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  1. Ranger101

    Next-Gen GeForce Teaser

    Not that bad, actually they should probably give you a medal.
  2. Ranger101

    Next-Gen GeForce Teaser

    The sanctity of this forum has been fouled.
  3. Ranger101

    Intel's Disgraceful Marketing Gets Worse

    I found this to be a fascinating summary of Intel's questionable marketing strategies over the last few years. IF the picture painted by Adored is accurate, the rot goes pretty deep and the reputation of a certain former tech journalist tarnished. To my mind, in a roundabout way, it also affirms...
  4. Ranger101

    Why 8K TV is a non-starter for PC users

    Sure we don't have the processing power but if we ever do it'll be SWEET.
  5. Ranger101

    NVIDIA Develops Tile-based Multi-GPU Rendering Technique Called CFR

    Some form of multi gpu rendering seems to me the only way to drive performance towards where it needs to be for high refresh rate 4K gaming and presumably even 8K at some point.
  6. Ranger101

    Intel Core i9-9900KS Review: The Fastest Gaming CPU Bar None

    Only 5.3 Ghz! ...seems a bit flaccid, not to mention very out of character to me. I encourage you to aim for at least 5.5, preferably on air, which would be more in keeping with the spirit of the [H] :D
  7. Ranger101

    The End of Blu-ray

    I have a 1st gen Samsung 4k 30fps TV, 1st gen 1080P Yamaha amp/Bluray player (no atmos but DTS Master and True HD) and B&W 5.2 surround. Spec wise my setup is not very [H]ard by current standards but I feel it's not completely flaccid either by virtue of dual subs :D Fed with a 1080P bluray...
  8. Ranger101

    The End of Blu-ray

    Aye, fair enough.
  9. Ranger101

    The End of Blu-ray

    Nothing beats a [H]ard copy.
  10. Ranger101

    The End of Blu-ray

    You would have to be deaf or blind or purposefully obtuse not to see and hear the difference between crappy uber compressed streams and a physical copy of the Bluray/UHD Bluray. I really hope that CD and Bluray/4K Bluray don't die out but sadly the vast majority of people prefer convenience...
  11. Ranger101

    Stop Paying For Anti-Virus

    Last time I paid for AV was Norton years ago, been using Avira free since then without any issues. I read that Windows defender was good enough somewhere recently so this serves as confirmation. Thanks for the link.
  12. Ranger101

    Epic paid $10.5 million upfront for Control exclusivity

    I am not of the "one game store to rule them all" mentality, and while I see the point of making one's voice heard, I don't believe that "voting with my wallet" will make one iota of difference to the way the game launcher wars play out. Life is too short to worry about that. Lest we forget...
  13. Ranger101

    Another useless launcher enters the fray.

    I managed to avoid re downloading the entire game using the GTAV setup tool....for future reference.
  14. Ranger101

    Epic paid $10.5 million upfront for Control exclusivity

    Bought Anno 1800 last night at the EGS after getting all the Batman games for free....not sure there is any point in me farting in the face of a hurricane :eek:
  15. Ranger101

    AMD boost (beta) fix - tested by Toms

    Thanks. I have no issue with the thread being was duplicated in the AMD processor section as was kindly pointed out by "hititnquitit" above. It's just that when the same link is reposted by another member and it stays open, the inconsistency is problematic.
  16. Ranger101

    AMD boost (beta) fix - tested by Toms

    The mind boggles.
  17. Ranger101

    AMD boost (beta) fix - tested by Toms

    I already posted this link several threads below but apparently there is already a thread for this, which I can't seem to find.
  18. Ranger101

    AMD boost frequency bios fix incoming...

    Tom's hardware tested a beta of AMD's boost frequency bios fix...early results seem promising.,40359.html
  19. Ranger101

    Ryzen 3000 boost clock controversy - der8auer publishes his survey results, not a good look for AMD

    Good points, I have no arguments, nor am I attempting to trivialize the concerns of those who feel they may have cheated by AMD marketing. I think it's problematic, if people allow themselves to be disproportionately affected by "arguably minor deceptions" such as these in today's world where...
  20. Ranger101

    Ryzen 3000 boost clock controversy - der8auer publishes his survey results, not a good look for AMD

    These boost clock shenanigans indicate that [no surprises here] just like Intel, AMD is not beyond reproach in making arguably false marketing claims to persuade you to buy their product. That being said, I think that the "storm in a teacup" idiom is applicable here. The difference between...
  21. Ranger101

    Apple Is Locking iPhone Batteries to Discourage Repair

    Note 3 owner since late 2013, replaced the battery last year and have another spare which I keep charged but don't use. Hoping to achieve a 10 year lifespan on this phone, always dedicating the savings towards Gpu upgrades in the spirit of [H]ardness. Only thing that might convince me to buy...
  22. Ranger101

    Nvidia CEO says buying a Gpu without raytracing is crazy...

    My bad...serious blunder....square brackets going forward I promise ☺
  23. Ranger101

    Nvidia CEO says buying a Gpu without raytracing is crazy... As an early adopter of RTX (owned an RTX2080 since December last) I have no regrets. I have thoroughly enjoyed tinkering with the tech in supported games and while the framerates and fluidity would...
  24. Ranger101

    Bioware has a lost a senior producer

    I'm not sure that the words Bioware and "shit" or "meh" can logically be used in the same sentence. Currently a shadow of their former glory but they were one of the best studios in the business at the height of their powers producing some of the greatest games ever made and some of my personal...
  25. Ranger101

    Look at this $1900 monster...

    My logic is often fatally flawed but AFAIK cheapest 2080ti is around $999 if you can get one which puts the premium at 90% more for this card.
  26. Ranger101

    Is a 5Ghz Ryzen Cpu coming?

    I am considering the 9700K and 3700X for my next build and was leaning towards the 3700X. It seems the better Cpu in general if one plans to use it outside of gaming in heavily threaded workloads. Gaming performance is significantly improved over the previous generation, is close to Intel above...
  27. Ranger101

    Look at this $1900 monster...

    Awesome construction on this card for sure and I really enjoy watching Kingpin's liquid nitrogen shenanigans, but unless that's what you are doing, I can't really see the point outside of massive E-Peen. Paying close to 100% premium over a standard 2080Ti for a 15% improvement in frame rate, at...
  28. Ranger101

    AMD CEO Lisa Su rumored to leave, eyeing CEO role at IBM

    AMD talent bleed continues...sad if true. One of the best ceos they have had and a big loss if she leaves imo.
  29. Ranger101

    Anyone else excited for Age of Wonders : Planetfall?

    It's been on Steam for a good while, I know as I pre-ordered in a moment of madness a few months ago. Happy I did though as I'm a big fan of science fiction and strategy games and the early reviews seem to indicate it's not ground breaking but very good all the same. Pre-loaded and only 5 hours...
  30. Ranger101

    If your GPU has high TEMP!

    I would definitely have gotten another few years out of my XFX 8800GTX if hadn't overclocked it to around 640Mhz on the core and left it running SETI all day in summer. Ouch.
  31. Ranger101

    Twitch Relents And Allows Breastfeeding On Stream Amid Controversy

    I'd be surprised if this was not a calculated move on her part....
  32. Ranger101

    Bigger Navi is coming but which Nvidia card(s) will it compete with?

    I'll take your word for it....the NVENC part I mean ;)
  33. Ranger101

    Bigger Navi is coming but which Nvidia card(s) will it compete with?

    Agree with your sentiment, just happy to see AMD competing so well and hoping for a leap...something close to RTX2080Ti would be great. Exciting times for hardware enthusiasts.
  34. Ranger101

    Bigger Navi is coming but which Nvidia card(s) will it compete with?

    For those folks who wanted an RTX2080 with more cuda cores and no raytracing, this might be just what the doctor ordered....
  35. Ranger101

    Is a 5Ghz Ryzen Cpu coming?

    This article appears to indicate it may be possible...
  36. Ranger101

    Zen2's 7nm Complications: Why not All Ryzen 3000 Cores Are Created Equal

    Whoa, easy there cowboy, that might just be a bit too much reality for some folks to handle ;)
  37. Ranger101

    Picard Will Lead "Radically Altered" Life in New Star Trek Series

    You must really have hated Logan then ;)
  38. Ranger101

    The Death of Overclocking is Nigh...(we knew it was coming)

    This was my first thread so apologies for any offence caused by not following standard protocols or the manner in which I phrased the title. I own a 4790K myself, it is overclocked and I have derived a lot of pleasure from overclocking myself going back to the days of the early Athlon Cpus...