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    FS: Xbox One

    Good luck getting one on the first day its pretty impossible. I tried getting a PS4 and each store got either 4-8 consoles in. But the demand for them was much greater.
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    WTB: Regular PCI Graphics Card

    This is what i ended up ordering.
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    WTB: Regular PCI Graphics Card

    I am looking for a PCI Graphics card that has an HDMI port. I was able to find one online for $55 so if anyone has a used one that will settle for less then this i would be interested. (I never realized it was that hard to find PCI cards all GFX cards these days are PCI-E, This one is for a...
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    PC Freezing Issues

    Check out Hirens BootCD and boot that up on start up. There are diagnostic tools within it that can help with your problem here. Also LoBoxJa is right do a memtest this is also included in Hirens BootCD.
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    Biggest nightmare come true = 1yr old system sudden serious problem

    The loop process i have seen before when the CPU Fan/Thermal is not in contact with the CPU or fan plug came unplugged. Also the powersupply could be compromised i have seen it do some weird stuff when the powersupply is shot. What about your hard drive? It sounds like its not finding a boot...
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    Not your Grandpa's stereo: Plays vinyls, music over Wi-Fi, and classic arcade games

    Super clean and super nice. Great build man that thing is impressive.
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    iPhone 5 power button problems

    I have also had problems with my Charge port on my Iphone 5. It will sometimes take me about 3x trys to get it to start charging. I have to simply unplug it and plug it back in. Has anyone had any issues with the touch screen while charging? When i use the charger next to my bed (plugged into...
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    i5-750, SSDs, HDD, 260 gtxs, 660ti, batman arkham origins codes, DDR2 & DDR3 ram

    Do the 260 GTX have HDMI ports or just DVI?
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    Dell Latitude E4310 13.3" i5/8GB/128SSD/Win7Ult, HD5850 $90 and Zalman 9500

    I'd Give you $30 for the 2 Quadro Graphics Cards if you need them to go fast.
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    Flashed Xbox360 + Extras

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    Prodigy Casemod

    WOW! That looks super clean. Love how it turned out Bro.
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    Flashed Xbox360 + Extras

    Not necessarily. It matters what they do with the update. I was able to get all the updates till they changed the dashboard. When I got the new dashboard update it then unflashed it that was when i had it running LT 1.9. For a fee i can flash anyones xbox (mattering the drive) in this case...
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    Flashed Xbox360 + Extras

    I have an older style Xbox360 with No HDMI port. I have also flashed the DvD drive to LT 3.0+ (mod) It is fully updated with the new dashboard and is ready to play on xbox live. -=What it comes with=- -Xbox360 (white) + Power Block -20 GB 360 Hard Drive -HD Tv Hookups -1 controller -50 games...
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    Xbox wireless controller with play and charge kit as wired controller on Windows 8?

    What games have you used the controller on? Would it work with say Skyrim?? I have used a wired controller on BioShock.
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    Is bad RAM common?

    I have had more motherboard vs RAM issues then i have had bad sticks of RAM. Usually settings in the BIOS can stop the board from seeing the ram or cause issues.
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    Infinity Blade II

    Anyone here play infinity blade II? I have a level 62 character right now just completely doing work. If you have never played before this is the highest ranked IOS game. It is a neat fighting style game with flick actions for attacks/blocks/magic.
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    Flick Golf (IOS)

    Guys check out Flick Golf Extreme. It just went free on IOS
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    What is everyone playing now?

    Diablo 3 Skyrim
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    Win7 usb install

    Yes i use Microsofts version and it has worked twice for me!
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    Windows 8 Clean Install

    Thanks KillerK i had no idea they would send a second set.
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    Password locking and encrypting directories in windows 8

    1password is an app i have been using. Sync from computer to my phone.
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    Issue with Windows 8 & home network streaming

    I dont suggest sharing everything out using Windows. It just always seems to have problems. Maybe try using Servioo or another program to share it out. Ive been using Servioo for the last year with 0 problems. I love it.
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    Issue with windows loading

    Ya i wouldnt put anything important on your drive. This is actually what i would do in your situation. Take out the hard drive and put in Linux box for me id do CentOS. I would then do fsck check on the disk and then fill up the entire drive with 0s. (theres a command for this) then reformat the...
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    10 Things Microsoft can improve in Windows 8.1

    Did they bring back the start bar in any updates? i have my TV setup running Windows 8 but i have not updated in a long time.
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    iOS 6.1.3 Jaibreak

    Ya with all my Jail Breaks i sit back at a stable point. I would rather have my jail break then there shitty update.
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    Jail Breakers Fav addons?

    Just wanted to add some more features to my phone what addons do you use through cydia? Here is some i believe open up the phone so much! 1. Activator (hot key ur phone from lock screen or anywhere) 2. App sync 3. Auxo (Re does the double click showing all apps running) 4...
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    They are very dependable and easy to teach anyone that has never used one. For me the strong point is jail breaking. I can easily jail break the device and have it do exactly what i want. No strings attached.
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    XBOX ONE no region locking!

    Pretty good news for companys that do the trade market. Are they allowing them to still trade games or is it gonna be locked down per xbox?
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    Will my power supply be enough?

    500 watt for saftey but i think 450 would even do. But just to be safe go 500!
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    $99.99 60" led tv from Kmart

    Thats awesome lol. I would have complained so much till you got it. Watched a guy at staples get something the other day because of there typo.
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    Is UEFI really all that? Boot time that much better?

    Honestly the only reason i would use UEFI is for 3tb or larger drives i want the O/S on. For me i had to trick the system for my server installs to allow the boot on a chunk then gpt the rest of the drive. But for desktops i am using SSD for the O/S i really dont need the UEFI drive. Cause i...
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    EA Sports Bucks

    Someone that plays EA Sports games can have this. Its $10 to this site. CODE: h86qo2hp9jnh
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    Eventvwr scam

    Yep i had a call from a family member about this and i went over to there house and talked to the guy. I was getting a good laugh over the things he wanted me to do. I really gave him a hard time about making me go to a third party website if he works for M$. Funny how they think they can get you.
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    Xbox One Automatically Adjusts To Prevent Overheating

    I think the 360 just had design flaw. I had the OG and i sent 2 in for RROD fix when they used to have a year warranty on them. After that same / refurbished machine i got back from them did it i said screw it and found my own solution. Re flowing the machine only fixed for a month or 2 until...
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    Screen Issue

    I have a screen on my server rack that constantly has black lines through it. This screen was brand new cause the last one went out completely. The screen worked before going into the rack. A little setup so you can diagnose. There is 6 servers which the screen is right behind 2 of the...
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    CPU dead?

    Does the CPU show up as the correct brand/model and verison in the bios? If so i think your CPU is fine. Usually the machine wont post at all without a CPU so it still could be the issue. PSU are hard to test because you can test them to not be burnt out but if there not giving enough power...
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    Need help

    Sounds like you will need to factory reset like he said above the CMOS battery. Give that a shot keep it out for > 5 mins. If that doesn't work look into USB boot drives that have brute force tools on it. It may take a day or week but it will get the password eventually.
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    Xbox wireless controller with play and charge kit as wired controller on Windows 8?

    I toyed with it a lot trying to get my wireless to let me use it to play bioshock on my pc. I ended up having to buy a wired controller to do it. Maybe there is a way but i didn't seem to figure it out.
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    Old Android cell phone as a dedicated PMP

    Yes what you are looking for you must root it. I don't see why people don't root there devices right away anyways.