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    New Speculative Execution Bug Allegedly Affects Intel CPUs

    Either buy bottle of Vodka, or don't read scary news. Rowhammer is old stuff, this vulnerability was there for a long time. If you are datacenter you can run around in circles screaming why didn't we bought Atom, then look at performance per electricity per installed CPU figures, lack of ECC...
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    Cryptocurrency Mining Slowdown Could Lead to GPU Price Cuts

    Gimme PC components I could immerse in liquid and have fun. Yup, GFX cards are no longer useful in mining. ... Well some graphic card manufacturers didn't get the memo yet.
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    Netflix May Be Losing $192M per Month from Piracy, Cord Cutting Study Claims

    Is Netflix the same service that has 4x higher price in czech republic than in Australia? I heard from a girl that was in both countries and compared prices of some movie streaming service. Also I know before that service appeared nobody gave a damn about all theirs obscure movies freely...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Turing Specs Allegedly Leak: 1.4GHz Base Clock, 4GB GDDR5

    64-bit with GDDR6 and passive cooling would be actually decent. (when cheap) But they would probably will not replace low end by 512 CUDA cores with 4 GB GDDR6 64-bit for 70$ with big heatsink 63$ for a "normal one slot cooling with fan". That would make too much sense
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    Beamdog is "Looking Into" Neural Network Texture Upscaling

    Step 1. take old game. Step 2. get some upscaling algorithm for textures, thus avoid paying to artists to actually make better and high res images. Step 3. sell the game for full price even when it's remake, funnily years ago modders did similar texture and exe modifications free of charge. Step...
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    GTX 1660Ti reviews out

    Compare STRIX vs STRIX, and compare GTX 1060 6G pricing half year ago with GTX 1660Ti pricing now. Sellers want to get rid of GTX 1060 6G cards before GTX 1660 would be released, thus they dropped prices quite a bit.
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    GTX 1660Ti reviews out

    I just found that some of GTX 1660 Ti were not fit as merchandise. (Because they didn't came with working driver on DVD.) Looks like NVidia didn't want to leak performance before release, and kinda violated the law. People without ability to download driver are hosed.
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    GTX 1660Ti reviews out

    NVidia is crazy.
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    More 1660 TI Pictures Emerge as Launch Nears

    All these cards have 192-bit interface, thus all these cards gets 3/6 GB RAM. NVidia no longer does what I have on my GTX 660. Connect 3x2 RAM chips to 192-bit, 2x1 to 128-bit. (8 chips 2 GB RAM. They probably used single 192-bit controller with ability to work as 128-bit controller when it...
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    Is my SSD dead?, Can I recover anything?

    How long it lasted and how many TB read/written? As a rule ALWAYS copy important data to other drive when you use SSD. Doing that once per 14 days means you lose only 14 days of work/important stuff. Normally it would mean failure of components between NAND and MB, but some SSD are known to use...
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    Are there any reasons you WOULDN'T buy a high Core Count i9(12c+) discounting Money?

    You can use it to play Witcher 3. (Of course RAM controller was on chipset and it only supported DDR2 which had bad write rates.) But it was great for emulation. These in poverty overclocked E5xxx, or E7200/E7300. These who had money to make custom water cooling overclocked Qxxx. PS2 emulation...
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    Microsoft Wants to Kill Passwords, Starting with Windows 10

    This is scary, I don't have a cell phone. Anyway, giving someone your cellphone number is also easy way how to find your home address. This stuff has serious privacy issues. (Well you can use phone of people you visit when you activate youtube upload...)
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    Huawei is in Trouble

    It's still right of representatives to know what accusation caused arrest. Even non fabricated trials require preparation of defense. And violation of personal freedom do cause damage for some persons even permanent. Well, this is reason why socialistic countries were not recommending to visit...
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    We are still waiting for an article about what happened. We don't even know if we see the article before xmass.
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    RTX 2080 Ti FE Escapes Testing by Dying After 8 Hours @ [H]

    Are you sure your MB isn't blowing up cards? I wonder if MBs are durable enough to survive pixel art.
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    Intel's 8th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (LGA 1151, 6C/12T)

    When you want to show a screenshot from CPU-Z, it's smart idea is to prevent CPU downclocking before making a screenshot. I'm so hardcore overclocker, looking at a CPU running at defaults is giving me weird feeling. Are really people who are doing that? Then I remember, majority of them, I just...
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    Intel's 8th Generation Core Family - Coffee Lake (LGA 1151, 6C/12T)

    99.98 * 50 = 4999 MHz. Wonder about that 5000 on the screenshot. And lets put aside how he did 50 multiplier on CPU that supports at most 36. Also to these who are thinking about 6 cores at 5GHz. 4 cores at 5 GHz means 90 C without delid at was that 140 W? To get the same thermal envelope, 6...
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    Any tips for overclocking Haswell?

    Well I upgraded too. This are my results at 4.3 GHz.
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    Latest news on Broadwell?

    I played Rome2 TW on Core2 duo E7200 overclocked to 3.0 . How large are caches? And other interesting stuff like IO and prefetch?
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    Do the i7 4820K's run hot?

    Do you know what's this? I guess Intel didn't want to risk stoning by distributing it with Ivy-E.
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    Latest news on Broadwell?

    Not Summer. Intel has its release buckets, and the earliest release bucket is end of August/early September. I expected HW-E at Novermber/December release bucket. And considering Intel would want to have some mainboards available, we would probably see some MB info leaks first.
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    What would they use after DDR4?

    I wonder if CPU wouldn't be connected to RAM slot by an optical wire. That would solve the pin problem, and it would allow great backward compatibility.
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    Latest news on Broadwell?

    Large cache means data would stay in the cache. More cores as well would be great, but it also means higher power consumption, or HW locked thermal limits. I'd want both 128 MB L4 cache AND more cores. There is never enough cores. Actually I'd want also caches optimized for high power...
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    Latest news on Broadwell?

    Sweet 128 MB L4 cache when user would use discrete card. If Intel would add it into Ivy-E it would be great. I have an orgasm already. Perhaps they would add it as L4 cache into Skylake-E.
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    What would they use after DDR4?

    I seen in tech documents that DDR4 basically hit the limit, and when they want to use something faster, they'd need to rework few things. So the question is what they would use as DDR5/or some type of new stuff?
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    Question About Soldering..

    My MB is 7 years old. It would be horrible to be forced to delid my CPU. BTW is E7200 soldered? Are you aware some people are installing CPUs with a hammer?
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    "BIOS is updating" when I switched on my machine/BIOS rootkit???

    He was paranoid just a bit. Or missed the real infection and thought it infected BIOS. I, for example, don't store viruses in BIOS, and now you know why, 30 seconds arouses suspicions.
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    Intel's TIM

    That's a Conroe, which must be incredibly worn out. Better idea might be to get Wolfsdale. Of course if you have watter cooling, 65 nm CPU would allow easier heat removal. Also it's DDR2 RAM speed limited. Better overclocking needs FAST RAM.
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    Haswell-E Q3

    8 cores would be for 1000$ don't worry about it. Users complained about miniscule differences between X and K CPUs, Thus Intel would create K 6 cores for 600 $ and X 8 cores for 1000 $. Actually I wonder if there would be 4 core HW-E.
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    Prime is melting my 4770k, oh the humanity. Other options?

    It's funny, they are one of few companies that protects users. Well my 45 nm E7200 arrived with a sticker: "never exceed 1.25V". Considering these CPUs are using much smaller manufacturing technology, they should be more sensitive. 1.3 V is for watercooling with custom loop. Real world 24/7...
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    Prime is melting my 4770k, oh the humanity. Other options?

    They didn't bother to read Intel's manuals. Actually from what I seen Asus engineers didn't either, or there is a typo in the Intel's manual.
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    Prime is melting my 4770k, oh the humanity. Other options?

    Blowing up CPU by a game that uses similar power requirenments as prime. That's a worthwhile goal.
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    Prime is melting my 4770k, oh the humanity. Other options?

    This reminds me. How HW runs my Java benchmark?
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    Do I need to format if I'm installing a new chip?

    HD should be formated only once, before first use to find harmless manufacturing defects, and to finish manufacturing process. (Then of course stats after first format should be recorded, because they are necessary for comparison.) Windoze can be simply deleted, and installed again. Certain...
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    4770k or 4930k

    Only 80 more? GO FOR IT.
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    DDR3 at 2400 holding back my 4770k?

    So what CPU-Z shown as your voltages during that Asus AI overclocing sesion?
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    DDR3 at 2400 holding back my 4770k?

    Have you downloaded prime from here?
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    DDR3 at 2400 holding back my 4770k?

    4.7 at what voltage? And is it 5 minute prime stable?
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    *TBG* CPU Bottlenecking in Games (BF4 too) - Stock vs. HT vs. OC & core unparking!

    I actually wonder, why HT would help at all. When I write games, I create multiple algorithms and I test every of them if it works better in real life environment. Obviously because I use stuff like branchless if and I test multiple variations of algorithms, the resulting executable is...
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    What does the K in a CPU name stand for?

    Why would anyone wanted TXT?