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    Debian + ipcop virtual machine question

    I would like to turn my server (which runs ubuntu now) into a debian (or ubuntu or other *nix) server and have a ipcop virtual machine. What would be the best way to do this? Or is it possible to install like the smoothwall (or ipcop etc) interface on debian or ubuntu? Thanks in advance
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    Post your Smoothie/ipcop/etc. specs

    Now I run Ipcop on: amd 100mhz 40mb (Might be 36mb I cant remember) 1gb flash card 2 nics :p It runs rather nicely. The web interface is a bit sluggish but that is to be expected.
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    WTB 478 motherboard and agp card

    bump still looking
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    My production is taking a dump for a few days

    QFT I have a 100mhz amd computer running ipcop. Needless to say it doesnt fold. That and opendns and it is awesome. The web page is kinda slow, but the connection is not!
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    WTB 478 motherboard and agp card

    I would really like to buy a skt 604 motherboard if anyone has one. Im still looking for a 478 board too.
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    WTB 478 motherboard and agp card

    bump still looking!
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    WTB 478 motherboard and agp card

    bump, still looking Im not looking for heatsinks, unless they are with motherboards. I have heatsinks, they will work, but better ones would be nice.
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    WTB 478 motherboard and agp card

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    WTB 478 motherboard and agp card

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    WTB 478 motherboard and agp card

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    Newegg / [H]ardOCP AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition Drawing

    1. Build a new rig (with parts from newegg ;) ) and give my current one to a well deserving friend that really needs a computer. 2. Phenom :D lol, I should use it upgrade my firewall. Right now it is a beast. 100mhz of AMD power and 40mb of ram. That is less important than my friend needing a...
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    WTB 478 motherboard and agp card

    Bump. Still looking for 478 and 604 mobos
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    is it possible to do a $1000 build and be cod4 ready?

    considering my brother plays this on a 6600, I would say so. ;)
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    retractable network cable (cat5e preferred) That may not work very well, but you can't beat the price.
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    wtf I buy a sansa 4gb and then they bring a 6gb one out for $10 more :mad:
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    House of Cheep - video/sound cards, cables, fans galore!

    Bump Received my items. Thanks
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    WTB 478 motherboard and agp card

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    WTB 478 motherboard and agp card

    TTT Still looking
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    WTB 478 motherboard and agp card

    bump, still looking for both
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    WTB 478 motherboard and agp card

    I'm building a computer for a friend and i need some parts: (1)Skt 478 motherboard has to be 800mhz fsb Not looking to spend a fortune on this, so price matters. and (1)agp card Need a decent card, but he cant spend a whole lot. ie < $30 < I have one now Stuff I WTB for myself...
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    New to Linux...installing nvidia drivers?

    If you still want to use the drivers from the website, use this page It worked for me ;)
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    C programming problem

    Ahh, that makes sense. I fixed it and now it works. Thanks alot :D
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    C programming problem

    Thanks for the tip (we hadnt learned that yet) but I still don't know what I did wrong. The output of gdb is #0 0xb7e867a7 in fclose () from /lib/tls/ #1 0x8048580 in main () at prog.c:28 and line 28 is fclose(fout);
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    C programming problem

    I created this program that takes an input file and copies the contents to an output file. Problem is that it segfaults for no apparent reason. When I input a valid (existing) input file and an output file that does not exist, it gives a segmentation fault. I dont know what is wrong with it. It...
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    Shareing Linux folder on Windows network without passwords

    I think this is what you are looking for
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    Can't download mythdora.

    at first I was going to say just use wget, but you must be using windows. Try a download manager like flashget. (its free and your downloads will be faster)
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    Folding on Sun servers

    of course you can run it if you are running linux. Here is a script that will install it for ubuntu:
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    FS: Asus A8N SLI Deluxe, AMD 3200+, 1GB Crucial Ballistix DDR 500

    bump because my A8n-SLI broke there too ;)
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    FS: Serious Junk

    I recieved the xbox remote today. Thanks!! :)
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    Thinking of switching to linux, first time user

    +1 for ubuntu I use banshee for music playing, it works great for me. Another suggestion is Songbird, but both of these are mainly for music. And for videos, I either use mplayer or VLC. If you have an nvidia graphics card, I highly suggest installing the beta drivers and beryl. They are...
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    F/S ModedXbox F/S

    I assume this has a modchip?
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    WTT / Free to good home

    Is there anyway I can buy those LVD 68 pin adapters?
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    WTT / Free to good home

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    Free Socket A MB: Abit KR7A-133R

    well if that falls through, I could use it because I have a perfectly good computer sitting here that has a bad motherboard. I hate to see it just sit here :cool:
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    Have a few questions about intranet!!!

    I dont think xbmc is what he wants... besides, you are scaring people with those way outdated screenshots