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  1. v6maro

    Looks like the 3080 is in stock here

    Just trying to help anyone looking for one..
  2. v6maro

    Looks like the 3080 is in stock here

    Yea, I know. Ebay seems to be a bit higher though (plus some way crazy prices)
  3. v6maro

    Looks like the 3080 is in stock here Looks like they have some other models too
  4. v6maro

    FS: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW GAMING

    bump - name a price!
  5. v6maro

    FS: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW GAMING

    bump, price change
  6. v6maro

    FS: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW GAMING

    I have a hot n fresh RMA from EVGA with TONS of warranty time left on the card. The original card was never oc'd and just crapped out on me, so I went out and got a 2080 (dumb, probably). Anyways, just got this card back from EVGA and now it's time for it to go. EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW...
  7. v6maro

    Introducing the NVIDIA TITAN RTX GPU

    $2500......for real? No f'n way will I buy this.
  8. v6maro

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta Ends PUBG 1 Million Concurrent Player Streak

    PUBG is fun/I still like it. A contributing factor missed by the article, PUBG did a 5-hour update last night during US kinda makes sense. But, it's normal for a game to wane over time.
  9. v6maro

    Plex 4K capable server

    direct stream video and audio, yes, with full bitrate pass-through. So my 4k display and atmos system plays 4k HEVC x265 perfectly, no hitches or anything. If it has to transcode, thats a different issue, but, why would you every want/need to transcode a 4k source, just download the HD/BR...
  10. v6maro

    Plex 4K capable server

    I gave up on plex via pc or xbox for 4k, especially since I have an atmos system. Went with the nvidia sheild. Problem(s) solved.
  11. v6maro

    Groupon Faces Lawsuit from IBM for Failure to License Early Internet Patents

    Why even bother suing Groupon, they have enough issues without this. So pointless.
  12. v6maro

    Google Vows to Appeal $5 Billion Fine from EU Over Bundled Android Services

    The EU basically did the same thing to MSFT when they enforced IE as the default and installed browser. Unfortunately for Google, looks like they will suffer the same fate. EU = the suck.
  13. v6maro

    1080 to 1080ti, worth it??

    Since prices have come down a bit, I always wanted to step up to the 1080ti, just not sure it's worth it? I have a friend willing to buy my 1080 for about $450 and I was looking at the evga 1080ti hybrid which is about 900 on amazon now. I'm just not sure how worth it it'd be? Are new cards...
  14. v6maro

    Disney Wants to Dump Star Wars Boss Kathleen Kennedy, but There’s a Problem

    What they should do is: 1) Say sorry 2) Delete ep8 on all digital platforms, refund everyone that actually purchased it 3) re-do it with a new director / script / story
  15. v6maro

    Android Gets Messages for Web

    I used Textra on my android phone and love it, I've also been using MightyText for texting from my PC...I really dont want to switch to Messages for my texting app since it blows donky balls compared to Textra. I really hope I can enable this on messages, text from the web, and still use Textra...
  16. v6maro

    The Matrix 4K Blu-ray Announced

    will buy
  17. v6maro

    Racing Drone Sets World Record

    Old. People fly turbine jet models much faster, and are controllable, why not a quad?
  18. v6maro

    The Fall of Voodoo

    I still have my two Voodoo II's (12mb) in the boxes, lol
  19. v6maro

    4K or Bust!

    4k on youtube is like watching 1080p at 720p. They just dont have good bitrate ever.
  20. v6maro

    WD Easystore External Discussion

    I'm planning to use all 4 in a Synology NAS - should I try and just get reds or are the whites ok?
  21. v6maro

    WD Easystore External Discussion

    went to my local BB and picked up 4, I didn't see these in the list except one that says it's a red - what do you guys think they are? I'd check them out, but im stuck at work and cant see what they are right now :(
  22. v6maro

    WD Easystore External Discussion

    If I order them online and they come in to the store, and I go to pick them up, can I return them if they aren't 256mb cache ones?
  23. v6maro

    Want to stream 4k from NAS, Roku Ultra?

    Can the Roku use the NAS as a 4k video file source? The NAS will be pretty powerful as well and could probably do it, but this gives me a reason to buy a Roku and offload the work from the NAS.
  24. v6maro

    HTC Kicks off VIVE PRO and Wireless VIVE at CES

    tl;dr; - did they up the resolution of the display??
  25. v6maro

    “The Last Jedi” Is the Most Divisive Star Wars Movie Between Fans and Critics

    1) Superman Leia - WHAT? Dumb as fuck. 2) Why are cannons lobbed in space towards a cruiser, what happened to lasers? Dumb as fuck. 3) Snokes death? Dumb as fuck. 4) Luke teaching Rey - could have been cool but was terribly written - Dumb as fuck. 5) Casino - trying to compete with Jabba's...
  26. v6maro

    Dolby Atmos Comes to Netflix

    yea you'll want the integral or the new vertex to split
  27. v6maro

    Dolby Atmos Comes to Netflix
  28. v6maro

    Dolby Atmos Comes to Netflix

    I have this, and it's awesome. Super easy to use.
  29. v6maro

    Google Reveals When It'll Stop Supporting Pixel and Nexus Phones

    I have a Nexus 6P on Google Fi....I'm starting to get real tired of it. It's always switching to sprint which you cannot do voice + data, and the reception is shitty. Since updating to the latest OS, the phone has been dropping calls like crazy, and the cell network is seemingly 'unavailable'...
  30. v6maro

    ASUS ROG Swift PG35VQ: Massive 35" 3440x1440 200Hz HDR

    I have an x34 and a single 1080 works fine I'll be upgrading to this!
  31. v6maro

    Acer Predator Z35P Announced. VA Panel, 35", 100Hz, G-Sync. Same as HP Omen X 35.

    I have an x34, is this a worthy upgrade??
  32. v6maro

    IT Jobs Bound for Extinction

    the term "AI" is being used a bit lightly here, and AI and ML being full blown replacing devs by 2020, is EXTREMELY laughable.
  33. v6maro

    Star Wars: Battlefront II Makes the Imperials the Good Guys

    Kind of like all the gay undertones and overtones put into every movie made now a days? It's becoming obnoxious.
  34. v6maro

    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    Would love to try this chip out! I'll give it a good home!
  35. v6maro

    Hyperloop One Is Considering 11 US Routes for Its Futuristic Transport System

    Gotta disable ad-block to read the site, nothx.
  36. v6maro


    I have yet to play frontlines - can someone explain the mechanics?
  37. v6maro

    Queries for VPN Providers Rise after Repeal of Internet Privacy Rules

    What are some good VPN providers?
  38. v6maro

    LG Launches 32UD99-W 32" Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor with HDR10 and FreeSync

    Is this 10 or 12 bit (HDR)? aka whats the HDMI/DP gbps rating? 10.2 or 18gbps? Also, why no g-sync? *cry*
  39. v6maro

    Nvidia GeForce Live Event

    So for those of us who bought a 1080, will there possibly be a rebate to buy a 1080ti??