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  1. frank78

    Best/worst computer brands.

    Acer could be worst for me personally, 'cause it's the one I've had most problems (dead power, faulty fans...). But maybe the brand doesn't matter, maybe it's just about luck. If desktop machine is what I'm after, I build my own setup.
  2. frank78

    Samsung 970 EVO 2TB $163

    Ooh, nice deal. Gonna pick one. Been very satisfied with the one I own.
  3. frank78

    Mortuary Assistant

    Ooh, nice find. Gotta test the demo. I wonder if there's any decent autopsy games without horror elements in the market...
  4. frank78

    The Callisto Protocol (survival/horror)

    Looks quite inviting, maybe time do some [H]upgrades. And I agree with some... strong Dead Space + Doom 3 vibes. But I like those, so I'm looking forward to get my hands on this one.
  5. frank78

    Worst Game Ever?

    Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust. Even if you're Hardcore Larry fan, keep away from this. As far as I know, Al Lowe had nothing to do with this, so I'm relieved.
  6. frank78

    One of the worse PC builds you seen.....

    Interesting pics. As earlier mentioned in this thread: tar... In the past had a side gig fixing some computers and the most gory ones were those with smokers tar. Can't remember any bad ones hardware-wise, but oh dear god - the tar.
  7. frank78

    LAN Gaming - Good memories

    Long, long time ago (too long) we used to LAN the *beep* out of this great Quake 2 mod called: Action Quake 2. This was time before Counter-Strike betas we used to play after that. Anyway, AQ2 was and still probably is a rock solid, smooth and fast, action movie inspired thing. We spent too many...
  8. frank78

    David Warner, voice of Baldur's Gate 2's Jon Irenicus, has died

    Nooo :/ One of the best villain actors ever.
  9. frank78

    Games to Play with young kids

    +1 for Overcooked games. The whole family has had a lot of fun with those. Available for nearly all the relevant systems (no C64, yet).
  10. frank78

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Rain on Your Parade. You play as a cloud and torment people - simple and funny.