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    Microsoft Uses GPUs to Build Record-Breaking Image Recognition System

    Not sure if I like this idea. You know it will only be used for more Big Brother motives. Cool technology sure, but I just have so little trust in Microsoft anymore and whom they might sell or lease time to, to use it's capabilities.
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    Play Half-Life On A Smart Watch

    Is this what the world is coming to? :rolleyes:
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    Looking for upgrade for Asus Crosshair

    Hey all, just tuned my old Asus Crosshair motherboard into a nice doorstop with a bios update.... Not even a post now, no beeps, no nothing. Anyways I am looking for a good replacement board for a AMD Athlon 64 X2 and sli Nividia 8800 GTX's. I am kind of in a rush as I need to get the new...
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    I have Vista 32bit can I upgrade to 4gb ram?

    But don't forget, Vista 64bit Ultimate is having a very hard time installing with over 2 gigs in. If it tosses a BSOD on installation, pop out 2 gigs and install (So have a total of 2 gigs installed at installation time). Just went through this and it's a pita. I smell a need for a sp1 for...
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    Asus Crosshair good or bad?

    So I just bit the bullet and ordered a new gaming system. I went with an Asus Crosshair and an Athlon 64 X2 6000+ I have not read a lot about the Crosshair but it seemed to have all the features I want + more. Did I make a boo boo? What can I expect out of this board? A headache or Drools...
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    EVGA 8800GTS driver question

    rgr that, thanks for the help. -HippieCat
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    EVGA 8800GTS driver question

    Thanks for the quick reply, I know all about not using Drivers off of any CD, lol. I just wanted to know if the EVGA drivers were specially tweaked for their brand of cards or if generic nVidia drivers would be better. Thanks again, -HippieCat
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    EVGA 8800GTS driver question

    Hey all, been a long while since my last post and even a longer time since my last computer build. I just ordered a new setup consisting of: Asus Crosshair Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 2x EVGA 8800GTS (going sli (duh)) 4 gigs Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4 and the rest is not that important... My question...
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    New owner of a 3550A drive

    I have found that out of the 3 systems I have them in 2 of them don't like linux. -HippieCat
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    Optimus keyboard not till the end of 2006

    I bet they cut cost on the keyboard by only putting those keys only on the left hand side. As you can see by the diagram, if it is correct, that it's got an extra section on the left just for that purpose, I suspect. ^^ not here ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ here If you think about it, the power...
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    What drivers to use with a ATI 9800pro?

    Well I fixed all my BF2 problems by switching to the Omega drivers. Hmmmmm. Just wanted to give a heads up, in case anyone else was havin problems.
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    So I'm done with Newegg for awhile ...

    MrMitch, That's a CPU? I never have seen newegg ship a CPU like that! I would be horrified! Newegg for sure is loosing it's grip on what the customer wants. Anyone for a What's up with that? I can't overclock a Rice Cooker! :rolleyes:
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    So I'm done with Newegg for awhile ...

    I too am done with newegg for awhile. Just untill they return the new items listing. Here is the letter I sent them and the response they gave me. Hello, The new items listing is only going to be missing temporarily as we conduct light site maintenance and streamlining during this...
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    Best Browser?

    I second that vote for Opera. Converted from Firefox to Opera and never looked back. Firefox started to worry me after I rebuilt 2 customers boxes that were running Firefox. Both boxes were hijacked. I had never seen Firefox get hijacked before, guess it's something only really computer...
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    Drivers for MX1000 fudge controls in games?

    That's why I don't install Logitech drivers, I just use the regular default Microsoft drivers. Works fine for me.
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    What difficulty setting do you use?

    Go through once in normal mode, the normal way. Second time through, crank it to the max with Godmode and Allwepons enabled. :D
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    What drivers to use with a ATI 9800pro?

    The artifacting was mainly in the background movie of the options screen, after I played 1 round or if I hit esc while ingame, untill I removed the movie. Now it's just the friendly hud errors, ie skull and crossbones, names etc.
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    What drivers to use with a ATI 9800pro?

    Ok, I got an old school ATI 9800pro 128meg. For the life of me I can't remember who the manufacture is. It's either ATI or Sapphire, nothing on it however says Sapphire. Anyone know a way to tell? Been playing Battlefield 2 mostly, with ATI's 5.6 Cats working the best. Anything above...
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    Logitech G15 oily keys

    That does not look like oil, but poor manufacturing instead. It looks like they did a half assed job of putting the textue on the key. Try a light bit of rubbing alcohol or windex on a q-tip to see if it comes off. Could also be some residue from the stencil or whatever used to put the letter...
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    Open end case.

    I've got one of those things, can't stand it. By the time you get all the wiring done it's a bloody mess and you can't get to your motherboard any more. I do however like the bag of switches and led's they sent with it.
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    My new Lian Li PC-7B+... WOW!

    Windex rocks for fingerprints on aluminum, or steel for that matter, oh yea, and glass and plexi as well. ;)
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    New items listing Missing from!

    The is returning mail unread, try this email instead.
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    Replacing batteries in my MX700

    I use PowerEX 1800mAh in my mx700, made by Maha. I keep a set in a stand alone charger and a set in the mouse, just swap them out when it's time and you never have to go without a mouse while it sits in the cradle charging. I only get about 4 days use with a 1800 mAh before it needs a charge...
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    New items listing Missing from!

    I can't believe it! Newegg took down one of my favorite features from their website! The new Items listing is now gone! OMG! :confused: What's next, the rating system or the user reviews? I knew once they started selling rice cookers that it might be the end of newegg... :D If your...
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    airbrush kit

    Yea, I like my Aztec too. Got the full kit, without the compressor. I have an old Binks diaphragm airbrush compressor from the 1970's and it works great for me, added a regulator and separator for 80 bucks. I must say that the airbrush tips are kinda fragile though. Not to fond of some of...
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    Computer shutting down

    First I would try pulling out that odd ball 256 mem stick. Make sure the 512 stick is in dimm 1, and try again. Still doing it? Check for a heat related cause. If there is a LOT of dust in the case, tear it down, blow it all off, then reassemble. Could be a low voltage problem with the...
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    modding a 120mm fan to switch on leds

    try swapin polarity?
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    ROFL, that's too funny. I had almost the same reaction. :D
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    Practically new game machine won't power on.

    Forgot to ask, do you have any lighting hooked up? If so, remove it. Found those tripple Laser LED's love to short out, almost lost a system over one of those.
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    Optimus OLED Keyboard

    Well I know for a fact the keys are ready to go, just read about them in one of my industrial technology publications. There will probably be need for an external power supply, and they keys are said to give off a bit of heat, not sure how much, they did not say, and from the picture of the key...
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    Practically new game machine won't power on.

    Sounds like something is shorting out. I would start by removing the power supply and checking for any breaks in the wiring. There is a way to get the power supply to turn on with it out of the case, link here Second thing is to check the motherboard to make sure it is not grounding out...
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    Logitech G15 mini FAQ

    My question is this... How many keys can be pressed at once before it locks the keyboard?
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    The return of the desktop.

    I got a keen eye on that Overture. Glad to see a few other people that have the same thoughts as me about desktops. One of you guys with leet modding skills outa do one up and show us the true modding potential of the desktop! That is a beautiful puter.
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    BF2 1.03 Patch Released!!! Link Inside

    Thanks denaps, over 600KB/s, sweet :D I'm not even takin any chances, going for the fresh install of BF2 and then the patch.
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    The return of the desktop.

    I am glad to see a return of the desktop style cases. They offer so much more, in terms of cooling, aesthetics, and give a new angle on modding. I am however a bit confused on the pricing, they seem to be hitting the market with rather high price tags. I gather that most all the computer...
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    Ugliest case ever...RETURNS!

    Would be great for my 10 year old nephew. I really think that's their intended market.
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    Loss of FSB with full bank?

    Managed to stumble upon some bios options that fixed me up. Had to set jumperless cpu options to manual, set the bus speeds and then reset the option back to auto. odd fix, but it worked
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    Loss of FSB with full bank?

    Just got another round of TWINX1024-3200C2PT to fill my banks and bump my system up to 2 Gigs. The old stuff is the exact same model. I popped it in, and noticed a 80 MHz drop on my FSB. From 400 to 320. Set Memory to auto and noticed same thing. Bumped my timings around to, still...
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    new x800pro and messed up text!

    Try reseating the card. If that does not work, return it, RMA it, do whatever, but get a new one.