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    Stickers For Your Plugs Kickstarter

    Yeah neat idea but I mean... people already do this. You can just get a template and have any of the thousands of vinyl decal companies print them for you and cut them out... easier and you can customize what you want. Kudos to him but I think it'll be a tough sell.
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    Best software for IP cameras?

    BlueIris, what??? yeah no... sorry guys, but this is my field of expertise... let me get this right, you have IP cameras and want software for recording the feeds right? SentryVMS (aka Video Insight) - Milestone Those are what I sell. SentryVMS will run you around...
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    Cheating In The Classroom With Apple Watch

    Man I used to cheat on English tests back in 1997 or so with my watch. Anybody remember that Timex Datalink watch, which flashed barcodes on the screen in order to get programmed (and later had issues with LCD screens hit the market that the barcodes no longer worked for a while). Those were the...
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    Having IP cameras on my main switch slow everything down?

    That switch only outputs 8.3w per PoE port... you'll want to verify the IP cameras you use do not use more then 8.3w or you'll have issues. You should always assume 15.4w per PoE port for any PoE switch you buy, this way you're covered for almost any kind of PoE device you need in the future...
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    Having IP cameras on my main switch slow everything down?

    You should be fine with 8 IP cameras. I do this for a living. Make sure you just set your system for H.264 - most will do MJPEG as a default and that will kill your bandwidth. Remember most cameras you use will only have a 10/100 port on them and even some, 10Mbps. Cameras don't use a LOT of...
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    FS: Wheel Stand Pro for Logitech G27 Wheel

    So I'm selling my Wheel Stand Pro for my Logitech G27 setup. I sold the Logitech G27 wheel/accessories so now I have the Wheel Stand Pro. It's 2 months old and you get all of the components (naturally) with it. This costs about $185 on amazon (after shipping). I'm looking to sell it for...
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    FS: Logitech G27 Racing Wheel & Wheel Stand Pro

    So I bought a Logitech G27 wheel and a Wheel Stand Pro a few months ago. Got into iRacing but I have not had the time to race. So I'm selling my stuff. I've only used it for maybe a dozen races, so not long at all. Everything looks brand new. I'm hoping to sell this stuff locally as...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Just put the speakers on their side, easy fix. But I also am not a fan of eyefinity (or in my case Nvidia Surround). For the one game I play (iRacing, well more of a sim) it's fine, but within regular windows, no use. I don't need 1 LARGE WIDE monitor, I prefer 3 monitors to put things on...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Yes it is. It allows me to see various info, like speed and lap times, which is important for me.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Here are two more of me in iRacing with my stream on the top monitor:
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Here is my recent setup. 3 23" LED monitors (Nvidia Surround, I got into iRacing) plus my (i want to say) 39" LED TV (I just moved this from another wall to right above my monitors). So it acts as a 4th monitor (good for putting my twitch feed/chat when I stream iRacing)
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    Network pics thread

    And you need 10G fiber uplink in your home, why?
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    Network pics thread

    Before: After: (Blue for data, white for phone)
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    Network pics thread

    I don't get why people install the wire managers wrong. You should never have to pass ONE switch to get to ANOTHER switch when using a wire manager. You should be able to go from patch panel, into wire manager, into the switch, no overlapping something else. Also people who use cables way too...
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    Network pics thread

    Ya know they make these things called... patch panels right?
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    Put USB Ports On Your Wall Without Wiring

    Great idea any good electrician knows to TAPE the screw terminals on an outlet to prevent someone from accidently touching the terminals if they ever remove their plate... so this would not work in that case. And the electrical outlet will have to be installed the right way, meaning it's not...
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    What all do you run for software / servers at home?

    Unlike most here, I have a server for what I need and not to just say "yeah i got one of those" I have a single Windows Home Server (i think 2011?) that acts as a file server. It's where all my movies/tv shows are stored as well as anything else I need. It's a RAID5 system with I believe 8 2TB...
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    Post Your Connection Speed

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    Dying Light is Going to Get Even Tougher by March

    Nighttime zombie killing is as easy if not easier than day time... especially with camouflage now... just keep killing them one after another without getting attacked
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    Wall Mount Monitor WITH PC Attachment

    I want to basically sandwhich the PC between the wall and the monitor... not hang it below
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    Wall Mount Monitor WITH PC Attachment

    So I've seen the NanoPC's with the VESA mount so you can mount it behind a monitor. But what about wall-mounting the monitor AND the NanoPC? For my office I need to mount about a 19" LCD on the wall with a small computer behind it as well... so any thoughts. Does someone sell something right now?
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    Network outlets

    Umm you COULD do what you are suggesting... basically you plan to have a 6 port wall switch at the router location, and those 6 wires will go to various devices throughout your apartment? They'll then plug into the switch using 6 of the 8 ports. The other way is to have those 6 cables come...
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    Plug in range extenders, do they exist?

    I'm sorry but am I the only one who is thinking this? You've been on this site for over 14 years and you've never heard of an access point? I'm not trying to be an ass, but seriously? I can understand the confusion on getting network upstairs/etc... as not everybody is a network guy... but never...
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    SlingTV - more programming for cord cutters

    I'll only get this if I can install a "plugin" for windows media center... as I don't want to have an external device... all my movies/tv/etc... is done from my media center interface. So if SlingTV has a plugin for that, i'm golden. I'm not interested in buying a roku or some other device... I...
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    Extended & Mirrored Displays at Same Time? 2 Monitors + 1 TV

    I think your best bet would just be to install a physical HDMI/DVI/VGA splitter. Output 1 from PC goes to Monitor #1, Output 2 from PC goes to the splitter, which then goes to Monitor #2 and TV #1. This way anything on Monitor 2 is also showed on the TV. Not sure if your software alone can do...
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    Benefits in having a dedicated HTPC vs chromebox/roku etc

    Not sure if anybody mentioned this, but with a HTPC you can buy a Tuner (like the Ceton tuner line) and get rid of your cable box (just rent the cable card for $2 a month). The interface is much QUICKER than any "cable box" interface i've ever seen. And you can record up to XYZ shows at once...
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    cage nut sizes

    I was going to say just order some 10/32 screws with cage nuts... cage nuts are designed to be pretty universal
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    Best Off-Site Backup Service

    How's CloudBerry? So far i'm liking the interface and the pricing. They set me up as a reseller so i have my own interface to manage my clients. I can do local backups also... can't run my own server but it's good so far for cloud backups. I'll look into crashplan as an alternative for other...
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    Best Off-Site Backup Service

    First let me say i'm not looking for carbonite or anything like those... I have a home server in which I have a large storage array. I backup a customer of mines server to my own "server" using Vembu right now. It's a backup program that I run on my server at home and allows "clients" to...
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    Patch panel termination on home network

    I'm late to the party. 1) They actually did a SEMI neat job... meaning they wires are in nice bundles behind the patch panel... HOWEVER they should have left a service loop... the cables come straight down on the right into the back... no room to really move it around 2) As noted, thats not...
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    IND Doubles Down on Customer Service with Double® Robot

    We actually have two similar tele-presence robots at our office... check out a video here the news did... the robot comes partyway through the video... works a lot better than what that airport is using.. wonder why they went with that cheap solution over the one we resell...
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    Wireless Camera for iOS

    Not sure if you found a solution but there are a lot of cameras on the market that record locally, for this purpose. Get one of them dash cams and you are all set.
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    How is it working for AT@T or other Internet providers

    If you have any brains you don't want to work for an ISP... they are basically robots that just read/follow a procedural guide. Those people you see on the trucks... as Nick said, cable monkeys... they don't know their asses from their elbows and most are contracted out. The benefits are nice...
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    Looking for a mini rack?

    Head over to your local audio supplies store (sam goody, sam ash, etc...) they have racks on wheels
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    Exterior Patch Ports?

    PERFECT thanks
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    Exterior Patch Ports?

    I'm wondering if anybody can help me with something. I'm building a "demo case" for our company. This demo case will be a pelican case with a monitor inside/small server/PoE switch. What I want to do is have the ability to connect "devices" to this from the outside. I'd like to install some...
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    Ikea desk gallery

    I put two of these under my "countertop" (really a desk but the countertops work better): You can't see it unless you look under the desk and you don't see any wires dangling, except for power cords going into the APC's Here is a photo as I...
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    Fractal Design Gallery

    Love these cases. I got one for my home server than got one for my regular PC as it was too loud with the fans:
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Ikea countertop and two Ikea rolling drawer untis (with wheels removed):
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    The [H] Post Pictures of your ManCave

    Figured i'd share some photos of my "man cave." I recently renovated an office my wife and I shared. We setup a spare room for her and I took over the smallest of the bedrooms in the house for my "mancave." I'm into photography and everything on the walls is my own work. In the office is my...