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    New G Sync monitors incoming

    Same here. It looks like they are mostly ignoring the enthusiast market. I've had my monitor (30 inch HP) for seven years or so (which is an eternity in IT terms) and am looking to upgrade, but to something I can keep for the next seven years. Not sure Freesync is the way to go, AMD is...
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    32"@4K affordable class: Acer B326HK, Asus PA328Q, BenQ BL3201PT Soon a 32 inch IPS Samsung can be added to the list for consideration. It has freesync on board, a first for that panel size and I think an interesting feature for a 4K monitor.
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    Samsung 31.5 inch 4K IPS Freesync display Apparently the display which was originally announced for March will be available mid-May if overclockers is right. Hopefully it will have HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2, otherwise I might have to choose between this Samsung display and...