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    How often do you upgrade?

    Every two years or so, selling of the parts of the current. I also keep a backup rig (in parts only) in the closet -- just the mobo/processor and a few HDD. Spare ram. My backup is a 975 Phenom with a 970 board and 8GB DDR3. My physical running backup is a laptop of course. Though ... I'm...
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    Old PC speakers better than new ones?

    Old speakers. Yeah I had a pair of these back in the day and for a somewhat budget offering in it's time nothing today sounds as good in it's " budget computer speaker" 2.1 class, though the Logitech X-230's got close.
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    ASRock FaTal1ty Z97 Killer

    ^I have to agree it's over the top now. The better motherboard aren't even gaming-named. I also feel the same about the EEFI bios of some manufacturers like Gigabyte. I recently got a batch of Giga X97 SLI mobos (the budget version) -- 3 of them. I was horrified and puzzled at how the bios was...
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    going from 2 560 non ti 2gb sc cards to a single 7950.

    My Wife had 2x 560 non TI's in SLI whereas I had an HD7850, We both have 7970's now and it's a massive difference.
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    Phenom II X6 1090T fun

    Same OC I get but I have a bit less V_ and MSI MB. Nice OC :)
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    Reliable pre-built pc for gaming

    Well, I build all of mine, and use to have a high end PC business locally, but as a consumer if I were to buy the only place I would buy from has been and still is Maingear. Maybe VM back in the day before the BB/CC/Walmart additions.
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    Use an eyepatch on the lense
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    AVAdirect and I have resolved our dispute

    If AVA were smart they would hire you @ 4-6K over your current (new 3rd gig) over Maingear and implement your type of CS company wide. I'm sure Puget misses you as does VM.
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    Prebuilt computer recommendations

    For OP's post and needs - Dell, or HP. Both have good warranties and I would steer completely clear of any of the gaming vendors unless you think they might upgrade soon or do any gaming. This is a classic case where a non gaming vendor and PC fits the bill.
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    Rcently purchased Micosoft Intellimouse 3.0

    Yes typically MS is very good about mouse/KB replacement. Contact them, and FYI I would not game with any other mouse. I have tried the new G5-Death Adders but went back to the intelli 3.0 because of the superb low sensitivity tracking in certain FPS.
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    So, thinking of refunding my AVADirect

    I agree about and across the board decision to raise voltages that seems very strange. Back when I ran a shop and built many, many systems the only time I upped voltages was if there was a known issue with a particular mainboard which was rare or an OC the customer gave the ok for/wanted.It...
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    I wish I had listened to Kyle....

    What games and what res? By that logic a 9600GT would be as good at minimum frame rates as an HD4850. I do not buy it. Maybe you had specific games that were NV friendly?
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    Nehalem desktops: Gateway vs. the rest?

    Vista is alright - I was in om the on the early beta testing. Drivers are better now and more plentiful and SP2 helped. So yes Vista is ok. I do like XP better though. I dual boot myself. Yes you can run crossfire with the Gateway, though, one of those PCIe slots "might' be electrical 8X, thus...
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    Should I dust of the old 8400GS just for PhysX??

    9600GSO-9600GT, maybe a 9500GT if you want to spend a bit less.
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    Nehalem desktops: Gateway vs. the rest?

    Of course the Gateway will come with a warranty, though probably not a comprehensive or long one. Don't bother with ant geek-squad warranty just deal with Gateway (unless you're a bit technically challenged then go for it). I have built many systems, had my own shop, and that Gateway (the...
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    4870 1gb or GTX260 216 core

    Agree, and some of it would be from the nvidia marketing people that have multiple stealth forum accounts - like a few of the people from the AT video forums (and the additional minions they also have) that periodically post FUD.
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    ITT: Your video card timeline

    8MB nVIDA Vanta 32MB TNT (nVIDIA) Gforce2 Gforce 4 TI4200 9700 Pro/9600 pro (2 rigs) X800XL/X800XT AIW (2 rigs) X1900XT/7950GT (2 rigs) 8800GTS 320MB (returned after 3 months) 2X 8800GT SLI 512MB (sold rigs) 9600GT/ XFX 260GTX (2 rigs again)
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    Is a XFX9800GT a decent card

    I would just keep the 8800GS on the off chance that you might play a slightly older game someday (Oblivion or something like that). You never know.
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    EVGA Precision or Rivatuner?

    IMO ATT for ATI if you're a supertweaker and Riva for NV likewise. For the moderate tweaker the eVGA tool s great (mild OC fan control, easy interface).
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    I got 55nm 9800GT 1GB ?

    I see, well then if your temps are what you say they are then that might likely tell you that it's 55nm, unless the cooling is really that effective. I recently built a system for a customer with an eVGA 9800GT that also got very good temps (about 43 idle and 60c load) unlike it's hotter running...
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    I got 55nm 9800GT 1GB ?

    Nice card. The new 55nm 9800G is perfect for a 19-22" LCD as long as the pricing is right (around $100.00). GPU-Z will tell you the nm stat.
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    Puget Custom Computers – From start to finish

    Nice rig - done the exact way most top builders right here @ [H] would have done it - plus some extra quietness additions. Very well done.
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    Should I get a new PSU for my HD3850 ?

    Or get something like the Corsair 450W with a very strong single +12v rail.
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    8.10 hotfix Drivers cheat on FC2

    Well, thank god for the AT forums nvidia focus group members Rollo and his chiwawa NV sidekick keysplayer - they're looking out for ATI and doing some great ATI QC reporting there. Without Derek Wilson's backend support of the two who knows if that stuff would get reported promptly and...
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    9600 GT + Nvidia Drivers = freeze

    Sounds like you might simply have a bum card, or that particular 9600GT is incompatible with your particular mobo. I would take it back for and exchange and try another one just in case it's a bad card. I was one of the ones that got in on the $99.00 CC deal and mine works perfectly well.
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    EVGA 9500GT in stock at Newegg

    NV uses obsfucation - obviously.
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    Do you remember your first graphics card?

    My first 'real' card was in an eMachine eMonster 700 (700MHZ Athlon w/512MB cache) - it was an 8MB TNT nVIdia Vanta lol, but it was pretty good for it's time, and the mobo was an MSI 751 irongate AMD chipset motherboard.
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    If your 790-780i mobo is dialed in and running well it would actually be a miscalculation to change up unless you really have the money to change motherboards and you're going to kick yourself if NV comes back with something really good fairly soon, or if the 260-280 series drops even more...
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    Warm? PNY 9600 GT $99 bucks at CC.

    Just off hand I can tell you that this card is much faster than my older 7950GT 512MB. Especially in new games. But I will say that some older games like HL2/EP1-EP2, and Far Cry, Prey and all much faster with this card then the 7950GT as well. I know WoW is considered and older game now so i'm...
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    Warm? PNY 9600 GT $99 bucks at CC.

    Jeez bro I didn't mean to make you pull the case side off I thought you might have noticed when you installed it LOL. I noticed that mine was white as well, and when initially googling the PNY 9600GT I didn't see any of them with a white fan. I thought the 9600GT would be shorter than the...
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    Warm? PNY 9600 GT $99 bucks at CC.

    Did your 9600GT come with a white fan or black fan?
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    Warm? PNY 9600 GT $99 bucks at CC.

    I should have known not to trust the older ntune ulility. In fact I can't even remember why I installed it or why I didn't uninstall it because I really don't like it, but it read the fan speed @ 47%. However I checked with GPU-Z and sure enough you're right it's reading it @ 35% currently, and...
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    Warm? PNY 9600 GT $99 bucks at CC.

    There's only one minor downside to the card itself from what I now know, and that is that for some reason PNY has this fan "locked" and you absolutely can't manage the fan speed at all with any utility. Not even RivaTuner. However, as opposed to what other people that bought this card says, it's...
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    Warm? PNY 9600 GT $99 bucks at CC.

    Simply went to the best buy after verifying that indeed CC had it in stock and was actually $99.00 - all you do is go to BB and ask them if they will price match it. Either store will usually price match any item even if on sale or clearance. They did have to call CC to verify that items price...
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    Warm? PNY 9600 GT $99 bucks at CC.

    Yes [H} really is the cats meow :). Yeah they didn't have it in the computer at the Hurst TX store either until they actually "rung it up" just to see what it would ring up as. Even the regular CS guy was unaware of it. About the card. I stuck in it a budget machine not expecting much, but boy...
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    Warm? PNY 9600 GT $99 bucks at CC.

    Head up guys. There are a few of them @ the CC nest to NE mall in Hurst TX (76021). I priced matched it for $99.00 at Best Buy around the corner and used my $35.00 BB GC as well bringing it down even further. The Best Buy has several at that store. I think I counted about 3 of them and if you...
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    680i NV chipset + ATI 4870?

    The 680i is a mobo first, and and SLI board second. No worries. It's not like you're going to run a 3870X2 in crossfire on a 680i.
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    What do you suggest?

    I personally have an LG L226-WTQ-BF and love it, but I built a PC for my father in law this weekend and we then bought a Samsung 223BW to go with the PC @ Sams, and upon setup I was floored at the default quality and default color setup it's very good for a TN panel. I haven't had the time to...
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    rar password forgotten - please help me!

    I never gave any guarantee and I have never tried to recover RAR files - merely throwing things out there. That's why he asked, and I said I didn't know for sure.
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    Wierd graphics quality after ATI -> Nvidia upgrade

    Have look at [H}'s review of the 9600GT (MSI). You can clearly see the difference in the vibrancy of the images of the two ATI cards look at the leaves on the trees. I can get the very same look by raising saturation and digtal vibrance a bit with my own NV card. I mean exactly. However it's...