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    Still have the b450 and 2700x

    Still have the b450 and 2700x
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    Is this a good gaming desktop

    yea i did a parts check and it comes out to be around $1500. he orginaly wanted a ps4, but he is trading the xbox one for a ps4. there is no way in hell i would get bo where close to my money back for the xone. maybe $500 with games.. anyways just needed a quick opinion so that i...
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    Is this a good gaming desktop

    First of all, sorry if its in the wrong section Here is hte story.. For so long now ive wished to own a descent gaming computer.. Well the computer I own now is just a crappy computer. 4gb ram, e8400 cpu, blaj blah.. Here is the specs on a computer im looking to trade for.. What Im...
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    New Last of us footage released..

    I want a ps3 just for this game
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    dell mobo

    my mobo does indeed have 4 slots. i am currently using 4x 1gb ddr2 sticks. wish i had a few ddr3 sticks to test. as for the bios. this pc was given to me. got hit by lightning. pulled it in. worked fine. and it was better then my amd.. but anyways i updated the bios. dont remember what...
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    dell mobo

    i have a dell inspiron 530.. and in cpuz i get the mobo number. then in aida i get the same thing.. and on sites it tells me my mobo is only compatiable of 4gb ddr2 ram, but aida tell me i can have 8gb ddr3?
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    hd 5450 help

    ive got a fan i pulled from a 360 psu. and it sucks air from the top. and has a slot in the side that it pushes it out. be perfect
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    hd 5450 help

    i like that fan.. i would have to rig something up seeing my mobo or psu doesnt have a molex cable. as soon a i sell my jtag. im upgrading cpus. right now i got a 2.2ghz celeron.. i thinking of building one of them fans. build it out of plexi. i got a fan like that. and add some 0603 leds to it
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    hd 5450 help

    well... its not the spcae. its that i have a pci card in front of it for more usbs..
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    hd 5450 help

    i bought a ati hd 5450 off someone on here :). i like it so far. except for the tempts.. idle its 160f. i had it up to 202f the other day :(. it doesnt have no hsf. so what will be the best way of cooling it? no room to mount a fan on the sink because i have limited room
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    xbox 360 dashboard update

    dont use the m$ dash.. but when i do i like it
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    Looking for Tmobile smartphone

    i got a hd2 flahed with android. i only have text. no net or calling works perfect ;)
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    mine is a mess... 26" sayno i traded a 360 for. and my jtag :)...jtag is still a wip ;)