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    Samsung U28D590D not waking from sleep

    Same issue as laid out above. Late 2013 rMBP with Nvidia 750m discrete graphics. Swapped out DisplayPort cable for a higher quality mini-DP to full-size DP, issue still happens. No rhyme or reason. Occurs every couple of days.
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    Dell Refurb U2713HM 27" 2560x1440 $419, U2913WM 2560x1080 $370

    Just picked up two of the U2913WM's. The DisplayPort 1.2 daisy-chaining makes it a pretty potent combination.
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    $100+ DP switch alternative?

    I've used one of these: Worked pretty well.
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    Cisco 2509 Access Server w/ Octal Cable

    Count me in. Need to bang out my CCNA.
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    Honest to goodness MST hub(s) on the way! About time.
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    WRT54GL makes internet really slow

    For performance info, is the place to go.
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    Looking for a new gigabit managed switch for (quite extensive) home use

    Been looking for a solution myself. Low power consumption, low cost, flexible, and they provide the performance numbers right up front to see if it is the right fit for you.
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    Dell U2713HM

    From the Tech Specs.... BOOM! Daisy-chainable!
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    2.5" 10k velocirapper 300GB: $70 + ship

    Picked up 4 for new office workstation with a hardware RAID-5 solution. Might not be as fast as an SSD, but overall storage, reliability, and redundancy beats out every other SSD solution for the same money.
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    HighPoint RocketRAID 2782 PCI-e X16 SAS/SATA 6Gb/s RAID Controller - $127
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    I DID IT!!! Unlocked Frozr II

    Simple guide (and additional confirmation which I was looking for) right here:
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    Can some one explain this price?

    They're also ensuring that if they need to support/troubleshoot the equipment, that the drives are not part of the problem. It would be impossible for them to test every single solitary drive combination, so instead they lock it out. That said, I believe that every device should have an option...
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    Building a 40 TB File server. Advice?

    Sounds to me like this is a small shop with high data storage needs, whether simply the result of anticipated retention, or because they have a hodge-podge setup now....and that they have a limited budget. All told, I heartily agree with all of the posts here saying 'need more information'...
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    eSATA @ SATA 3gbps HDD Dock?

    Ah hah, this is the info I've been looking for, thanks!
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    Choosing controller card for WHS

    Edit. Oops, wrong thread.
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    Wi-Fi for 15000 sq ft building?

    Awesome thread. Just simplified one of upcoming wireless networking projects just that much easier. Had my eye on some refurbished Cisco 1121's, but I'd rather go with new.
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    WHS sanity Check

    Agreed. You mentioned media hosting on your list of wants. Might need a faster CPU for realtime transcoding to an Xbox 360 or PS3 (or encoding as the previous comment mentions).
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    WHS v2 "Vail" leaks online

    There aren't any 64-bit Atom CPU's either. Looks like the choice to use Windows Server 2008 R2 (a strictly 64-bit OS) as the foundation is going to pretty much eliminate the same system upgrade option all together. Edit: Atom 330 supports 64 bit instructions.
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    Most cost-effective means to putting some spare SAS drives to use?

    I have four 146GB 15K SAS drives leftover from a server upgrade that could use a home in an enclosure for possible video editing or running VM's. I found this SANS Digital Tower over on Newegg which looks like it fits the bill. Any other recommendations on enclosures?
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    Intel Pro/1000 PT vs CT

    Happens all the time when old hardware is no longer being manufactured and some demand remains the price goes up. The PT might still be on the spec sheets for specific hardware builds.
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    192GB of Ram?

    I believe that the memory controllers aren't 64-bit, but something like 40-bit.
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    best security for imac + dsl?

    Best investment you can make is throwing a cheap NAT'ing router in there.
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    General IT Question (Rates)

    We talking freelance, or small IT services company?
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    SonicWall VPN

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Sonicwall, where they restrict certain configurations based on best business practices...even if it makes your job a nightmare.
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    SAN Dry Port?

    Darn, was hoping to expand my IT vocabulary with "dry ports" ;-)
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    Home: Server 2008 R2 or SBS 2008?

    Actually Server 2008 R2 is Windows 7 'based', in that the kernel is upgraded to the 7XXX.
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    Microsoft eLearning now $35 (was ~$350)

    Wow, if you're working in the Microsoft IT world, you could line yourself up for a promotion real quick this way.
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    Empire: Total War

    Why the heck didn't they line up a preload?
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    Empire: Total War Demo Thread

    Played through the land war tutorial...gotta try the sea battles now...thus far not very impressed. Huge R:TW fan too.
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    Cisco Aironet 1252

    If they are anything close to as good as the 1252's I've worked with, I might just upgrade myself personally.
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    Wireless Connection Drops, Won't Reconnect Randomly

    Near any military bases? Occasionally those guys will blast out on a very broad spectrum.
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    WD6400AAKS vs WD6401AALS

    Those burst speeds seem a bit...out there. looks like there's a place in this world for fakeraid =)
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    Airflow 101?

    I've been slowly pulling together the parts for a nice quiet home PC, and I while I'm a perfectionist at heart, I've had a little too much time to think about the assembly process (and not enough to actually do it!). I picked up the Antec P182, plenty of space, designed for quiet. Here's a...
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    Your MacBook Pro 17" Unibody Wishlist

    I've struggled over the years between wanting the horse-power of a full-desktop while on the go (speaking as an original Dell Inspiron XPS user), and the lightweight portability of a standard to sub-notebook. However, I'm finding more and more that the horsepower of a smaller notebook is...
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    Mac alternative to Videora?

    ffmpegx It isn't perfect, but it gets the job done. Make sure you have the most recent version of Perian installed too. VisualHub was a commercial solution that was previously touted, but has subsequently been phased out and gone open source, so keep an eye on it here...
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    Figured out the USB problem: It's the Rosewill RCR-102...

    If I recall from helping out another friend, there is likely an extra pin carrying current that is knocking out your USB. Fixed it by cutting the excess line.
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    The Official P45 Asus P5Q Motherboard Thread
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    Probing Mac hardware?

    I decided recently to take the plunge with Leopard server and I've taken advantage of an old PowerPC Mac Mini, upgrading the memory to meet the requirements, and swapping out the old hard drive for a SLC solid state drive, as well as removing the optical drive and dropping in 250GB IDE drive...
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    Network partitioning help

    Easiest solution? Snag a second dynamic IP address from your ISP for a small additional sum each month (like $5), and throw a switch between your WAN and your existing router, add another cheap router. Elegant? Not really...more cables, clutter, and additional overhead...however I'm not...