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    Control Addressable RGB Strips without 3 pin header

    ROG Aura Terminal
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    Zen 2 Review Summary

    Absolutely it should be praised. Intel: We have 35% OC overhead, so if you aren't a computer expert you pay extra for that performance by buying a faster CPU even though the CPU you are looking at is quite capable of going as high as you wanted. AMD: You are buying a Ryzen3? Here is PBO, it...
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    AP for Public WiFi - Need Suggestions

    What infrastructure do you have now? If you have Cisco, the Meraki series is a good option.
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    Just got a dual XEON x58 platform, few questions

    ESXi is touchy about old hardware. OP has X5620's, they are not supported past ESXi 6.5 (current version is 6.7). I bet the onboard Intel NICs are also unsupported. I know this because I gave up on ESXi on my dual X5650 on a SuperMicro X8DAi motherboard due to those very issues. On the same...
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    China mobo manu leaks | 15% ipc gain zen 2

    I can't see AMD cannibalizing Threadripper sales for Ryzen3. I wonder if the 40 PCI-E lanes is really 20 PCI-E 4.0 lanes that have the bandwidth of 40 PCI-E 3.0 lanes? That would still be double the I/O bandwidth of Ryzen2 but at the same time be less desirable than a Threadripper2 (64 PCI-E...
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    Recommend TV tuner card?

    You can cheat if the cable box has component out - there is no DRM on that and capture equipment like HD-PVR2 can grab it.
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    Post Your Workstations 2019

    They aren't - try adding products to your cart and see what happens.
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    Triple Monitor Mount for 34" + 2x27" PLP?

    Only question is weight - I don't see a max weight per monitor in the specs, your 34" might overload the VESA mount and droop.
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    Quad (4) monitor desk arm/mount/bracket

    There is a big problem with what you are proposing for a monitor: a 35" 5K monitor has a PPI of 168. A 43" 4K monitor is 100 PPI, a 49" 4K is 90 PPI (a 24" 1080p monitor is 90 PPI). It means you'll either be squinting a lot, have your face quite close to the monitor, or struggle with Windows'...
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    Quad (4) monitor desk arm/mount/bracket

    There are 4K monitors like the Dell P4317Q that do this in hardware right now, no software required. They basically have the ability to switch to the old MST standard w/4 inputs (one for each quadrant) similar to what was used in the old IBM T220/T221 monitors, as well as the modern SST. As a...
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    Powered or passive subwoofer for clear speakers?

    I've been toying with making an acrylic subwoofer, but I have never worked with acrylic before. Everything I have is pre-built so I didn't have to actually make anything. I also was under the impression that acrylic is not exactly the best material for a sub, as it resonates. Also, the sub...
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    Powered or passive subwoofer for clear speakers?

    I checked the back of the amplifier box, it looks the same as your picture so it probably is a FH007. I just Google'd FH008 - $615 CAD for a 100W subwoofer?!?!?! I only paid $75 for the speakers! This audio hobby is suddenly getting very expensive - who the heck pays $26K for speakers? My...
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    Powered or passive subwoofer for clear speakers?

    Facebook Marketplace. I asked the seller, she told me that they just moved into a new house with a home theatre setup so they didn't need the speakers anymore. I've never heard of Ferguson Hill, but then again I'm no audiophile - I just thought they looked interesting and they matched up my...
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    What are some of the good transparent anti-virus S/W for windows 10?

    How big are your clients? Maybe you should look into Crowdstrike - my work uses it, we still get calls every month from users complaining there is no A/V installed on their laptop :)
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    Powered or passive subwoofer for clear speakers?

    I recently bought a used set of speakers. They were slightly more than I wanted to pay ($75 CAD) but they look nice and they go well with my acrylic computer case. I have tried them out and they sound a bit tinny, although they are loud enough as they are powered. They sound fairly well on...
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    Picking a home router

    Type-1 hypervisors are very useful but not what I'd call "user-friendly". If you have a workstation w/2x NICs you can run pfSense on a Type-2 hypervisor like Virtualbox (or if you are running Win10 Pro you can use Hyper-V). That way you can poke around in pfSense and especially check out the...
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    Picking a home router

    OP, before you go buying a bunch of extra hardware if you have a spare desktop computer and a couple of NICs lying around you can build a pfSense box to test out first. That way you can have a better understanding of whether it meets your specific needs. Also, if you run a server at home that...
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    Very, very big case.

    Fractal Design XL R2: I have one myself, it's steel so it is heavy but it has a ton of room inside as it is rated for E-ATX/XL-ATX. At first glance it looks like a standard ATX tower case w/PSU at the...
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    Intel Gen11 Reportedly Takes iGPU Performance to Another Level

    We thought that back in the i740 days - that didn't pan out quite the way Intel wanted... I have no doubts they have the capability of improving on their graphics, my concern is how GPUs fits in Intel's future strategies. Mind you things have changed considerably regarding GPUs since the 90's...
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    Huawei Announces the $2,600 Foldable Mate X Smartphone: It Folds Outwards!

    I'm sorry but I am *NOT* holding Huawei's meat no matter how good the phone is.
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    Convert NTFS to exFAT?

    OP, are you worried about ADS in NTFS and that's why you want to go exFAT on your boot drive?
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    I can't believe what people are paying for 2500K and 3570K combos

    I've looked at several workstations, haven't found one that holds 22 hard drives. I really need a proper server but I am always a bit leery about getting too proprietary. That's why I like Supermicro, they have motherboards that don't require strange PSUs or odd size formats.
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    I can't believe what people are paying for 2500K and 3570K combos

    I am in a similar situation, I am migrating from ESXi 6.5 to Hyper-V on my home server because my dual X5650 cannot be upgraded to ESXi 6.7. I have looked at Ivy Bridge EP CPUs and motherboards so I can reuse my registered ECC DDR3 and stick to ESXi, but the prices remain stubbornly high. I'm...
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    The 16GB of HBM2 on the Radeon VII Is Needed for Real World 4K Video Production

    This kind of reminds me of the first Titan video cards - they had uncrippled FP64 performance that would crush other consumer cards but at a lower price than the high-end Quadro workstation cards. NVidia realized they were cannibalizing their own workstation GPU sales so successor Titans...
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    I can't believe what people are paying for 2500K and 3570K combos

    Maybe it's DDR4 prices that scare people off from new budget CPU/motherboards?
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    Sick of Intel X540 10G cards with fans!!!

    Maybe switch to the X550? They are passively cooled.
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    AMD Previews 7nm Ryzen CPUs at CES

    You're making me feel old - I remember when Intel put a heatsink on the 486DX, it was considered sacrilege: "WHAT?!?!?! Heatsink *AND* active cooling?!?!?! If you need that you aren't building the chip right!!!!"
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    VPN path question

    Are you using PIA to connect to a remote network or just to encrypt your Internet traffic? If it is to a remote network then you need to investigate further, but if it is only for Internet traffic ie. connect to the PIA servers then it should be fine and you don't have to do anything. Also...
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    VPN path question

    If you are using a software VPN client like OpenVPN to connect to a remote network and it is set to TUN (which means send *ALL* Internet traffic thru the VPN, not just traffic meant specifically for the remote network you are connecting to) then everything coming in and out of your laptop is...
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    Slimmest 120mm CPU tower-style cooler?

    I would love to do that, but because I'm using a Core P7 case the hoses on most AiO watercoolers are too short (unless I mount it beside the motherboard, which means the fans would be pointing at the glass front). I actually want to go watercooling but I'm waiting to upgrade first as I may go...
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    Slimmest 120mm CPU tower-style cooler?

    Thank you for the suggestion! A taller cooler might still hit the glass. Worse, it means the RAM is underneath the fan so you can't see the RGB. The TRUE looks interesting, but I can't find a Canadian store that stocks it. It's pretty expensive as well. I found the Cooler Master Hyper T4...
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    Slimmest 120mm CPU tower-style cooler?

    I am blinging up my main workstation with RGB (mostly because I'm bored with my current computer). This is a temporary setup as I intend to go watercooling but only after I upgrade the CPU/motherboard/RAM (I'm waiting to see what Ryzen3 brings to the table). I have purchased 2x Phanteks Halo...
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    Looking For A Print Server

    Good suggestion, although it won't power from the printer's USB port as most printers have USB-A connectors and normally don't provide power at all. OP, how far away is the printer from the nearest switch/router? If you can run an Ethernet cable then you don't need the bridge at all, the...
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    Riddle me this, batman; WTH is going on with my ER-X?!

    It might be related, depends on which port of the TPLink the OP plugs in the Ethernet cable from the ER-X (the diagram doesn't show which port is used): If it is in the WAN port then you are correct, it is a double-NAT and it is unlikely there is a leakage of the DHCP from the TPLink to the...
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    Looking For A Print Server

    He never said he had a network printer, just a print server. If the printer is USB-only then OP needs a print server for multiple devices to access.
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    Riddle me this, batman; WTH is going on with my ER-X?!

    Why are you running 2 separate DHCP servers? Why not use the ER-X's DHCP server to serve both Ethernet and WiFi clients? I am wondering if you are getting some kind of conflict between the 2 DHCP servers. The ER-X isn't fully down when your problem occurs because the TPlink still has Internet...
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    New Zen 2 Leak

    Actually what you postulated is quite possible if I understand the chiplet concept correctly. Since the I/O is a separate section (it can even be a different size like 14nm so it is cheaper) you can redesign the CPU with more PCI-E lanes, DDR5 support, etc. by changing *ONLY* the I/O chip, the...
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    New Zen 2 Leak

    Given modern motherboard designs - YES I'm old enough to remember modding my VIC-20, so I do sympathize with your viewpoint. Unfortunately it is clear that no manufacturers agree with you. If any did, they would build a truly expandable motherboard that had: 7x PCI-E x16 slots no onboard...
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    PFsense is killing me. SHould I go USG?

    Did you trying pinging that IP address to see if it is internal or external? I'm wondering if that's the IP of your cable modem and your ISP is doing something.
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    Can't figure out how to clean out malware infection

    C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\hosts It is a text file, open it with Notepad and see if it has any extraneous entries. If you aren't sure copy/paste into this forum and we'll let you know.