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    Intel's Layoff Letter To Employees

    Do you think me being a member here for fifteen years means that I might have some "general technical" knowledge about things? Why even put forth effort to post something like that? Do you like insulting strangers?
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    Intel's Layoff Letter To Employees

    I am sorry people - I forgot to add that 95 is sanitized statistic for an educated (H1B or L1) workforce. My mistake, we are talking about Intel and hiring. With that in mind, if I hand you 100 cover letters for a job posted on international boards - I challenge you to tell me who's an...
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    Intel's Layoff Letter To Employees

    Funny thing happened, I received a funky little HP pavilion x2 widows tablet/desktop with a new(er) intel atom quad core and some sort of hd4000 graphics. While I am installing world of warplanes (as a joke), I decided to click over to the H to see what some of the people here think about the...
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    Breakthrough in HIV Research Enabled by NVIDIA GPU Accelerators

    Ironic how what was funny 10 years ago looks like jackassery today. Who would have thunk that our desire for better entertainment would have impacted so many legitimate industries?
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    Laptop with A10?

    I have that model, I never used the ram or HD. I ordered the 8GB adata 1.35v gaming ram and a samsung SSD. I also bought and use the Rosewill laptop cooler. It plays games fairly well. I did not buy this laptop for a desktop gaming replacement but for the time it is being used as my...
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    Samsung 840 Series TLC 250GB SSD

    What is funny about that is the question I have here: My "important" backups are scans of my birth certificate and the like that I have saved in multiple physical locations. Like everyone else though I have a gig or two of things that would be either very inconvenient or practically impossible...
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    Maxed CPU usage after upgrading to Samsung SSD

    What model of Samsung SSD do you have? What date was it manufactured? Was this issue resolved already? Aethsma is correct. Try installing ubuntu to the SSD drive and see if it works properly. That is the best way to start determining if you are having a hardware malfunction or a software...
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    Samsung 840 Series TLC 250GB SSD

    I bought this drive along with a new trinity laptop in late march. I get over 4 hours of casual web surfing on battery power, and when plugged in Windows 8 takes about 20 seconds to load. I blindly trusted Samsung to not be producing a "bad product" and the TLC pricing brought it into my...
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    FS: Planetside 2, Hawken, World of Tanks ($35 for $50 virtual cash)

    how about $27 for the WOT promo code?
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    World of Tanks MMO

    The T34 is going premium next patch as per the developers. I have had one sitting unused in a slot for the past two months. Who here with some PHP-SQL experience would like to partner up on a fan site? Wargaming has released a fan-site kit and I have an idea worth investigating. PM me if...
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    30-Story Building Built in China in Only 360 Hours

    My bets are it falls apart within ten years.
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    World of Tanks MMO

    After 300 battles in the Chaffee I think I could teach a class on how to operate a tier 5 light.
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    How Anonymous is Threatening a Mexican Drug Cartel

    been there civilian.
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    How Anonymous is Threatening a Mexican Drug Cartel I suggest an economics and writing class. Maybe take some drugs and try getting laid.
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    How Anonymous is Threatening a Mexican Drug Cartel

    Yep, disturbed enough to wonder what happened in your life to warrant as much hatred as you do towards 1 out of every 9 people. I suggest reexamining your life and coming up with more useful things to do than fantasizing about killing 10 or 20 million Americans, and uncountable others who...
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    10 Best Scary Video Games of All Time

    fail. None of any of the early ID works made the article. Doom2 caused me to jump when running into a blacked out room and then a dozen evil things were in your face when the lights would come on. I still have a display from "Operation - Dark Simulator" (Doom3). I consider that scarier...
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    World of Tanks MMO

    any tier 5 light is treated like a prom queen in this game - everyone wants a piece. If I am using a chaffee or an easy8 I usually wait in the back for the fast scouts on the other team to emerge and then chase them down before doing anything else. and the repair costs on the tier 5 lights...
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    Test Drive An Audi Using YouTube?

    I wish large companies would quit hiring son-in-laws. These are the results we get. Thank goodness the guy was not assigned to the brake team..
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    World of Tanks MMO

    I am in between games now. Decided to play the Chaffee for two hours to see if I end up positive or negative. At the writing of this I am up about 45K credits. I just got nailed from a silly mistake. So after this game I probably will be up 37K credits.
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    Motorola's CEO to Get $66M Golden Parachute

    Dunno. Just had a night in a bar with a relative who is in the Marines and spent the last 9 months in Afghanistan. If you know any CEO's that wear bracelets for coworkers that have bled out while trying to be saved, let me know. It generally it is a mix of intelligence, skill in...
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    DARPA Developing Next Generation Humvee

    I was not alluding to the fact that the hummer could stand up to an RPG attack, but while we are talking about designing the "2012" fighter then I suggest showing the public what we get for our money. Why should we be excited about this vehicle? What does it do better, and how much less is the...
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    DARPA Developing Next Generation Humvee

    Your comment makes no sense. The government has been placing RFP's and backing ideas with dollars since our government was our government. I cannot think of any reputable company who would create something for government purchase without it being a part of a sponsored government program...
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    President Appointing Twitter CEO to Advisory Group

    Thanks, screen needed cleaned anyways.
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    You'll Wonder Why They Didn't Think of It Sooner

    got my first name without any numbers or letters. awesome. thanks!
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    Don't Let The Internet Babysit Your Kid

    How did they get Khalid Sheikh Mohammed out of Guantánamo for the sheep scene?
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    World of Tanks MMO

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    BitTorrent Case Judge Is a Former RIAA Lobbyist

    Thanks for giving the most concise answer that I have heard as to why there are so many lawyer jokes. It is a citizen's constitutional right to have speedy and fair trial, and we have genuine needs being a nation built on law, but it still a quandary. I think this video describes it best...
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    Astronomy Picture of the Day

    After spending two winters in Iceland I completely understood why the Norse worshiped the gods they would see every night. We were lucky enough to work overnights and sometimes we would just stop and stare. The northern lights are a stunning occurrence that if seen during an increase in sun...
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    ePower Juice Box 450W Auxiliary Power Supply Review

    Years ago when I was upgrading videocards I came across the Thermaltake power express and I am glad I decided to buy it. Even though I use an antec earthwatt 650 now (way past what my system requires) I still use the thermaltake to power the video card. I was surprised they never really...
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    Geeky Word of the Year Chosen

    I am glad I can get apps N@. GO STEELERS!
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    DIY Marble Madness

    yeah family project that I would use to my advantage. personal time with the wife - send the kid in to play with the marble machine. sometimes noisy time occupiers can be good ;)
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    Politicians Using Technology To Cheat During Debates

    It sounds to me like she was getting beat up by the republican over some unconfirmed bullshit and her campaign advisor was going a bit nuts. If that is the most horrible thing the person has done I suggest voting for her. I swear some of you around here would vote in a convicted serial...
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    "For the [H]orde Boxen Giveaway!" Signup

    Too late? I fired things up earlier this month, does it count? Most of the reason I have been not folding has been cost of electricity, but since its a good-cause giveaway why not? :)
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    FCC Appears to Delay Net Neutrality Rules

    I decided to reply even if this is "old news". I usually post my commentary and opinion in the soapbox, so if you enjoy a good debate and decide to pay the five fucking dollars, we can have plenty of spirited conversations. There aremany rules in place, including responsible internet conduct...
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    FCC Appears to Delay Net Neutrality Rules

    The US Government is broken into various agencies and through that cascade of responsibility your services are taken care of. If you live in the city you can be damn well sure that before you were born there were sanitation regulations put into place that hold a standard for the water you...
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    FCC Appears to Delay Net Neutrality Rules

    How about we get rid of the post office entirely. Every bank statement or insurance bill or anything else you receive by letter can be upped by a 7 dollar surcharge for UPS or Fedex delivery. I am sure our private companies would be happy to have the revenue generated by the 177 billion pieces...
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    FCC Appears to Delay Net Neutrality Rules

    I call for total government takeover of the internet. They call for the establishment of post offices and postal roads in article 1, section 8 of the constitution. This was mainly meant for communication purposes. I suggest a revamp. In my area we have been paying for a 3MB Verizon line...
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    FCC: You're Not Getting The Broadband You Pay For

    How about if you have some electrical problem coming to your house and all you can get is 105v @ 50hz? Your electric company tells you that it is not their problem because you have electricity. If you want that issue fixed its a $5k transformer. If you post here and do not live in some sort...
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    IPad Criminal of the Day

    After various interactions with criminals I have found they usually value nothing past what they can profit with. If this sociopath could spend 4 thousand dollars to not go to jail he would. Here is something similar for a witness shooting in our news last week...
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    John Mellencamp Likens Internet to an A-Bomb

    I think his shitty 80's heartland rock was more of an A-bomb regarding his career than the internet ever will be. He falls towards Vanilla Ice on my "posers" list of musicians.