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    Ubi 30 - Free PC Game Each Month in 2016

    I played through POP and beat it again. Fun stuff. Skipped Splinter cell because it isn't my type of game. Grabbed Rayman though I don't know much about it.
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    Movie Ticket Prices Hit Record High

    I agree with the guy who is disappointed that regular is only shown on the smaller screens now. I'm not a fan of 3d. I paid $11 the last time I went. I don't see how they're getting such a low average when everyone in this thread is well above $9. Communal movie watching is a different...
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    Nintendo’s Ultimate Retro Gaming Experience Is $60

    I would have been interested but there are too few games and no additions possible. What if I want to play Baseball Stars or Mission Impossible? I've been out of the Nintendo system for a while anyway.
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    Ubisoft Giving Away A Free Game

    To me the games themselves trump whatever the launcher is. So if I want a game I don't care which service has it. From Origin I enjoyed the Mass Effect series. From Uplay I love Might and Magic X legacy and did ok with the earlier Assassin's Creed games. I've grabbed Sands of Time since i...
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    Warning: Windows 10 May Auto-Install On Your PC

    I'm happy with my windows 7 setup. I tried to get rid of the KB3035583 update and hide it etc. but it kept coming back. So then I had to switch off automatic updates even though it is easier to leave it on and now I have to remember to manually run windows update every so often. When I do run...
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    Steam Lunar New Year Sale

    Am I missing something? I'm looking at Assassin's creed Rogue and Unity. The bundle is more expensive than getting them individually. Why?
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    Steam Winter Sale

    I'm playing Bastion now. Feel like I'm playing an NES game that my youthful self would have been more comfortable with.
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    Smartphones quality as phones

    Interesting update. I had a meeting with the audiologist who explained that there is something called low power bluetooth that allows the devices to do this streaming without killing battery life. My audiologist set me up with an intermediary device that works with my current equipment...
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    Shadow Complex Remastered free for PC

    A friend told me about this and I played it over the weekend. Fun game. Old school. I ran into a big bug at the end but googling gave me a solution that let me finish the game.
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    Smartphones quality as phones

    Couple quick things. They use VOIP at my work and it doesn't sound that great to me. It looks like the hearing aids I tried can work with android phones but only through an intermediary device that you can clip to your belt. The advantage of the iphone is that it streams directly to that...
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    Smartphones quality as phones

    Yes there is definitely a jump in quality. I remember at my last upgrade in the same places I was hearing stuff that I just hadn't noticed before. It was a big difference. Having said that I was less impressed with the trial pair I used earlier this year. It was louder but not clearer. Part...
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    Smartphones quality as phones

    It looks like when I turned wifi off that cell standby statistic dropped off the list. Yes it is my first smartphone so I'm not familiar with a lot of this stuff. My friend at work told me to expect to charge it every night. The s6 charges really fast, it finishes in like an hour with the...
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    Smartphones quality as phones

    I'm trying a Samsung Galaxy S6. The hearing aid mode and the louder volume button hurt my ear. But just using the regular volume all the way up has been working fine. It is comparable to the dumb phone I was using. So far it is ok. I've learned how to use it and set it up how I want...
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    Smartphones quality as phones

    Hearing aids are a little bit like cars. I like to keep them until they break down to the point where it is no longer worth repairing them. Generally that is a 7-year cycle. They cost around 4 or 5 k each time. Right now I'm on year 5 and they are working well so it is too early to jump ship.
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    Pornhub’s Traffic Dipped Significantly The Day Fallout 4 Came Out

    I generally do wait. The only case where it makes sense to me to buy close to release are games with a multiplayer component where you want to take advantage of interest and activity. Anyway amusing thread. Just wait until virtual reality is mature.
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    Smartphones quality as phones

    Ok I'll check out Motorola. I think one of my friends has a droid turbo. The developer of that pair of hearing aids only created an app for iphone. I'm looking for loud sound. Last year Sprint and Verizon were offering the HTC one m8 for free but I tried it out at the stores and it...
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    Smartphones quality as phones

    Hello all, I know a lot of people here have a lot of experience with different phones. I have a hearing impairment and I no longer have a landline phone. Landline phones aren't necessarily great when it comes to sound quality for phone conversations but neither are cell phones better...
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    Pornhub’s Traffic Dipped Significantly The Day Fallout 4 Came Out

    I'm surprised people buy games on release day for a title like this which will have follow up content that will later appear in a bundle. I guess when you want something badly enough you don't wait.
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    Free* Verizon LG G4

    When I went to the LG home page it said in order to get the $200 rebate the purchase date had to be between 9/14 and 10/4. Is there a newer deal?
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    HTC One (M9)

    Does anyone know the HTC release pattern? My contract is ending in March and I was thinking of either an iphone6 or the HTC one M8. The iphone6 is a little lackluster although I wouldn't mind seeing what the 6s or whatever they call it is like. That probably isn't out until September. The...
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    GameStop: The Market Needs To Have Used Downloads

    Gamestop does offer digital downloads. I recently bought the 3 Batman games from them for $15. And over Christmas they had Borderlands for $3. _____ I'm always afraid that digital distributors will just keep the prices near initial retail value...i.e. Skyrim would stay near $60. Why do...
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    HP Probook 4540s gpu not functioning

    Thanks for the response. My friend is going to check his laptop with gpu-z when he gets back from his work trip later in the week.
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    HP Probook 4540s gpu not functioning

    Hello, Thanks for any assistance. I play pro evolution soccer with my friend online (we live in different states and he wanted to cheapo laptop to play the newer versions. I had recommended he get the HP Probook 4540s which should have a AMD Radeon HD 7650M. However I am unable to get the...
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    Vinyl Sales Increase 17.7% Since 2011

    I like the sound of vinyl fine, the pops and crackles don't bother me. I spend most of my time with the convenience of digital music...I sometimes buy cd's still but more often buy digital music. However, there is some stuff on vinyl that simply hasn't made it to the digital age and it's fun...
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    In retrospect, was the NES really a good system?

    There was a social element to NES gaming since computers and internet weren't widespread. As a kid you heard about which games were cool from your friends or in school. You also heard about how to beat stuff like that Castlevania red orb thing mentioned in the first post. I certainly couldn't...
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    [Smoking!] Dell 15r SE, i7-3632QM, 1080p(!), 8GB, 750GB HD, Radeon 7730M (2GB) - $747

    I'm actually looking at laptops so this thread was helpful. Doesn't the 5400 rpm on the hard drive kill the speed of the machine?
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 5

    Quality hardware!
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 3

    Low prices, great value compared to the competition.
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 2

    Never tried Galaxy before but wouldn't turn down the opportunity.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7870 CrossFire Never Settle Bundle Lucky Draw

    I could use a couple games and a nice video card.
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway!

    This would be a nice replacement for my GTX 460.
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    Staples Kingston HyperX 3k SSD: 90GB=$60, 120GB=$65, , 240GB=$150

    I picked up the 120gb and it did stack with the 15% off coupon so thanks for the tip. The associate pulled it up on their website and the manager price matched it.
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    Skyrim $9.98 B&M

    I heard about this at work and checked it out today. I got Starcraft 2: wings of liberty and Assassin's Creed Revelations. I agree with the guy up there who said the place looked ransacked.
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    Free $5 Amazon MP3 Store Credit

    Thanks very much.
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    $3 of any $5.99+ mp3 album - Amazon

    Thanks, I've been looking for amazon mp3 codes!
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    So far I've got Portal and Lara Croft games.
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    $2 Amazon MP3 code

    :) Sorry about the bad link.
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    $2 Amazon MP3 code

    Not sure how long this is valid for perhaps up to the 11th? HEARTMP3 is the code, entry location is:
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    Free $3 towards Amazon MP3 purchase

    In. What to get? What to get?
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    Free $3 credit for Amazon's MP3 store

    Thanks, I'm shopping and this helps.