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    X399 MB ECC Confirmation/Clarification Thread

    what are some quality 4GB DDR4 unbuffered ECC sticks I should be looking for? and do you have any (re)sellers you recommend? thanks
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    UPS silliness

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    ECC Motherboard Options For Ryzen APU

    I’m starting a little ECC server build around the new Ryzen 3 2200G APU. Need help choosing a motherboard. ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY: Proper ECC support (running in non-ECC mode doesn’t count) 5+ SATA ports OR 4+ SATA ports + 1x M.2 slot Good long-term stability / reliability PREFERRED: Small...
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    Freaking bitcoin

    I am looking to power 2 new builds and want to go this route. Can you point me a bit closer in the right direction? What server PSU makes/models I should specifically look for or avoid? And same question wrt breakout boards/cables? Thanks
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    UPS silliness

    Batteries are central to the entire concept of UPS. Without a battery, a UPS is just a surge protector.
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    Anyone happy with their UPS?

    I read about 3 sentences from that "article" before I had to close the tab. What an insufferable moron. Sealed lead acid batteries are not meant to be drained past the halfway point. When you do this more than a handful of times, they die. This isn't a secret, it's printed all over the damn...
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    Home Network NAS Woes - R7000, ReadyShare, ext4

    Fat32 is supported and I suppose I could give it a try although the 4gb file limit is pretty lame. memtest came up clean on all 3 clients.
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    Home Network NAS Woes - R7000, ReadyShare, ext4

    good to know. this is my last resort - i'd rather just throw money at the problem at this point. until I get enough cash for a Synology box it will be copy and paste over and over until it works hopefully :p figured as much, Paragon EXT4 for Windows crashes every now and then as well, and the...
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    Home Network NAS Woes - R7000, ReadyShare, ext4

    What the hell is going on with my Netgear Router with connected External HDD as NAS? ISP: CenturyLink (shut up) ISP provided modem is a modem + router combo, Cisco DDR2200-CL. This thing is absolute garbage, but if it’s stupid but it works it isn’t stupid right? When connected to...
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    need a new router with Windows and Mac OS X compatible printer sharing for my Brother DCP-J152W and also my Synology box. should I just get the Asus AC68U and run stock firmware, or find something that runs tomato / open WRT / dd WRT?
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    Good 4-bay NAS

    I need a 4-bay NAS just for home and family use, storing pictures and documents and whatnot. We have too many PCs to use external drives without hassle. Streaming to the PS3 with PS3MediaServer would be nice although not required. I want to start with 1 WD Red and expand into RAID 5 as I need...
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    ah well, you snooze you lose! congrats though this is really cool! and if an M2 ever comes out one of you better PM me!
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    I haven't even logged in since June and I come back to this project entering production?! Awesome. This is sexy as all hell. I may just have to build a Hackintosh out of this instead of going with the iMac...
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    Home NAS / Backup Server

    change of plans, i'm going to use unRAID. i plan on using an efficient PSU (maybe picoPSU) and underclocking the CPU. anything else i should look out for?
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    Home NAS / Backup Server

    I have an old computer laying around that I'd like to turn into a central backup server. All I want is a PC hooked up to my router so that I can have a central place for my foobar2k library, Picasa photos, Clonezilla backups, Windows restore states etc. Obviously I'd like to access the files...
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    [FS] Spades45 Cleaning House Thread (lots FS)

    sold some stuff, cmon guys make some offers :) worst I can say is no I have a few more shavers coming in and some graphics cards as well.
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    [FS] Spades45 Cleaning House Thread (lots FS)

    HeatWare (0) / eBay (0) I need to unload some extra stuff I have laying around. I can throw it up on eBay if you'd like or we can just use PayPal, whatever you prefer. Everything will be shipped USPS Priority Mail. Check back often more stuff will be added regularly. ALL PRICES ARE OBO &...
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    If you had to pick a gaming laptop...

    i will admit i have a MUCH more limited experience with these laptops than you do. i would just like to add to really think about this decision. these laptops are good for a very small niche; are you part of that niche, or has marketing simply convinced you that you are? nobody wakes up in the...
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    Android Media Devices

    So is it safe to say this is better than the Roku box or Raspberry Pi, as a set top box / frontend for Pandora / Netflix?
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    Path of Exile

    AWESOME, thanks. Holy shit that skill tree. So sexy.
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    Galaxy S4 - Watch Thread....

    i sure hope the galaxy s 4 isn't a watch ;)
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    Not Computer Related [PapaJohns]

    it's not politics, using the term "pizza" to describe the product that papa john's manufactures is a fucking sacrilege.
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    New Gaming computer. What do you guys think? All parts purchased already!! $467.89

    just tidy up the wires a bit, go to lowes or wherever and get a bunch of zip ties. also you have the same carpet as my grandma... just a thought haha
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    If you had to pick a gaming laptop...

    razer blade, m17x, or possibly one of the samsung/asus/acer mentioned earlier provided the cooling proved to be sufficient (haven't looked into it). absolutely positively nothing else. i can't stress this enough, stay the hell away from all those "custom" gaming laptops like sager, cyberpower...
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    List Your POE Name Here.

    Spades45.............. SSJVagSmasher still downloading but i'll get there... eventually...
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    THQ Auction is Over.

    i wish their employees the best, they truly did make great games & stuff like this sucks hard. also, this x 1000 see you all online in Homeworld 3 and DoW3!
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    Path of Exile

    just signed up, is there a good newbie guide/faq?
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    Older PC Games

    rct is great but it's all about lode runner mofos! PS get the dinky park custom map for RCT2. helllll yeahhhhh
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    Galaxy S II Android 4.1.2 leaked (test version)

    am i wrong in assuming will this include the sph-d710 (sprint epic 4g touch) as well?
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    Need help with replacing rechargeable batteries

    ^ this guy is most likely correct. If you didn't want to go the LiFePO4 route, 3x AA NiMH cells would work. The difference is only .4v nominal. However it is probably easier to just buy the LiFePO4s than it would be to re-wire everything to accept 3x AAs. Everything in my house that uses...
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    Where are the Superbowl 2013 HDTV deals?

    don't they generally up the price on TVs for the superbowl? :confused:
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    Not Computer Related [PapaJohns]

    he forgot the step where you use dirt as all the ingredients and garnish with dog shit
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    Mozilla Reveals Firefox OS Developer Phone

    pretty much everything that can be said has been said already here. mozilla summed up in one thread. ouch.
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    The Portal Turret Song

    actually i heard a portal turret dubstep song on once.
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    No Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook with Discrete GPU?

    series 9 with a 1080p or more display would be awesome, jus sayin'
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    Some questions about m0n0wall

    I was just looking for a good, stable SOHO router. I don't really need that much coverage, building is 2-story 3500 sq ft get 5 bars all around with a crappy isp-provided dsl modem / router combo. If that is the case - that m0n0wall and similar aren't generally used as APs - then I'm likely not...
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    Some questions about m0n0wall

    I'm in the market for a new router and I've been thinking about building a m0n0wall box. How does it compare to something like this? Specifically, that router has 3 antennas, doesn't this mean it has better coverage than an old PC-turned-router with only 1? Can any old NIC just broadcast a...
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    it just hit me that i can't afford this
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    Android Media Devices

    this could be really awesome or really awful. i'll have to watch this thread and see i suppose :)
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    Fractal Design Node 605

    looks nice but as pointed out above htpc cases are generally not very practical