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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    This is why there's no stock...Not even in hand yet and there's already a listing in ebay
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    Creator of DirectX Found Dead

    Way to Jinx it dude. Probably need to move to a new planet now.
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    [RUMOUR] Nvidia to introduce add in cards for Ray Tracing

    We're still talking about hardware acceleration so my point stands. It's either all in or nothing. Why do you think devs code for the most common denominator? If that wasn't the case, they would all be jumping on-board to RTX and DLSS, yet the only times you see these are when companies like...
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    PS5 - The Future of Gaming | The Power of V

    GPUs cost like $1000 and here are people crying about a $500 console. Stop being poor. Either pony up and buy one, or go back to your PS3.
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    [RUMOUR] Nvidia to introduce add in cards for Ray Tracing

    I feel like unless this was included in all of their chips except the bottom budget oriented chips, developers will skip adding RTX features. Physx add-in cards had this problem. No sane developer will waste resources developing features for a 1% market share unless it's a AAA title funded by...
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    Tesla Model S "Spontaneously" Erupts

    You miss the part that Teslas don't spontaneously combust. If there's a short that causes a fire, you have lots of time to get out of the car. In a petrol car, the whole thing erupts in flames.
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    Asus PQ321Q Firmware update

    Sorry bud I don't have it anymore. You probably need to open a case with Asus. I don't even have the monitor anymore.
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    Tesla Unveils Model Y Electric SUV with 300-Mile Range and Seven Seats

    I think you can purchase one for the Model S, but you'd never fit a spare in a X or Y. The 3 would take up all the trunk cargo room with a spare in it. You'd be better off calling Tesla if you had a flat. They have 24/7 road service
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    Tesla Unveils Model Y Electric SUV with 300-Mile Range and Seven Seats

    I highly doubt you will find an EV with a spare wheel. The extra weight has a hit on range and you need every mile you can get. Use a tire repair kit instead .
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    Philadelphia Passes Ban on Cashless Stores; Amazon Go Plans Said to Be in Jeopardy

    You do realize that purchasing goods does not constitute a legal debt ?
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    Tesla Unveils Model Y Electric SUV with 300-Mile Range and Seven Seats

    When your ICE car crashes, does this mean the gasoline will cause it to explode?
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    "Door Handles Wouldn't Work": Tesla Driver Dies in Burning Car after Crash

    You mean like a hot engine, right? ICE cars catch on fire all the time, but only a handful of EVs do and usually only in highly serious accidents, yet this makes them so much more inherently dangerous?
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    "Door Handles Wouldn't Work": Tesla Driver Dies in Burning Car after Crash

    This is just fud. Take any ICE mobile, crash it into a tree at 70+ mph and it has as much as a chance to catch on fire like any EV with a compromised battery. You just don't see news about ICE cars catching on fire because it's not sensationalized news. I mean shit, if EVs are so dangerous, we...
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    SK Hynix Details Its DDR5 Chip Technology

    Maybe if DDR5 becomes mainstream, DDR4 will finally be affordable. DDR4 ECC prices on ebay are like 4x the cost of high speed DDR3 ECC.
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    Researchers Find a 19 Year Old Bug In WinRAR

    People still use winrar?
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    AAA Study Claims Cold Weather Significantly Shortens EV Range

    Cold weather quite significantly affects range. I've done highway trips in my Tesla in the winter where temps are in the mid 20s - so like dry cold, no snow or salt on the roads. My range nosedived about 40% for the same trip from NH to CT when compared to summer. Part of the reason is you also...
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    Tesla Model 3 Owners Vent about Polar Vortex Affecting Cars

    At least your doors don't freeze when it gets just below freezing all the time. Some of his complaints are valid, but the loss of range is quite well documented. Just whining there.
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    Tesla Drastically Increases Supercharger Prices around the World

    Model 3 uses the heat from the motors to heat the battery so it's more efficient. However, you just haven't driven in cold enough temperatures for long enough periods of time My Model S would lose over 40% of capacity once it dropped below 30. My Model X with 5 people hit 450wh/m the other...
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    Tesla Drastically Increases Supercharger Prices around the World

    a full charge for a Model 3 in MA ran about $13 a few weeks ago, but we started with 80 miles of range. Model 3 gets around 310 miles of range or so. The problem with supercharging is it's not that fast when doing long trips, so the prices they charge are not "inline" or fair for the people who...
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    Plantronics Reaches $36 Million Settlement with SEC

    I used to work at Polycom during that timeframe. The CEO actually got fired because he would take people out to fancy restaurants and then expense it as a company expense. it was all very hush hush when they canned him. The sucky part is that HR became Nazis with regard to company expenses after...
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    Volkswagen is Planning a $23,000 Tesla Competitor

    16K hybrid diesel car with 4K worth of batteries and 30mi of range? "Electric car"
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    LG V40 Has 5 Cameras

    Def needs moar cameras. /s
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    New Mercedes Electric will have a Pouch

    Interesting concept, I just wonder how well it will scale (in mfg volume) compared to the standard 18650 format. Maybe Mercedes is really only planning in launching a paper, low volume only EV. Time will tell...
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    AMD: Native 4K Resolution at 30fps with PS4 Image Quality Requires 7.4 TFLOPS GPU

    Your Xbox is about as powerful as that iGPU that comes in Intel processors. Pretty sure this is true.
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    Comcast / Xfinity Throttling 720p Vids to 480p & Hotspots

    This shouldn't surprise anyone. This is Comcast after all...however, throttling "unlimited" data and preventing hotspots unless you pony up are nothing new to the mobile industry.
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    Tesla Opens 10,000th Supercharger

    These reports makes many assumptions which are all incorrect. En EV that was powered 100% by coal power plants would still be way greener than a comparable ICE vehicle. Charging is > 95% efficient and EVs are still > 95% efficient compared to 20-30% for gasoline, not taking into account the...
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    May Xbox Update Adds 120Hz Display Support

    Not sure what the point is of adding 120hz support when the Xbox can barely hit 30fps at 1080p.
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    Final Fantasy XV

    Texture resolution and monitor resolution are two completely separate things; yes it will make a difference even at 1080p.
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    Final Fantasy XV

    My 1080 ti with the same settings at the demo runs a solid 10-15 fps slower on avg at 3840x1600. This game needs SLI; wish devs would stop being so lazy about implementing it. In any case, I think Denuvo is also causing performance issues.
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    NVIDIA Unlikely to Unveil 2018 Graphics Cards at GDC, GTC

    I also read that they stopped manufacturing Pascal back in Nov/Dec timeframe. If this is true then it's only going to get worse from this point forward.
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    Final Fantasy XV Has Been Cracked Four Days Prior to Its Official Release

    Maybe try playing before judging too harshly. The keyboard controls are actually fairly decent when in-game tbh.
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    Power Bank Catches Fire Aboard Chinese Airliner

    So you'd rather be in a car full of flammable liquid instead?
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    The difference? Hyper-V in Win 10 and Hyper-V server 2016...

    I'm not sure where you got that it doesn't exist - as of last year we had paid MSDN subs. Hyper-V is free if you use the CLI only version - if you want a full blown server 2016 Datacenter instance, you have to shell out $$$. What we did was license each individual hypervisor with keys from MSDN...
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    The difference? Hyper-V in Win 10 and Hyper-V server 2016...

    Technet subscription makes hyper-v virtually free, compared to shelling out thousands for esxi licenses.
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    [HOT?] Spider-Man: Homecoming UHD -- $9.99

    I don't know what kind of blu-ray runs at 400Mbps when current triple-layer blu-ray UHD discs max out at around 100Mbps. Though the spec calls out a max of 125Mbps, I'm not aware of any movies with bitrates that high.
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    All Intel CPUs in last 10 yrs have critical bug to show protected kernel memory areas

    Happy New Year from Intel - we automatically made your CPUs 10-30% slower so you now have a valid upgrade path!
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    Netflix Now Supports HDR on Windows 10, but You’ll Need an Intel or NVIDIA GPU

    To all the people claiming hdr is garbage, maybe if you spent more than $100 on a bloody black Friday 4k tv Wal-Mart special you wouldn't bitch about poor quality. 4K UHD when properly mastered looks amazing when combined with decent hardware. My JS9500 which is a few years old is still really...
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    AT&T, Comcast Say GOP Tax Bill Will Mean $1,000 Bonuses for Employees

    Bonuses are taxed at 50% at the federal level. This is $500 after taxes. Yay. If they would give raises, or provide better insurance maybe this would go a longer way.
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    Sound BlasterX AE-5 is 30% off Today Only

    It really is a fairly big difference compared to on-board realtek audio. However if you are playing back to $20 budget headphones, then the quality difference will be lost. Personally I switched to the SB Katana soundbar, and for what it is I'm fairly amazed at it. If I didn't have that I'd buy...