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    Sophos UTM working....but should I switch to the Unifi Security Gateway

    These are actually the two reason why I'm even considering the switch. I originally had the content filters setup and working to limit some stuff for my kids (but not other due to regex complication land) and found that it broke some of the firewall rules in place. I'm with you, that one...
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    Sophos UTM working....but should I switch to the Unifi Security Gateway

    Looking for some of your thoughts on the these two front end UTM solutions for my home network. I already have a significant investment in the Unifi ecosystem with a cloud key, AP's and a couple of cameras, but I had the home built Sophos box built first and it seems to have a far more advanced...
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    REMINDER: computer borging permission

    Permission not in writing can be a funny thing. It can come, it can go, and the person giving it is the only one ever in control. The rest of us are pretty much at the givers mercy.
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    What happened?

    Ok, as promised. Here is what I feel comfortable saying in public: 1) This is not a case of a virus/package being deployed to unsuspecting computer users. I would think my long history and slow gain in the ranks would be proof of this. 2) In my opinion, this is a gray area involving a...
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    What happened?

    I just found out about this myself. i'll update everyone later. too tough my my cell phone from work.
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    Whats the best wireless adapter for a desktop?

    Only thing I would add - if you are going with just a B/G device - the extra bandwidth available in a pci much less pci-e would be wasted. Remember that G device is maxing out at 54mbs - far below the max spec of USB 2.0.
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    OpenRelay Questions (Closing)

    If you can't telnet on port 25 from the outside world you aren't getting e-mail from the outside world either. (Unless you are doing something really funky with another relay in which case you probably wouldn't be posting about closing this one here.) :) Go back and run the test from inside...
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    Network Suggestions Please

    Why can't company's start labeling their shit right? They call their devices routers when they really should call them combo devices - a router and a switch in one package. To echo what everyone else has said - op, just buy a switch. 8 port should do (don't forget you will lose one port on...
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    ethernet / limited or no condutivity

    I realize that the problem has been fixed and all, but I can't just let an attitude like this go by. Michael, your comment is out of line and YeOldeStonecat deserves a bit more respect than that. The statement on SMC's site is correct - it will allow you to "extend your network" - assuming you...
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    Limited Users Can't Print on Network Printer, 2003 Windows Domain

    Actually, that is a very good point. What type of printers are we talking about here? Good ol' standard Laserjet 4000's or some cheapy Lexmark that someone bought at Walmart for $30? Some drivers work "more better" than others. :)
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    Limited Users Can't Print on Network Printer, 2003 Windows Domain

    I thought it would only let a normal user if the driver is already installed on the machine? Maybe it will allow a windows shared printer because the driver doesn't really get installed on the workstation? (Most of my experience here is from working in a terminal server/citrix environment...
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    Limited Users Can't Print on Network Printer, 2003 Windows Domain

    How did you add the printer to the users workstation? Did you go to \\server\printername and connect the printer from there? I'm guessing its a driver permission issue. Normal users can't install drivers so you probably added the driver as an admin, but its having trouble using it. Since...
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    VPN over an ISA server: some users can access resources on servers, others can't.

    If its got the same IP settings, then check your AD group memebership/permissions. One of the nicest things about ISA is that it can check against active directory user for firewall permissions.
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    It may be a relatively short run, but I finally caught Toasty[H]ardOCP last week and moved into second overall on the team. Now I just gotta double my production to keep in front of Tigerbiten
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    Terminal Server Spec

    Depending on your "redundency" needs you might consider putting Server 2003 Enterprise on the server. With normal 2003 you can run terminal server, but when you add the second server you will need to setup two RDP connections (for fail-over) on the clients and manually load balance the...
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    Disaster Recovery Planning

    A serious disaster recovery plan is much more complicated than that. This is a bit old, and obviously directed at credit unions, but it still applies to anyone looking to create a DR/BCP...
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    What are your IT job hours?

    Title: IT Officer Hours: 8:00-5:00, but people can call my cell from roughly 7:30am to 6:00pm Lunch: 1 hour Compensation: Salary, plus kick ass ESOP plan, and a good sized bonus. I'm not required to answer my phone outside of my normal hours, but if I'm not busy I don't mind taking a...
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    Terminal Server Logon to domain.

    Holy Hell. That's it. Most of the saved .rdp icons have the domain defined, but many have the fully qualified name - When I remove the ".int" the login box is correct. I just tested and and I can break/fix it at will now by simply changing the domain. Talk about a tiny...
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    Terminal Server Logon to domain.

    Right now we run 3 Terminal Servers in a cluster for most of our applications. All users use a RDP session to connect to the cluster, and the get whichever TS has the fewest connections. When users log in they have to change the domain from TSNAME(this computer) to the actual domain, which is a...
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    Any Service Techs ?

    Sorry, next time I'll just dump the entire contents of my brain to a text file for you to sift through. Please disregard all my personal data and anything that is obviously in error. </sarcasm> Forgive me, but your friend will need to learn as he goes, the same as the rest of us did...
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    Any Service Techs ?

    I would expect the employer to provide this type of info. How did he get the job to begin with if he doesn't know how to troubleshoot anything?
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    networking issues

    The two NIC's are already on different networks, although removing the default gateway for the second one should help.
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    Need Fix for Max 10 Connections in XP Pro

    No, you already mentioned the other solution - only have 10 computers signed in at a time. Either pay up to MS, or have it continue to limit the growth of the office. (Simple choice to me)
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    Network Redesign Help

    While that all sounds good in a perfect world - this is reality. I can promise you that this is not a single company out there (maybe with the exception of DoD and it's subcontractors) that have an entire network design with no logical security. Like, I said - I agree with your concept, but I...
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    Printing at a remote location through a VPN

    twwabw has the right of it. This is actually two different questions/issues. Should the link be provided by VPN or T1 and how does the printing work for your application. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for which is better - VPN or T1. They both have their pro's and cons. VPN's are...
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    Rack 1U middle square for?

    Many systems also use the middle square (or round hole) as a mounting point for the actual server. For example many HP and Dell 1U rack kits have a threaded spot in the middle so that when the server is inserted, a big thumb screw that is a part of the server's "ears" can be tightened to. It...
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    Dell gig switches and autonegotiation nightmare. Am I alone here?

    I have seen symptoms similar to what you are describing and every time it has been due to poor wiring. Either the ends weren't wired to the A or B standard or the wiring had deteriorated so badly that it couldn't carry the signal. Doesn't even have to be a gig switch on the other end - new...
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    party2go9820 ----- #3 ---- 10 Million Points !!!! WOOW! WOOT !!! ******

    Thanks, I knew it was coming up but had kinda lost track of it. Now if only I could catch Toasty. Everytime I think I've gained some production, so does he. And whats up with this shit? :)
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    Renew open license agreement?

    If you are still using the products, why wouldn't you keep the SA paid up? You paid a premium for the SA when you first purchased those licenses so if you just let the SA expire now you will have wasted that cash. Software Assurance is all about being more expensive now, but cheaper later...
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    thermometer for server room Never used them, just find the website easy to remember. Interesting that they were apparently purchased by APC.
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    MS ISA server 2K6

    What this guy said. And btw, your issue has nothing to do with ISA. Your domain controllers store the computer accounts in active directory.
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    Multiple locations + domain controller

    The structure/design of the AD really has more to do with business and political structure than it does geography. It somewhat depends on the network infrastructure, but usually authentication uses the least bandwidth of all your other applications. In your example there are lots of ways...
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    monitoring software

    A business can do anything with its own equipment without fear of lawsuit. If you are at a place of employment you have virtually no guarantee of privacy. The company can record your key strokes, monitor your web usage, tap you calls or video tape you as you sit at your desk. If you, as the...
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    SAN Chat: iscsi vs. fiber

    I literally just ordered our SAN yesterday afternoon - iSCSI seemed the way to go for us. We got quotes from those three - NetApp, Lefthand, and Equalogic. Ended up going for the Equalogic as it was the cheapest by a few thousand and I really liked their "all-in-one" licensing where as NetApp...
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    Network Connection Issue in Vista

    Your PC and router are just having trouble autonegotating a speed and duplex setting. Just set it manually and you should be good to go. Start with 10/half and work your way up until it stops working. Even if it is a bad NIC, you wouldn't have to replace the motherboard - just slap...
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    Can Group Policy enforce the Security Center?

    It depends on the group policy. In your example I believe there are several options for controlling the security center. One for if the firewall is on or off, one for if the security center is on or off, and another for if the settings can be changed by the end users - the center is displayed...
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    Store Outlook Contacts on EX Server?

    This one took me forever to find one day so I'll gladly help you out. In Outlook go tools -> address book, then tools -> options. The first drop down controls which address book is displayed first. Not exactly the most logical of places, but once you find it making the correct selection is easy.
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    Stupid question / scenario.

    You got your what stuck in a where? ;) I'm really not quite sure what you asked. How about a picture.
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    What is the best book to learn A+?

    While its been 5+ years since I took and passed my A+, I used and would recommend Michael Meyers. The book wasn't just a study guide and provided good real world situations and how to resolve them. I don't think the test material has changed much in the last year so the edition probably...