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    What Windows Tablet Should I buy?

    Well for a Windows tablet at those specs you really dont have too many options (unless you lower the res to 720p range) other than a Surface Pro...either used/refurbed if you can find it..or with the price drop get new. The Atom CPUs are in lower rest tablets....
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    New to Halo series...

    I liked ODST as that made you play a different role. Seeing things from fresh preservative. I remember my first hunter fight...before as Master Chief not a big deal....but now..check your ammo, check your heath and plan the fight :P
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    Google to Buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5B

    Actually Moto was first out of the gate with a "andriod" tablet and I thought the first Driod had something else that was new at the time thanks to a "deal' between Moto and Google. So I dont think the other cell phone makers have anything really to worry about. Google knows it needs them to...
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    what is your favorite first person shooter and why

    For me here is my list: Quak2 (as this was my first game I really played and played the MP) Unreal (first time I saw this running in gluide was amazing, the colors, the shinny reflections in Na'lia castle...) UT99/2004 (loved them both and was lead coder on the chaos mods for unreal) SS:FE...
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    Official Crysis 2 Thread

    So let me ask this and excuse me if I did not see it as the thread is over 20 pages long, but would you do the same thing, go for the high cash cow that the console market offers? Since this is Hard I am betting most of you will say no which is a very acceptable answer. And I dont blame you...
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    Unreal Engine 3 at GDC

    Very cool and thanks for sharing!
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    Thinking of making the move to 360

    Hey F8 I was in the same boat when the xbox360 came out. I like you had been a long time gamer. I even went further and had been working on the Chaos team and help on the Q2 and UT/UT2k4 mods for that team. But I also got tired of having to tinker with the PC to play a game. As well as the BS...
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    Benchmark Wars

    Yea but give the track record of both its not a stretch to see NV or AMD for that matter being less than honest. I mean this is not the first time this has happened... Besides this is another reason I gave up on PC gaming. To much drama and BS. Much easier to relax on the couch after a long...
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    Dell Streak... almost... almost...

    Got my streak last week and like any self respecting HardOCP'er I rooted it and flashed it with the 2.1 beta. I too have a few minor issues like wifi not shutting off (so I have to turn off the phone twice at night). Could be the results of mixing Beta 2.1 UK OS on a US Streak I am thinking...
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    Dell Streak... almost... almost...

    Well I took the plunge. After being on the Iphone since it launched I figured it was time for an upgrade. I was able to re-sign wit AT&T for another 2 years and apply a 15% off Dell coupon to bring the out of pocket expenses to $230 ish including 2 day shipping. I was also able to grandfather in...
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    PS3 officially sells over 3 million more consoles than 360 worldwide in last 12 month

    Dont forget that lost is on the entire entertainment division including Zune and other things. Not saying xbox360 was not the biggest contributor to that value (as they were) just they were not the only one....
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    Sixthsense thanks soo much for sharing...and I would not say their setup puts yours to puts mine to shame for sure :) Thanks again!
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    So how do you like that setup? Does its wire management work well? I know some of them come with cooling options did you ever try that? Thanks again as I have always like the looks of that setup!!
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    NVIDIA Fermi - GTX 470 - GTX 480 - GTX 480 SLI Review @ [H]

    Wow late to the party. After seeing so much on the rumor mill I this is more or less what I was expecting. Faster in a few cases, slower in others but with more cost (money, heat, power). I also think we will see more of Fermi as NV gets some tweaks in their re spins and/or next version of...
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    Fermi GTX480 is broken and unfixable

    Well this thread has been interesting. I think the way to handle Charlie is with any rumor site, you take what he has to say..mull it over then see what makes sense (like one say we new a very large chip was going to be tough to make and run hot). Check to see if you have other independent...
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    Serious Sam HD for PC & 360

    Thanks goodness. I love me the First/Second Encounters. But did not care at all for the SS2 game!
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    Batman AA Nvidia block removed?

    What about assassins creed and the dx10.1 path that was yanked out as it gave ATI cards a bid advantage? Did ubisoft every put dx10.1 back in? Seems if there some artifacts then a patch or driver update could have fixed it. Yanking out an entire path seems extreme. I am sure AMD/ATI has done...
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    September NPDs: PS3 the Top Console

    I got the PS3 40 gb when it first came out and have only used it as a Blu-Ray play. I got the Slim on Aug 28, my 42nd B-day. I ended up selling a friend the OLD PS3 for $100 so my Bday present to myself was cheaper :) I got the Slim primary for the bit-streaming of the audio, the lower noise...
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    Anyone still use GameFly?

    I also never have an issue with them. For me I am about 6 months behind so its never a question of waiting just a more of a question why am I so far behind..other than the fact I suck at some games :)
  20. J

    AMD Briefing With Eric Demers Slide Deck @ [H]

    But it looks great on the Eyefinity setup Kyle/Brent are using :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Just kidding!!!!!
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    What Xbox 360 game challenged you most for acheivements?

    For me it was playing the COD games on Vetn and dealing with the grenade spam. I don't know how I manged not to throw a controller when I was playing them! But then there were some achievements I just gave up on as they were too boring. Like finding all the flags in Assassin Creed or finding...
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    Has Nvidia Seceded to ATI in the high end gaming segment?

    Actually it was not just Doom 3. But if you go back in time you can see a similar pattern with Quake 3, Unreal, Quake 2, ect. Each game when if first came out would bring your systems to you knees. But with in one or two new gen of video cards it could max out the game. I remember those famous...
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    xbox 360 is a joke

    No its not that sad as the WII is the least complex unit out there. The more complexity you have the more chances for things to go wrong..
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    AMD's ATI Radeon HD 5870 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Brent/Kyle, very nice review! Ohers, I am glad to see ATI come out with a good offering. I am not worried about the 256 Bit bus as in the end its a balancing game. No sense having monster fill rate if dont have the bandwidth to move it as we as no sense having all the bandwidth if you have...
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    GT300 will be better than 5870..

    The only time "dual"-single card should matter is those games that are not cross-fire/SLI friendly. In those games that 2nd card does not really matter. And then you start to see a real difference in those two/one card solutions. That is the only time I would worry weather my card is made of...
  26. J

    First test of 5870?

    Guess we will not know for sure until its officially launched...
  27. J

    NV PR pointing the wrong way (purposly) again?

    I guess this is what we should expect from Nvidia's or I should say anyone's PR. Any time you have a feature that the other guy does not you hype it up..with the others down play. Just the nature of the business.
  28. J

    DX11 Isn't Important...says Nvidia...

    One of the Serious Sams game also used it too. I remember the jokes about the dildo gun when it was enabled and set to a high level of tessellation :)
  29. J

    DX11 Isn't Important...says Nvidia...

    Yea but Average Joe is when they see a big shiny DX11 sticker on the box all bets are off :P
  30. J

    DX11 Isn't Important...says Nvidia...

    Ahhh yes Truform boobies :)
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    Will Modern Warfare 2 Be The Best Game Ever

    Best Game ever? No. Highest Grossing Game So Far: Very Possible. At my area here in the burbs of Miami/Ft Lad the local game stop has already 500 pre-orders. And another one just a few more miles away has a 1000 pre-orders.
  32. J

    First test of 5870?

    But you know about where a GTZ 285 preforms at so at least you can get a pall park idea of where the 5870 results may lie. But this with the other leaked data is showing that ATI has improved over last gen.
  33. J

    Halo:ODST trailer

    Weather you love or hate Halo games, MS has had a few good trailers were they mix in CGI and Motion Picture like sequences. But after seeing how cool these trailer's are, I wish MS would just do a halo movie and be done with it. Its not like Holloywood has been pushing great stuff on us :)
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    Carmack: no Rage (or id Tech5 engine) port for Linux. Interesting reasons inside...

    I dont see what the big hub-bub is all about. Its a simple return on investment. If it does not make business sense to do it (ie the -project number of sales on Linux would not cover the time it takes to optimize for most of the popular hardware) then its not a smart business decision to do so. :(
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    NHL 10

    I liked most of the changes so far as EA has tweaked some of the issues from the last year. Hats off and will be getting this game for sure!
  36. J

    How well will the PS3 Do now?

    I think we will see a big jump in sales for one maybe two months were it outsells the xbox360 and maybe even the wii (since sales have been falling on that). However MS will not stand still and we still have Halo:ODST coming out that will move some consoles. It will be interesting to see what...
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    Harmony+PS3 owners rejoice

    For me I got the universal remote so I did not have to have 4/5 remotes around all of the time. I would have had one each for the TV, AMP, VCR, XBOX360, PS3 and Cable Box. Of course some of them can "learn" the other functions but at the end of the day I still needed to keep them around. I hate...
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    "Current-gen will last until 2012", according to Crytek

    I dont think you can afford to these days. Good games cost a LOT of money to develop and if you dont get the sales afterword you just can not keep your company afloat. It seem like is more about keeping your shareholders happy and the money coming in to make sure the product going out in really...
  39. J

    Harmony+PS3 owners rejoice

    No. But since I use the PS3 for a majority of BluRay dudties I have to walk over to in and insert the disk anyways so its not a deal breaker for me. I would hope we get a bucktooth remote from harmony so we dont need adapters.
  40. J

    PS3 slim to be released on 1st of September?

    I don't think they can catch up now. I think they will be close and the price drop will help the PS3. But I think the lead the xbox360 has is going to be hard to over come. IAt this point it would more of what the xbox360 does to loose then what the PS3 does to win.