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    After the Bitcoin Boom: Hard Lessons for Cryptocurrency Investors

    I took the liberty to make a correction :barefoot:
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    “Steve Jobs Comes Across as a Jerk” in Daughter’s New Memoir

    “For what profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?"
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    4 Dead - 11 Wounded at Jacksonville FL Video Game Tournament

    just went to Fox News, it says 2 dead not 4 ??? but what caught my attention was the ad banner above the headline ... auto ads know no mercy (I removed the name of the company from the banner)
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    personally speaking, I don't come here daily to read about hardware reviews. I come here: - to read the latest happenings/insights in the tech industry - to ask/give hardware/software help when it's needed - to get/give a few chuckles (some of the videos posted here at [H] are the most...
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    18-Year-Old YouTube Star, “McSkillet,” Kills Mother, Daughter in Fiery Crash

    Is this Fox News website? I would have sworn I clicked the [H]ard|Forum link in my browser's tool bar
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    1080 ti purchase, bat in the house, lost my glasses....

    just another day in Paradise :barefoot: but you must have been a sight to behold and I just have to ask ... did you use the towel as a cape?
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    CONFIRMED. nVidia RTX 2080 Ti 50% faster in games over the 1080 Ti!

    far as I'm concerned it's the same difference, per se
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    AMD Officially Lowers the Pricing on Ryzen Threadripper First Generation Processors

    thanks for the heads up - I haven't been tracking the pricing of TR ... the price on the 1900X is very tempting, that will be the CPU used for my next build
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    Nvidia Allegedly Terminates Sponsorship for Stance Against Preordering Hardware

    so, yea Kyle ... sign that NDA (not) free? ANY reviewer worth reading doesn't need 'free' ... I bet you voted "yes"
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    DICE Made Nvidia’s Ray Traced Gaming Dreams a Reality in Just Eight Months

    that's not the point. The point is while R&D is still going on and improving it until it actually is worth the $$$ people are paying for it, as though it's a done deal already - like what happened with physX
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    DICE Made Nvidia’s Ray Traced Gaming Dreams a Reality in Just Eight Months

    "You're so right." (out comes the light saber ... woooosh)
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    Taiwan Develops Smart Public Bathrooms with Emergency Call Center Capabilities

    we need that here in the USA, you know, for the Public transgender bathrooms
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    A Different Kind of Liquid Cooling for a Server

    nice post :barefoot:
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    why are so many voting and where are they all coming from (15 pages in what, 2-3 days)? You know, like you with what, 5 posts ? I wonder how many nVIDIA employees have come here to vote on this :barefoot: in a different thread Kyle posted the following. Check it out before casting your vote...
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    Battlefield 5 Developers Wish They'd Included Women in Battlefield 1, Too

    EA wishes they had included women in BF 1 because they want max sales for BF 5 ... very boring post
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    Shigeru Miyamoto Warns the Games Industry That the Free-To-Play Model is Too Greedy

    because humans are inherently greedy and stupid ... now you know the "how?"
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    Metro Exodus Developer Eyes 1080p 60fps Target for Enabling Nvidia RTX Features

    I'd rather I pay for them when they actually work well enough to be worth spending my hard earned cash on, not fund nVIDIA's R&D while they are TRYING to develop it
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    Metro Exodus Developer Eyes 1080p 60fps Target for Enabling Nvidia RTX Features

    please allow me to put things into proper perspective using a car as an example. I'll sell you my brand new just released to market speedster car for an ultra premium price because it has an option that is going to revolutionize the car driving experience but ... that revolutionary option wont...
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    Metro Exodus Developer Eyes 1080p 60fps Target for Enabling Nvidia RTX Features

    "As the company name is stylized, "nVIDIA" is pronounced invidia, a Latin word for envy. This sense is a "looking upon" associated with the EVIL EYE, also derived from the Latin invidere (to look in a HOSTILE manner)." - Quora website Seems many folks just don't get it ... evil has difficulty...
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    Northrop Grumman Announces 100Gbps Wireless Transmission Testing

    this could prove to be a good thing for bringing access to rural areas but based on internet access prices to date it' may well wind up being data capped and for much more $$$ like Xfinity's 1 TB cap
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    NVIDIA Clearing Out Last-Gen Stocks

    yea, right
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    Your Teen's Next Summer Job Might Be Posting Sponsored Content to Instagram

    LOL ... a picture really does speak a thousand words
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    i5-8400 with heatsink/retail box

    No Longer Available i5-8400 CPU ... $115 payment: Paypal (I pay the fee and will only ship to Confirmed Paypal address, CONUS only) Do not send payment until AFTER we agree to do the transaction PM only, no emails Thanks eBay ID: obedience777
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    GIGABYTE RTX Graphics Cards Introduction and Retail

    I realize the 2080 Ti card is cutting edge and all such tech has always been way over-priced at release and so that those who have the money to burn can get their hands on the tech first no different than way back when when cell phones were the size of a shoe box. But it's supposed to trickle...
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    GIGABYTE RTX Graphics Cards Introduction and Retail

    using Nvidia's current pricing scheme pricing the next gen release 2-3 years from now will put the 3080 Ti at about $1899 upon release 1080 Ti was $699 on release, half of that is $3500 then add back in to the $699 and add a bit for inflation and we have the 2080 Ti's price at release ...
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    Because it's who they are (it's in the very name "Nvidia", look up the meaning) and it exposed Nvidia's real self, who they really are and how they intend to do business. Someone on this page said, " But then how can one sign a deal with the devil! " and IMO they are correct
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    these prices are what happens when two years of stupid high prices (due to mining) occurs and the Enthusiast crowd gets severely thinned out as I said, marketing BS. You know, get them salivating for a GPU that costs the price of a still running ok used car
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    ok, I'm stumped. How can you not be distracted when the video is still running and you're supposed to be working?
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    and therein lies a major problem ... no competition but maybe one of these days all the foolish buyers will wake up and stop buying. Then there will be plenty of cards available for miners, oh wait, will they still need GPU's a year from now? Personally speaking, IMO the pricing is perfectly...
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    take note how LIMITED QUANTITIES were sent out to Newegg, Amazon, etc so that they posted as SOLD OUT asap ... it's marketing BS and personally I'm weary of it
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    Amazon Data Center Electrical Bills Are Secretly Funded by Taxpayers

    You'll enjoy reading Luke 21:1-4 in the Holy Bible
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    using your reasoning, Nvidia should have charged $800 for the GTX 970
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    that's where you and I differ ... I take a man at his word until his word becomes a lie then he's shit out of luck far as I'm concerned ,,, it's called integrity and once ya loose it it's gone. He lied about the release price and lied about the release date but I bet in his mind he was just...
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    Huang said it would be MSRP @ $999 what part of that would you like me to explain to you? Is it that it's "only" $200 more? If so I'll give you my email address and then you can send me $200 via Paypal because it's "only" $200
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    sure, now there's good reason (not) for charging $500 over the 1080 Ti release price
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    RTX 2080 - 2080 Ti - 2070 Pricing Revealed

    yea, screw affordability for the masses