about Valorant... and that it is to be avoided at all costs
  34. Youn

    Oculus Quest 2

    Watched my old-ass jaded brother play Thrill of Fight, never seen him become so agile and passionate about anything, ever, first time he broke a sweat in years probably, he seemed frightened even. It was hilarious as he then tried to deny being all that into it... "Dude, you looked like a crazed...
  35. Youn

    Oculus Quest 2

    summary: maybe 5 to 10 years we'll see some meaningful upgrade, vari-focal being maybe the first big one, but they are also working on HDR, retinal-res screens, etc... and Mark still has a hard-on for the VR meeting-room app despite nobody else caring...
  36. Youn

    Far Cry 4, Escape from Monkey Island (Prime Gaming June 1st)

    prime gaming is not free though, right? so does this really belong here? I mean, are we to see xbox/sony live whatever payed-subscription-based "free" games pop up here now?
  37. Youn

    [GoG] Shantae and the Pirate's Curse free

    for those confused by where to get it, once logged in I had to scroll down a bit on the homepage to find the banner with Shantae on it, then click "Claim"...
  38. Youn

    System Shock Remastered Demo Available June 28th

    damn how many times they gonna trigger that "trash bin + ricola horn" sound effect? otherwise, yea, this looks great
  39. Youn

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

    as good as this looks, if you are interested in this and hadn't heard of it, check this freebie out: