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    [techradar] AMD on the PS4: We gave it the hardware Nvidia couldn't

    Well, I have used both and never had the issues described from AMD cards. Neither have I had issues with Nvidia, both max out games and AMD is cheaper. So if I had to choose between them, I would choose AMD for sure.
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    Diablo 3 on PS3 Video

    Lets keep feeding blizz our money. Getting tired of the way that company is changing for the worse.
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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut (WiiU only)

    I am so happy about the integration of missing link.... srsly... awesome sauce
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    Jay Wilson: Auction House really hurt Diablo 3

    Hopefully he isn't going to be involved in the D3 Xpansion
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    What is everyone playing now?

    Been playing PoE (path of exile) for about a month!
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    Final Fantasy Chronological Order

    I'm wondering that too, never thought about it that way.
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    “How About We Just Decide How Not to Repel Women?”

    Fat people are usually funny.... hope I didn't offend anyone.
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    [techradar] AMD on the PS4: We gave it the hardware Nvidia couldn't

    I never understood Nvidia fanboys... more money for the same outcome as AMD.... maxin out gamez
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    New found Origin hate.

    ^^^^^^^^ Thank goodness for Valve, origin isn't going to last for too much longer imo.
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    Proof current high-end PC's are already fast enough for next-gen ports?

    Reminds me of current gen consoles when they came out... PC's were already far ahead, and always will be.
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    New found Origin hate.

    Origin so pales in comparison to steam its kinda sad...
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    Ecco Dolphin DEVS on Kickstarter want donations for new game Big Blue.

    I enjoyed ecco, i think its interesting.
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    Is mouse acceleration so evil?

    I cant play fps games with it on, ruins everything as far as aiming goes! (arguably the most important thing besides teamwork)