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  1. Gomar

    Biggest computer lie ever told

    ZIP drives will be the next storage media; Floppy killer, but beaten by CD-Rs.
  2. Gomar

    WD HDD locked drive, trying to get back into pc repair, 1st client lol

    Possibly stolen clunker, as client should have pw for his own family photos.
  3. Gomar

    External hard drive

    WD 4TB for $99 at BestBuy.
  4. Gomar

    Anyone know if a phone can be remotely disabled/bricked?

    I buy cellphones local, at BestBuy or T-Mobile location; not Amazon or eBay.
  5. Gomar

    SSD drives versus USB flash drives for backup storage

    SSDs cost x4 than spinners; Flash(USB) drives and SD cards I keep in the safe box in bank.
  6. Gomar

    Worst CPU's of all time?

    Cyrix failed for a reason.
  7. Gomar

    Listening mp3 songs/albums in the car

    BTW, your mSD card will fill up real fast with music.
  8. Gomar

    Listening mp3 songs/albums in the car

    Who burns MP3s to CDs anymore? No one! If you do that, why not just buy a CD from Amazon, rip to WAVs and to MP3? Also, yes, for videos and MP3s YouTube is best; I have gotten lots of full albums in MP4.
  9. Gomar

    What laptop should I get my wife from best buy under $500?

    Did the OP say $500?! That one costs $600. Run for this one:
  10. Gomar

    Best/worst computer brands.

    I like Asus, Acer.
  11. Gomar

    Best or some of the best Android smartphone ?

    Pocket Mode is the only app or feature I hate on Android phones.
  12. Gomar

    Best or some of the best Android smartphone ?

    I've had a few issues with my Alcatel Android11 phone. Never had problems with Android10. But still for best value Alcatel or TCL; However, Samsung tablets are unbeatable.
  13. Gomar

    Best SSD currently ?

    Define the word "BEST"
  14. Gomar

    Can an individual SATA port die on the MB?

    Yes, it can.
  15. Gomar

    USB HDD keep disappearing

    Your PC lacks USB power. You should look into AC powered HDDs.
  16. Gomar

    How to destroy SSD that has no screws in its case

    The Pawn Stars have a 20mm canon ripped from a WWII Zero for sale...
  17. Gomar

    Do you remember your history of smartphones?

    I had a cell phone many years ago, which I fondly remember.
  18. Gomar

    Which laptop brands are best?

    I stay with Asus, Acer, HP. No Macs, no Dell, no MSI, no offbrand.
  19. Gomar

    What is your Go to file manager for Android?

    FileManager Plus by
  20. Gomar

    Pocket Mode

    Does anyone know about this "Pocket Mode", or use it? It kept locking my device, and causing me too many problems. Thus, I had to shut it off, found it in Android 11. This feature is so bothersome I was forced to reset my phone once. Anyway, it displayed a message not to block blue screen on...
  21. Gomar

    Are traditional HDDs still the preferred storage drive vs SSD?

    Compare prices of SSDs to HDDs. You will note 500gb ssd for same price as 2TB HDD. I have external HDDs, and use 500mb SD flash drives as they have notch that prevents deletion.
  22. Gomar

    Portable Hard Drive what kind and which one?

    I have a portable 4TB WD from BestBuy for $99.
  23. Gomar

    Need to wipe the drives in a few PC's and laptops

    CCleaner does a good wiping job. As does McAfee.
  24. Gomar

    Laptop with Good Speakers Built-in

    You need external speakers as none internal good exist.
  25. Gomar

    Can we get CD-R made in Japan in the near future?

    CD sales have dropped 90% in the last 5 years. CD-Rs are dead as storage media; It's all in the cloud now.
  26. Gomar

    How long do you use your phone before you replace it?

    I had 3 phones which overheated, kept restarting, useless after 2 years. I have an Alcatel phone now, seems working fine, get some 30hours battery life.
  27. Gomar

    Caller ID & block apps?

    Wow! Shocking! I am uninstalling all Cheetah apps ASAP!
  28. Gomar

    Caller ID & block apps?

    Security Master(Cheetah) has removed caller ID&Block from the app. Explanation was Google Play's TOS no longer allows it. Huh? What does GP have to do with some apps not owned or developed by it? Why would they care, unless they are pushing their own caller ID apps. Anyway, SM seems to take...
  29. Gomar

    Virgin back to Android phones!

    Looks like Virgin learned their lesson by shutting out Android phones, going all iPhone... and voila, they are back to offering Android phones with plans again! Best Buy is again selling Virgin...
  30. Gomar

    High Capacity SSD as primary drive

    No, do not do the above. Check HDD prices, and decide to go either SSD for 1/4 capacity or HDD. vs...
  31. Gomar

    Wanted a new tablet, but...

    I bought my tablet from Best Buy, Android 6.0, 10", for just $80. Had it for 2 years. Then, it started to malfunction; nothing downloaded, apps disappeared, slow, rebooted for no reason, overheated and shut off, etc. So, I was so fedup I wanted to smash it with a hammer, and just buy a new...
  32. Gomar

    What was the first computer you owned ?

    I had a C64. I used VIC20, Atari, TRS-80 at school.
  33. Gomar

    Need a sub $200 phone that my wife can't kill AT&T Prepaid - Samsung Galaxy Express Prime 2 4G LTE with 16GB Memory Prepaid Cell Phone - Black Model: SAMSUNG GALAXY EXPRESS PRIME 2 SKU: 5748600
  34. Gomar

    Virgin Mobile will no longer sell Android phones... favor of the iPhone Boo! Eventhough Virgin isnt big, it's pretty cheap. I bought a J3 for $80 and am happy with it. Will be switching to Verizon I guess then.
  35. Gomar

    Single 32GB DDR4 SODIMM -- where are they?

    Why not go with these:
  36. Gomar

    just upgraded

    I've just upgraded from 6gb RAM to 8gb! Woohoo! Had a tough time removing that black plastic knob on top of the screw. But, all else went fine it seems. Thus, wont be buying a new laptop for 1-2 years perhaps. I removed the 2gb, but I thought there would be 4gb+2gb modules. Anyway, I got a...
  37. Gomar

    Beware of backing up important data on mechanical drives!!

    Pardon sire, iz diz be a joke? Cost of tape drive+media vs. cost of HDD: $200 8TB vs. $1440 for LTO Drive + cost of tapes. Thus, $1200 for 6 HDDs less than cost of tape drive alone!
  38. Gomar

    Beware of backing up important data on mechanical drives!!

    I guess the girl's finger was small, thus small ring, inside of an large ice cream can be swallowed easily.
  39. Gomar

    Beware of backing up important data on mechanical drives!!

    I guess the lesson is dont store your HDDs under your keyboards. Reminds me of a guy who placed a diamond ring into a Sundae which his girlfriend ate. Proposal didnt go as planned; lesson is dont place rings into food.