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    Has Intel Abandoned the HEDT Market?

    Lots of people from the StarWars universe have AD accounts in my environment
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    FS/FT: Ubiquiti Amplifi Alien

    Bump for that beautiful switch
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    Has Intel Abandoned the HEDT Market?

    Running a whole AD environment on VMware Workstation Pro is pretty sweet with 32c/64t though!
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    Monitors for software development

    What about the new LG 5K wide monitor? I have one and it's taller than typical widescreen monitors. Edit:
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    Just came here to laugh at all the fanbois and corporate apologist/loyalist. They don't give an eff about us little guys, the 1 percenters. They pretty much lied to our face and smiled about it. I can only laugh to mask the pain
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    Time to Take Moore's Law is Dead Nvidia Article Seriously...

    Hey yall, stop picking on little ol Nvidia. White knights, keep up the good work. Edit: So I'm not a complete troll,
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    After Ampere Launch Survey

    Let me bold it for you /S
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    Time to Take Moore's Law is Dead Nvidia Article Seriously...

    ummmmm..............he was calling all these "claims" for months while others were the opposite
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    After Ampere Launch Survey

    Can we take back all these Moore's law slander now? Also, a real question to people that sold their 2080s, what is the next move for you? Edit: Hey yall, I got my Nvidia notification email on the 3080. It was sent 17 minutes after it came in stock. No issues here /s
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    Anyone think this guy is right?

    Is there a way to downvote a post? Asking for friends.
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    So buy Ampere or wait for AMD response?

    If Nvidia doing some aggressive pricing, they must be really scared of AMD.....
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    Guess the price of 24GB RTX 3090 FE

    Why wouldn't it be over 2k? Obviously there are the 1 percent that will pay for it. Rest of us just let them beta test it, then we all buy it 1 year down the line or if the price goes up like the 2080ti, we go AMD Q4.
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    WTT: MSI Geforce RTX 2080 Sea Hawk EK

    It was traded but OP never updated the thread
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    SOLD RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition

    Sorry, forgot to comment, but ygpm
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    Radiator and other preparation before building my loop

    Sorry to highjack, but I'm following closely as I also have little monsters and going through what you will do. I'm currently still studying on all the watercool prep work, but plan to go your route down to the o11 case which I bought already. Where in heck did you find the o11 distro plate?
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    Best Black Friday Deals!

    Was able to score a Beyerdynamic DT 880 for 110 bucks. Amazon is having 20% off warehouse deals on certain items...
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    40" Samsung UN40KU6290 4K $290 at Best Buy (or $265 with $25/$200 Amex offer)

    Isn't the VESA holes 200x200 on the TV?
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    Free year of Newegg Premier for Military (Active Duty, Reserve, Veteran, or Dependent)

    I checked my membership after reading this post and sure enough it was only for 30 days. Not sure where the mix up was but I checked my email, found the 1 year military promo code and input the code into "extend membership" under my account and it updated just fine after 20 minutes. Thanks for...
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    Free year of Newegg Premier for Military (Active Duty, Reserve, Veteran, or Dependent)

    Ah, ERB did the trick. Newegg is coming back with some nice SHELL SHOCK deals. Seems like they are in direct competition with Amazon now. I know newegg just recently had some good NAS deals.
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    Free year of Newegg Premier for Military (Active Duty, Reserve, Veteran, or Dependent)

    Hahaha, just tried to upload pictures from facebook and a random military document that had my name on it since it was the only things available on my phone. Did not work lol. Guess I will submit my ERB or something.
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    FS Topre Keyboard RealForce 87U Black

    Selling my Realforce 87U Black Topre keyboard. Never used. I swapped out the domes to put into a different keyboards so now it has 45g Alphas with 55g Mods. Comes with original box and accessories. Asking $170 shipped HeatWare: 26-0
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    TigerDirect Clearance on Ebay

    Forgot about I believe they are trying to compete with Amazon.
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    TigerDirect Clearance on Ebay

    There was some pretty good TV deals from TD. Some of them made out with a $1000 off on some nice TVs. On a side note my keyboard was still packaged pretty well, so I assume there are people still taking pride on what they do. Too bad for TD, they used to have the best combo deals on barebones...
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    TigerDirect Clearance on Ebay

    I actually got my novatouch for $115 shipped. It's not particular cheap but I was in the market for a Topre keyboard and retail is 160. Everything looked brand new to included the sealed tape but when I looked at the back of the keyboard, there was some finger prints. Everything else was perfect.
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    TigerDirect Clearance on Ebay

    11 have been sold, I'm thinking the [H]ard Team will be getting new uniforms soon :)
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    TigerDirect Clearance on Ebay

    Bought a CM novatouch keyboard. 1 through the website and 1 through eBay. They email me if I wanted to cancel. I said yes. This morning I get two emails with the same tracking number. 1 from eBay and 1 from tigerdirect. Quantity of shipment? 1 item. Hoping I don't get double charged for 1 item
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    FS: mITX HTPC, Dlink 323 NAS & Northgate Omnikey 101

    SOLD EDIT: Heatware Few things for sale. Making room for my move. Photo Album HTPC: Foxconn H61 mITX, Intel i3 2120, APEX mITX MI-008 case, 32GB SSD, 8GB low profile ram, ATI 5450 GPU, SFF 300w PS. - $120 Shipped (All tested and working) Dlink 323 NAS - $40 Shipped (Could add 2x2TB HD for...
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    TigerDirect Clearance on Ebay

    It sounds more like TigerDirect not giving a f***
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    TigerDirect Clearance on Ebay

    They are canceling a lot of orders according to slickdeal hoard. I bought something last week and it is still pending. They haven't responded to my message. Also bought the same item on their website, it went straight to back order pending
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    FS RealForce 103UB Topre Keyboard

    Lower price to 170
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    FS: Silverstone FT03 MATX case, KBTalking Race Mechanical Keyboard

    Message sent regarding the keyboard. Also are all keys back lit?