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    Parents Blame Elementary School's Cell Tower after 4th Student Diagnosed with Cancer

    You must be one of those guys if they even sneeze near their wife they immediately get impregnated. I'll pour out some liquor for my fallen homie.
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    Parents Blame Elementary School's Cell Tower after 4th Student Diagnosed with Cancer

    This radiation is non-ionizing, it isn't going cause cancer. I've been up this tree with my mother in law several times. That being said, I've seen some excellent scientific white papers on cell radiation/heat and the quality and quantity of sperm cells. There does appear to be a correlative...
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    How China's Social Credit System Affects Its Citizens and Businesses

    "Information gatherers" AKA nosy snitches.
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    Police Mistake Cryptocurrency Miner for Marijuana Farm

    *Stabs copper with unregistered butter knife* you'll never take me alive!
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    Police Mistake Cryptocurrency Miner for Marijuana Farm

    Though I understand these are not exactly analogous, it reminds me of the no-knock warrants in the States that routinely get people killed. Departments have an astonishing ability to get the wrong address.
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    EA "Respawns": Company Up 16% as Apex Legends Reverses Entire Loss

    I've been pleasantly surprised by this game. I played a bit of PUBG and really disliked it, that was my only other experience with battle royal. In Apex they fixed a lot of the garbage that was so frustrating about PUBG. The guns feel great, something between borderlands and battlefield (weird I...
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    Asus GPU Tweak II's "Ad" is Really a Custom Overlay

    This is why user acceptance testing is a good thing.
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    Apex Legends Hits 1 Million Players, But Replaced Titanfall 3

    I think I'll give it a shot, not in love with battle royale, but this seems a bit different.
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    PremiSys IDenticard System Vendor Ignores Security Researcher Findings

    I've dealt with a few of these solutions and I can tell you I am yet to be impressed with the security of these "security systems". Not just backdoors, but unencrypted databases, modifying databases and credentials for work-arounds, and lack of strong crypto to mention a few. These require...
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    China Releases Footage of First Far Side Moon Landing

    For awhile there watching this video almost feels like one of those looping gifs titled "wait for it..."
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    The New York Times Claims Facebook Shared More Data Than it Disclosed

    It's pretty easy to mislead users when privacy terms, agreements, and controls are constantly shifting and laced with legalese.
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    Australia Passes World's First Anti Encryption Law

    This is the kind of thing that deserves a protest. The government has fundamentally removed any semblance of personal privacy that one may have with an entity. Not only does it increase State powers over one's information, but it will no doubt make it even easier for malicious actors to obtain...
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    GCHQ Calls for Encrypted Chat Access and Vulnerability Confidentiality

    Vulnerability hoarding is a significant threat to all industries. Look at what transpired by not releasing information about the SMB exploitation and loss of the ETERNAL toolkit (looking at you NSA). Other significant players in the industry need to step up like Microsoft did in terms of...
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    Deepcool Captain 240 EX All-In-One CPU Cooler @ [H]

    Myself and two (2) friends are using the captain EX 240 and one (1) other using their 3 cooler version (EX 360?). We really like them, and they have served us quite well on our older overclocked systems and newer generation rigs. That being said, quality control is always a tricky thing and...
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    Avoid NewEgg At All Costs

    I don't think it's outside of the realm of expectation to have the correct item sent immediately. Since OP identified the product they had received in error, if they never sent it back then NewEgg could just charge OP for the item they never returned. Simple. Amazon's policy is more close to...
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    The Chinese Social Credit Score System Has Already Been Implemented

    No worries though! So long as you are not a part of a religious minority your organs can stay inside your body (all praise be to the State).
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    The Chinese Social Credit Score System Has Already Been Implemented

    Man, China seriously implemented Meow Meow Beenz on a national scale:
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    Windows as a Service Is Failing

    Yeah I'd love to see that too!
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    [H]ardOCPer to the Rescue!

    Nice dude!
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    Is the Cost of a Cable Box Really Too Darn High?

    For most cable and satellite companies, it's a total waste of money as you pay for equipment that you really don't need (in terms of functionality) and channels you don't care about. Streaming services bridge this gap for roughly 70-80% less. Only DirecTV has content and features that I deem...
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    The DEA Awarded a Contract to Retrofit License Plate Readers into Speed Signs

    This Orwellian bullcrap needs to go, this will no doubt be another data point in the government's "meta tagging" projects. More data without context that can be used against your standard US citizen. You can't give them an inch when it comes to your data, because they will take a mile.
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    Solar Roadways Aren't Worth the Investment

    I like the thought of the parking garage/platform being able to charge electric cars in the future separate of the main grid. I know there are capacity and output concerns, but hey, if you could even charge 1 out of 10 cars that parked in that spot it'd be a win. We'll see where we get with...
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    Total War: Rome II Developers Issue Statement on Criticisms of Female Generals Feature

    Much ado about nothing, this outrage culture is tiring.
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    Digitails Are the App-Controlled Animatronic Prosthetic Tails You've Dreamed About

    This is all I'm going to see at conventions now.
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    Facebook Denies 'listening' to Conversations

    As the saying goes: "If you aren't paying for the product, you are the product."
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    Facebook Denies 'listening' to Conversations

    Even though it is anecdotal, my wife and I have experienced some extremely specific ads from Facebook. One example is we were discussing a very specific type of garden mulch that we just heard about (interesting conversation I know) and within a few minutes I was served a Facebook ad for the...