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    X570 mATX board availability?

    Anyone know when we are going to start seeing x570 boards in-stock? I need a mATX board and there are none. I have a shiny new 3700X and nothing to put it in.
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    Which X570 board to get if I want SLI?

    Get the Workstation model.
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    Unreal Engine is Getting Destructable Environment Support

    The cool thing about Unreal Engine is that each point version's license is self-contained. The terms can only change on newer versions, not older ones.
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    Unreal Engine is Getting Destructable Environment Support

    Love the Robo Recall-derived design.
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    A Reminder from AMD: Our Processors Aren't Affected by New "SPOILER" Vulnerability

    Those of us who build things can only choke down so much market positioning.
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    Captain Marvel Will Lead the MCU, Kevin Feige Says

    We saw Wong effortlessley neutralize a Black Order member, something the Avengers truly struggle with. Its not about strength, but magic. In no universe could Iron Man go toe to toe with Dr Strange let alone Dr Strange with the Eye. His fight with Dormammu lasted centuries. Dr Strange faced...
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    Captain Marvel Will Lead the MCU, Kevin Feige Says

    Lol no. Thor, Dr Strange and Captain Marvel are the only real powerful heroes in the MCU. Everyone else is far lesser and would get smacked around by them.
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    Doom: Annihilation Gets a Trailer

    Cant believe Bethsoft licensed this.
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    Volvo to Impose 112 MPH Speed Limit on All New Cars from 2020

    Because we as a society have decided that YOU dont get to make up your own safety parameters on the fly. What you are describing is felony reckless endangerment.
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    Volvo to Impose 112 MPH Speed Limit on All New Cars from 2020

    There is nowhere on a public road that you need to go 112 MPH, ever.
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    Tim Cook: Apple Is Working on Future Products That Will "Blow You Away"

    Wow 'blow me away'. What an incredible pitchman. How fucking hard is it to leave them wanting more? Steve mastered this in his 20s....Tim should jsut not talk.
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    San Francisco Uses Computer Algorithm to Dismiss 9,362 Marijuana Convictions

    If you have never taken a hallucinogen, I outright question your ability to be objective. Too many squares in this forum looking down their noses at others for things they know nothing about.
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    YouTube Stars Panic as Site Pulls Ads over "Inappropriate Comments"

    Which is why we need to start calling for youtube to be given common carrier status, and remove the ability for them to pick and choose, jsut like we did to ATT. The longer we wait, the more voices will be silenced in favor of corporations.
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    Tesla Demonstrates Its New Security System Called Sentry Mode

    I am in no position to confront a car thief, and the police really dont give a shit about personal property damage.
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    Disney Removes Advertising from YouTube in Response to Child Exploitation Videos

    Remember when we used to tell parents to control what their children watch on their computers? And here we are, everyone feckless piece of shit that squirted out a kid now wants all of us to do their job for them. Edit: ill applaud Disney when they divest themselves of a few huge chunks of...
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    Tesla Demonstrates Its New Security System Called Sentry Mode

    AM i the only who doesn't want my car to send me notifications? If someone breaks in, insurance will handle it. I mostly feel sorry for people when i hear them set a car alarm.
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    AMD Link Performance Monitoring App

    How many times do we have to go through this? They didnt make it to be helpful, they made it to get access to your phone. Its schlock and surveillance, not useful tech.
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    Radeon VII Gets Pro Driver Support

    See this is the problem, you dont understand the fundamental difference between hardware and software. In the wow example you are paying monthly to access the SERVER. The rest of your argument is so poorly constructed i wont even argue it. Edit: changed my mind, i will rebut. There has never...
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    Radeon VII Gets Pro Driver Support

    IF the hardware is present, you should be able to utilize it the way you see fit. IM not talking support or anything else like that, merely physical functionality. The driver should not be the differentiator. I am quite familiar with this sort of practice, going back to mainframes where you...
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    Radeon VII Gets Pro Driver Support

    The practice is growing, along with my ire about it. Did you think this would help? Artificial segmentation is bullshit.
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    Radeon VII Gets Pro Driver Support

    Can i jsut say its horseshit that everything is fucking whitelisted now. We have entered an era where what the device is capable of doesnt matter, jsut what others decide you can use it for...
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    AMD Says Partners Are "Free to Develop" Custom Radeon VII GPUs

    |That tells me that the AIBs seem to think these things really arent going to sell so they wont bother with custom configs to differentiate themselves
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    Samsung Future Technology Teaser Video Leaks onto the Web [Rumor]

    All fly-by-wire systems sanitize the output so sneezing isnt an issue. In reality the artist would draw the image, and then the robot would take the plans and execute it, not fly-by-wire in realtime
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    Microsoft Wants to Know How It Can Improve Windows 10 PC Gaming

    Give PC its OWN BRANDING. PC gaming should not be under the Xbox umbrella at all.
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    Ace Combat 7 Gets a Launch Trailer

    Will it have QTE? Because if so, im out. Otherwise it looks fun. Edit: nvm.
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    Ring Reportedly Gave Employees Access to Customer Video Feeds

    Why??? Even if that is true, you could encrypt/decrypt at the endpoints. I am having a hard time understanding why you would use email as the primary transport..
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    USB-C Audio Is "Dead"

    Thats great, it still doesnt change the fact that wired and wireless are not the same thing.
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    USB-C Audio Is "Dead"

    Wired and wireless are not the same thing and THEY ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE
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    Microsoft Wants to Kill Passwords, Starting with Windows 10

    ITs incredibly frustrating that we continue to be tied to phone numbers. I dont want a phone number, period, i have no need for one other than these stupid authentication schemes.
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    Tesla Will Cut Prices to Combat Tax Credit Phase Out

    You should be thinking quadratically, not linearly. Doubling speed will definitely more than halve the runtime. I doubt a Tesla could run flat out at 120 MPH for 150 miles. Hell, my old '87 305 Trans Am would struggle with that kind of range/speed. (damn thing had a 13 gallon tank, just 2...
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    Twitch Streamer Ninja Made Close to $10 Million Last Year

    WHY DO YOU NEED SO MUCH MONEY??? FFS i will never understand the drive to make hundreds of millions. The part about actually calculating lost revenue for taking time off is abhorrent.
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    Oculus third sensor setup

    For OP, yeah upside down (or any orientation) doesnt matter at all. I have one of the front cameras actually mounted to the bottom of a Vive Lighthouse so its upside down and the other front camera is right side up in a different mount.
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    Oculus third sensor setup

    My three sensor setup is this: the front two are set up 8 feet high, 10 feet apart. The third sensor is also 8 feet high, set back twelve feet from the front two, one one side (not in the middle). My office is a 10 x 12 room, I have sensors in 3 corners. You can ignore the 'unsupported'...
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    Infinity Blade Removed from iOS App Store

    I want to point out Epic has released the assets from these games several times for use (for free) in Unreal Engine. They also did that for the Paragon assets after they shut it down. Might see all the Infinity Blade assets up for use soon.
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    Infinity Blade Removed from iOS App Store

    You're exactly right. It has no continuing revenue, so why support it?
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    Dragon Age: Dread Wolf Director Says Game Will Be Political, Celebrate Diversity

    Oh please, within the first ten minutes of DA2, you have party members threatening to kill your sister for being an Apostate. IF given the option i would have ran the guy through.
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    Mozilla CEO: Microsoft's Adoption of Chromium Is "Terrible" for the Web

    Oh Mozilla, you are jsut as bad. Your browser on android is filled with modals and tips you cant turn off. Your homepage is gross. You do all the same dirty shit everyone else is doing.
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    Marvel Posts Avengers: Endgame Trailer

    Dr Strange sequel is already in the works.
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    PUBG Esports Pro Banned for Cheating

    For the love of god, why are they allowed to play on non-certified machines?
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    Rumor: 8 Core Intel NUCs and Intel "Compute Modules" are Coming

    Holy crap, Intel is labeling 14nm and 10nm chips with 8th gen model numbers. i3-8121U = 10nm i5-8259U = 14nm WTH!?!?