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    Official Wii U discussion thread (no bashing)

    i have a wii u, which i bought on release, but this statement is just silly. if the 30 cent games were all you were interested in, i'd much rather emu the games on pc than pay $300 for snes9x
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    Steam Free Weekend: Forge

    i only spent about 30 minutes or so messing around with it during the winter sale. would take a lot of practice to get good at the game. it's only arena pvp, so you already have all of your skills instead of getting them one by one and learning the ins and outs of each one and good synergies.
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    Official Wii U discussion thread (no bashing)

    very excited about earthbound. the last time i played it i was recovering from knee surgery and remember asking my dad to get it for me. i think he paid $20 for it at best buy brand new, in the big box with the strategy guide and scratch'n'sniff stickers.
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    Any Xbox owners considering switch with next gen?

    i have a wii u and my gaming pc, not going to buy a ps4 or nextbox. my girlfriend uses my 360 way more than i did.
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    Have you lost your gaming interest?

    i can't game for more than 30 or so minutes at a time. i've played the new bioshock for a little less than two hours and it was the last game i fired up...and that was over two weeks ago.
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    EVGA GeForce GTX Titan!!! Back In Stock!!

    damn i wanted to get four.
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    XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC Download $16.50 @ Amazon (Steamworks game)

    i've had $35 in my steam wallet since christmas that i've been waiting to use...and xcom has been on sale on amazon twice at least since then. come on steam
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    Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB & BioShock Infinite $269.99 AR w/Free S/H (newegg)

    this is the two fan model...i can't hear mine over my corsair psu when i'm gaming.
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    Cliff B wants everyone to stop being so mean to EA

    at this point, most "AAA" huge budget games are complete shit. just rehashes of last year's version. it would do the industry a lot of good for the big companies to crash. the indie gaming/kickstarter scene is growing by leaps and bounds. we'd be fine without the $60 million budget CoD 19...
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    Cliff B wants everyone to stop being so mean to EA

    microtransactions in every game two AC games in less than 12 months killing every studio they buy i hope EA goes out of business, i really do. the industry needs to grow the fuck up.
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    How long can you go without serious gaming sessions?

    i've played about 60 minutes of video games in the past 3 weeks. i just haven't found any interesting games recently. there's a few i want try (xcom and farcry 3), but i'm waiting for them to be on sale on steam again since i have $35 sitting in my steam wallet.
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    Art of video games exhibit now in Seatle area

    awesome, this might be an excuse to finally visit seattle.
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    Help! I can't find a game to play!

    i've almost gotten to a point where i'd rather replay a bethesda game than start a new game with new mechanics that i get bored with after 30 minutes.
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    TERA (The Exiled Realm of Arborea) Discussion Thread

    might consider playing this again, although the clannie i gave my lancer to renamed it, and didn't reserve my name on a lv1 char :(
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    Need help on upgrade choice for Eve Online

    most MMO's are more cpu intensive...especially one from 2003. there are some cases of bad coding/poor optimizing where a game from 2003 can bring a top of the line gaming pc to its knees.
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    Mmorpg with good/best combat system

    tera, go watch some youtube vids. no tab targeting
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    Not Computer Related [PapaJohns]

    that garlic dipping sauce makes me shit uncontrollably
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    Elder Scrolls Online is not a generic MMORPG

    faction pvp is uber fail
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    Not Computer Related [PapaJohns]

    i've made pizza "diy" working at a pizza place and i currently work at a fine dining italian place. our pizza ovens aren't 1200 degrees, but they are around 650-700. making pizza at home, even with your oven set to the highest temp and on a pizza stone still takes way too long to bake a...
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    Not Computer Related [PapaJohns]

    making pizza at home is pointless, your oven doesn't get hot enough to make pizza like they do it in restaurants.
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    TERA (The Exiled Realm of Arborea) Discussion Thread

    running the same content for months once you hit 60
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    Wii U gamepad battery

    that's the battery that's in the wii u tablet right now.
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    Older PC Games

    oh man i had that same exact pack.
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    Rift, WoW, GW2? Which MMO?

    i've played quite a few MMO's over the years (lineage 2, WoW, aion, tera) and i just started playing guild wars 2. i can only stand to play gw2 for about 2 hours before i get bored, or just want to do something else. no one from my guild plays this game (most quit tera and are playing single...
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    School in Sweden uses Minecraft for lessons :o

    i remember playing simcity in middle school in one of my social studies classes. the teacher was a young male and i don't remember what the lesson was about, but i did play the shit out of sim city the following years.
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    How Many Use Tenkeyless & Why?

    i obliterated my rotator cuff about 4 years ago and had surgery and 5 months of physical therapy, so yes, i do have shoulder problems. i'm also not very tall, at 5' 6"
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    some inspiration for you guys to clean your keyboards and the corsair m90
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    How Many Use Tenkeyless & Why?

    i like the form factor and allows my hands to be closer together when i'm gaming.
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    Post Your Workstations 2013

    i only use los at home, as it is quite messy, and there's not really a graceful way to remove it from your lip.
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    This is the most beautiful case that I ever saw

    i thought case manufacturers were moving towards quiter, dust-free cases..
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    Post Your Workstations 2013

    i noticed GGUbz is a fellow snus lover here's part of my stash :D
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    Post Your Workstations 2013

    better lighting than page 1 photo
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    "Project Hell"

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    What is the highest metacritic-scored game that you dislike in your library?

    total war shogun 2 (90) not at all what i was expecting. didn't quite scratch the civ building/fighting itch that i had when i bought it. played it for three hours and didn't like any of the mechanics at all.
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    Awesome Robot Video of the Day

    frackin' cylons
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    TERA's turn to go F2P

    yep. end game burns you out pretty quick. i also quit about a week after the queen patch arrived. the BGs were lame (even being in the top 3 in points every time). and doing the same two instances over and over again were boring. the game really needed open world pvp with resources to...
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    TERA's turn to go F2P

    i have 4 friends from my guild that still play tera. out of about 50 at launch.
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    My Wii U review/first impressions [Deluxe Model/SMBU/Trine2/ZombiU]

    so when the hell are we getting more games? my wii u has been a dedicated netflix box for about a month now.