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    High visibility screens in sunlight

    I have been scratching my head trying to find something similar to the motorola f3c series of phones for use with verizon. These phones just have kickass battery and most importantly are perfectly visible in sunlight. Being cheap helps too. Can still buy gsm ones on ebay, etc. Anybody have...
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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

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    IEEE/MSDNAA 2 copies of Win7 pro for $32

    would this be any different then a msdnaa subscription(no home or media center xp iso's)? I need a place to get a clean set of home iso's?
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    PC stuck in a split second boot loop

    long shot, but check to make sure the power/reset/etc switches aren't jammed in under the buttons
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    New file server build - sff

    ya, those modular corsairs are out of the budget for the build really, cost about as much as the rest of the computer. Have a tx750 i'm very happy with. 2x1.5tb seagates and a compact flash/usb os drive; possibly add another pair of drives if I need it eventually but I doubt it. System has...
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    New file server build - sff

    While an itx board will fit into a LL PC-V351B; I was wondering if the mounting holes where there? Also wondering what the smallest size psu I can use in it is; haven't been able to find notes on either so far. For a low power file server, have some 1.5tb hdd's that I'm matching up with...
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    Best Front End for HTPC?

    Cheap, flexible, and stable; why wouldn't you want to run linux if you know how?
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    Zotac Atom/Ion board coming.

    very similar to the zotac ion board; any others out right now?
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    Radeon HD 4830 -- does there exist a single-slot version yet?

    I could have sworn I put a single slot 6800gs in a sn25p, in which case you could put a 4800 in fine.
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    Quake Live Open Beta Now Available

    4 more hours, fuck ya
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    A Picture I Took - 2008

    Still learning, the D300 is way more camera then I know what to do with. Anything that I could do to improve would be very helpful, thanks in advance!
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    1.5TB back down to $139.99 + F/S @ Newegg

    they fixed the issues/bad firmware all the 1.5tb drives seem to have yet? -just looked, looks like the firmware is resolved, my bad
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    Problem getting system to boot of cd or load single user

    I have a G4 ibook that I'm working on that was previously used as a text to speech device that is now being re-purposed. My problem is I cannot for the life of me get it to boot off a cd, I have tried C and apple-s to reset the admin password, neither worked. I have a osx 10.4 boot disc to...
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    Keyboard with full n-key that isn't huge and/or expensive

    The model I have at least does 4 key rollover, which isn't what I was looking for but is better then most, esp. for the price. Very durable construction, a fairly bulky, but you probably could kill a few zombies and resume typing. I enjoy the key feel quite a bit, definitely noisy though...
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    Best SLR for under 1k?

    Thom Hogan recently gave a list of specs for the D90 which is the D80 replacement, so you might consider waiting if time isn't a concern, as it will provide a better competitor to the cannon and drive d80 prices down, just something to think about.
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    E-Ink Screens, where to purchase just a screen

    Does anyone know where one could purchase an E-ink screen? I'm interested in finding out costs, minimum quantities, etc and really have no idea where to start. The fact I don't know where to start regarding this might be a sign also.
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    Keyboard with full n-key that isn't huge and/or expensive

    ya, but most programs already have keyboard shortcuts for volume, next, stop, home, new, etc. a track stick or a scroll wheel maybe. Shortcuts aren't what I need, which isn't to say they don't have a place. which don't do n-key rollover... I'll add a note about how many keys keytronics...
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    Keyboard with full n-key that isn't huge and/or expensive

    Does anyone make a $50-/+ full rollover keyboard anymore that isn't backlit or the size of a explorer? The Das keyboard is the closest but is more then I want to spend and still a bit big. Does no one make this anymore? edit - May have found what I want with a keytronic keyboard - link or link
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    considering psu, Antec NeoPower 850 vs CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX

    Thats my only real issue with it, I have a smaller li lain case and about 6 harddrives in it, meaning I have a massive amount of cables running around, I'm worried about airflow. Especially because of the fact I use little air conditioning at home and it gets pretty hot during the summer here.
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    considering psu, Antec NeoPower 850 vs CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX

    I meant the quattro, probably going to buy the corsair
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    considering psu, Antec NeoPower 850 vs CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX

    pretty much anything around $150usd and 600-700watts is what i'm looking for, antec/seasonic/sparkle are brands i've been happy with, although i've had several dead antecs the last year or so, discouraging. Modular is a plus, and I'm not sure whether a massive single 12v rail or multiple 12v...
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    considering psu, Antec NeoPower 850 vs CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX

    Would the PC Power & Cooling S75QB, which is another unit with a similar configuration, i.e. a single 12v60A rail; or a SeaSonic M12 SS-700HM, which is modular, a factor with the case i'm using, be suitable or is the 750tx just a better choice?
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    considering psu, Antec NeoPower 850 vs CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX

    I putting together a new rig and its been a few years so I am looking for a new psu that supports pci-e. I was looking at either the antec or the corsair and was wondering if anyone had used both units, comparison on noise, etc. What they would be powering would be a e7200, 4850, 4gb ram...
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    Why is the One Armed GTX280 Expected to Strangle Two People?

    I have a simple question for the community: Why is the performance of the GTX280 cards being directly compared to dual core gpu's in regards to direct performance? In regards to price this makes sense and is one of the reasons that multi-gpu configurations where embraced originally in the...
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    Seagate 750GB Retail drives, $99/$109 at Fry's

    this samsung drive has a 32mb cache and is also 109.00 for 750 with free shipping...
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    steam validating stuck 100%

    I was trying to play ep 1 & 2 now that I had sometime to play them and it seems to get stuck at 100% validating? Is this a common bug and I'm missing and obvious fix? HL2/TF2/Portal all work perfectly fine. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Designing the perfect FPS

    I can blow the entire freaking world up. give me that and it can be made out of blocks graphically. oh, and maybe write some decent dialog's.
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    CryEngine 2 Vs Source 07 Engine Vs Unreal 3 Engine

    your a troll, and yes they do when they first come out. the crytech 2 engine is freaking amazing, I still haven't seen a good usage of the new unreal engine, though i'm willing to bet that there will be some very nice visuals from it. source has mainly been held up through first good texture...
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    Good CD to MP3 ripping software?

    EAC is an excellent ripping program
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    Howz this PC for CRYSIS?

    this thread is for you...
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    Razr2 or iPhone?

    if you want a phone for basic calendar, email, web, voip, calling(it has a mute button!!!), wifi, with not so much interest in a camera then you might take a look at a nokia e65, I got one the other day and love the damn thing. It's also dead sexy, maybe not iphone sexy, but close.
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    New Crysis info!!!!

    the potential for mods from this engine should be interesting to say the least.
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    Official StarCraft 2 Discussion Thread

    this sounds really, really cool
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    Blizzard games "rumor mill"

    haven't read whole thread what if they combined both the mmo and rts idea sorta like spore, you build a base/planet/etc up and conquer others collect upgrades, etc as you go, allows offline play with a possible monthly fee component and covers people who want gosc & sc2.
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    Blizzard games "rumor mill"

    I had to look this up, kinda of disappointing actually
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    VISTA ForceWare Release 100.64

    dont know if anyone mentioned this, but these drivers don't like video overlays.
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    Battlefield 2142 1.20 Patch out

    ot but marthon had the greatest shotgun with a small tweak in anvil. er maybe a big tweak.
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    Is the Wii available for you now?

    i live in a smallish city (80k including surroundings) and they last about 2-4 hours lately.
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    Wii preorders today

    they've put out 4+ million units in the last 2-3 months, how is this a limited supply?