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  1. Mr. B

    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    2X Asus ProArt PA248QV 24" 1920x1200 16:10 LCDs
  2. Mr. B

    Mouse Wheel Replacement for Logitech MX Revolution?

    I have an MX Revolution I stopped using a while back because the rubbery bits started breaking down. The textured grip on the right side deteriorated to a sticky mess and the rubber center of the main mousewheel is disintegrating. With some rubbing alcohol I removed the coating from the right...
  3. Mr. B

    Headphones to In-Ear

    The comfort and convenience factor would keep me from ditching open-back cans. I bought my first pair of IEMs a couple years ago (Etymotic HF5) just for amazing noise isolation. If it was illegal to use them outside an airliner, they'd still be worth the money... but they fit like earplugs and...
  4. Mr. B

    Long distance monitor connection?

    There are KVM's that work over Cat-5/Ethernet. I work at a TV station that uses these, but they're quite expensive.
  5. Mr. B

    Double VESA Mount - Front to Back?

    I've never seen a monitor stand like the one you're describing. Perhaps you could mount them vertically.
  6. Mr. B

    Is there a noticeable difference in resolution?

    Personally, I'm perfectly content gaming on a 22 inch 1680x1050 IPS display... and I have the added benefit of getting higher settings out of an older GTX card since I'm driving fewer pixels. You might consider a monitor that favors color accuracy and viewing angle if you do things other than...
  7. Mr. B

    Post your Workstation 2012

    Description + Zoom I might buy a new keyboard, some passive speakers and a proper amp in the new year but I'm content with this at present.
  8. Mr. B


    192kps sounds pretty good compared to lossless, but if you can't tell the difference between 128 and 320, something is wrong with your hearing or you have crappy equipment. My stuff is firmly in "Mid-Fi" territory but I've migrated most of my music collection to FLAC. I have the space, I can...
  9. Mr. B

    Odd Power Button Issue

    Does the laptop function properly when in the 'stuck on' position?
  10. Mr. B

    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    I haven't had any great need for a laptop since I graduated from college, but I decided to pick up a 'new' toy this week, a VAIO X notebook. I bought it sight-unseen and you really don't fully grasp how thin it is until you hold it.
  11. Mr. B

    Docking ports = business only?

    Certain VAIO S and Z models have compatible docking stations.
  12. Mr. B

    Impact of ultrabooks

    VGA ports are quite useful on portable machines. Just about every projector in existence has a VGA input... that can't be said for HDMI. I don't see anything wrong with optical drives either... the DVD won't be dead for a while. Sony put out several 11 inch notebooks with them... still quite...
  13. Mr. B

    Anyone here refuse to own TN panel monitors for desktop?

    Last year I upgraded from TN to IPS panels. Same size screens but it was still a very worthwhile upgrade... much better color and viewing angles.
  14. Mr. B

    Post your workstations 2011

    I used to have a pair of those monitors... good screens.
  15. Mr. B

    Do you use fan dust filters?

    I use the included mesh filters with my P180 case. I clean a healthy coat of dust off them weekly. They don't catch the finest particulate dust but they get nearly everything else. Six months after a total cleaning, the case interior still looks quite good. I much prefer rinsing a couple...
  16. Mr. B

    Dell U3011 - Monitor Arm Suggestions

    Member LIvestrong7 owns a couple of the humanscale models. I have the M7 dual monitor arm myself. The company makes very robust products... and you pay for it.
  17. Mr. B

    Iphone 4S - Bumper Style Cases

    Overpriced. Ordered one anyway.
  18. Mr. B

    Who Manufactures Asus Displays?

    I would imagine the actual LCD panels are probably made by a couple different manufacturers depending the on the model. Even Samsung, one of the few actual LCD panel manufacturers, has been known to put AUO and Chi Mei panels in their branded products.
  19. Mr. B

    anyone using bias lighting?

    I use a couple florescent cabinet lights which has a nice effect, but I'm tempted to try these... since they would free up an electrical socket. I almost never use my computer in the dark though... kinda makes me feel like a loser. This is what the florescents look like: behind the desk shot
  20. Mr. B

    Adobe MAX 2011 - Photoshop Image Deblurring sneak

    Be amazed:
  21. Mr. B

    ThinkPad issue: toast or not?

    I fixed a T41 with this issue... put the motherboard in the oven at 450 degrees for five minutes.
  22. Mr. B

    Post your smartphone home screens

    Suave HD, Word
  23. Mr. B

    Would like info on USB or external sound cards

    I use an E-MU 0404 USB audio interface for my home PC. It's overkill but it's got a great sound and has a decent headphone amp. They can be had for around $100 if you're willing to buy used.
  24. Mr. B

    Deciding between two monitors

    How did you come to narrow your choices down to these two? I think IPS is definitely the way do go.... viewing angles alone ought to seal the deal. However, I think you could do better in the $150 range if you're willing to buy used.
  25. Mr. B

    Samsung 226BW "S" help

    I used to have a couple of these and saw a similar issue... youtube'd it. It's my understanding that this is generally caused by bad capacitors on the board in the monitor which can be replaced to fix the screen.
  26. Mr. B

    Headphone Jack

    If we're talking about a jack on the front of a computer case, it could probably be repaired for minimal cost... but might take some effort to find the appropriate part.
  27. Mr. B

    Any Mobos with Good Integrated Sound Cards?

    In that case, on-board is fine.
  28. Mr. B

    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

  29. Mr. B

    side-by-side mount for Apple 27"

    Couldn't you use any dual monitor mount with a VESA adapter for each display?
  30. Mr. B

    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Thanks. The clock is the Karlsson KA4583. I bought it a couple years ago at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
  31. Mr. B

    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    It's Serious Samurize with two configs. My own mod of System.Stats v3 and SL Glass Samurize. You can take a closer look at it in this screenshot.
  32. Mr. B

    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Hide the ugly.
  33. Mr. B

    canon 70-200mm f4 or f2.8 mk2?

    I own the f/4 and I rent the f/2.8 mkII when I need it. I think the big one would overwhelm a 400d body but that's a matter of personal preference. If you're shooting a lot of low light stuff, the f/2.8 will be very handy. If most of your photography is daylight stuff, you'll be satisfied...
  34. Mr. B

    Post your workstations 2011

    I don't have any trouble, but I'm only about 5'10''
  35. Mr. B

    Post your workstations 2011
  36. Mr. B

    Post your workstations 2011

    New pic for 2011 Description + Zoom
  37. Mr. B

    Wireless mouse for gaming - yay or nay?

    I use a wireless MX Revolution for general stuff but I still use a wired mouse (Logitech G5) for gaming. Like others have said, you don't want to worry about stuff like batteries and response time when you're playing a game.
  38. Mr. B

    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    I have a pic in here somewhere, but it's been a year. Only real change is some more robust speaker stands. Description + Zoom
  39. Mr. B

    The control for my Logitech Z5500 has died, what to do?

    If you're mostly using it for gaming, I would probably bite the bullet and replace the control pod. Whatever is wrong with it, it's probably a simple matter like a capacitor or something. Maybe it could be repaired cheap in the right hands.
  40. Mr. B

    Need new gaming keyboard.

    Have you considered a separate gaming pad like the Belkin SpeedPad? I've owned every one since the n50 and been quite happy.