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    PC DisplayPort -> HDMI screws up ARC/CEC

    I was finally able to trouble shoot this more today, once cannibalized an hdmi cable from another device to see if the long cable was the problem (it wasn't). I also borrowed a windows laptop from the office that had a displayport connector. When I used the same long cable and hdmi displayport...
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    PC DisplayPort -> HDMI screws up ARC/CEC

    I've had the following set up for some time, mostly to my satisfaction: Denon 791 AVR <----HDMI------> Vizio E601i-A3 Due to how the Vizio TV handles the ARC channel, I have all my components plugged into the TV instead of the AVR. Basically the TV commandeers the AVR Video whenever the TV...
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    Virtualbox guest OS as primary desktop

    Virtualization noob plans to install virtual box on a lightweight linux host OS, and run the following virtual guests: - file / media server, 24/7 (currently open media vault, but I'm looking at DSM since discovering it can be installed on non-Synology hardware) - linux OS as desktop, on...
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    Project management with serial tasks

    Thanks for the suggestions. While all interesting I can't seem to find what I really want. Everything is too calendar dependant. Maybe what I want is too simple?
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    Project management with serial tasks

    I have a need for an online project management tool to share with collaborators outside of my company. The feature I can't seem to find is serial tasks (e.g. Task 2 can't start until Task 1 is complete). Unless I'm missing where this feaure is, all I can find are tasks that have independent...
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    watch 4:3 content on plasma tv w/o burn-in?

    you can probably change the setting for the black bars so that it's a light gray instead of black.
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    swap or root partition first?

    I'd do it first, but I don't it matters much. One consideration is if you ever have to repartition the drive; keeping swap at the beginning means one less thing to move.
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    Vista for me? HTPC for Netflix and Slingbox

    Thanks Joe... I had not thought about that. The slingbox stuff is going to be pretty infrequent, so plan B is acceptable.
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    Vista for me? HTPC for Netflix and Slingbox

    I'm looking to build an HTPC to meet the following needs: - Streaming Netflix movies (Priority A1) - Watching Slingbox content originating outside my home network (Priority A2) - Watching the occasionally downloaded movie - Internet radio and/or Sirius radio online - No itunes - No gaming...
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    Thinking About a T61 for College

    I'm a bit envious... the only thing I'd change is a 7200 rpm hard drive. I don't know about that particular ram upgrade. If no one here knows, perhaps the thinkpad forums can help. adding ram is easy, there are copious instructions on taking off the keyboard to get at the other slot...
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    touch vs no touch

    anedotally, i have a 700p with touchscreen, and i hardly use the touch screen at all.
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    ask the administrator?
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    Remote administration for small business

    I don't know the number of IP's the ISP is providing for the building. It's an interesting idea to carve up the connection like that.
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    Remote administration for small business

    thanks for all the feedback. if the isp is hesitant to help with the forwards, i'll look into the other services. mucho gusto!
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    Remote administration for small business

    I occasionally help my previous employer with IT issues, and I'd like to put in place some options for me to do some of the administration remotely. the current setup has ms server 2000 as a domain controller, and about a dozen workstations. the tricky part is that the internet connection is...
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    which blackberry to get?

    this kind of thing you may want to talk with your IS dept. i'm presuming two things: 1) you have a BES server and 2) others in your company have a berry what's available will be limited to the carrier. since you mention the pearl, i'm guessing you have accounts though att (though...
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    IT refuses to get a T61 because of potential reliability issues?

    and from the it group's perspective... what's really the difference between the t60 and t61 if they are getting it so you can vpn into the office and be productive? it's not like they are trying to push something on you that's antiquated.
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    Reliable budget laptop at local Best Buy

    is a budget laptop with integrated graphics and a nominal amount of ram going to be able to do the fancy pants aero ui stuff? i'm asking rhetorically to make sure your goals are in line with your purchase.
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    One or the Other?

    as mentioned, if you connected the cable modem to a lan port instead of the wan port, you'll need to turn off the modem for a minute to make sure the mac address setting is reset.
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    IBM Thinkpads - Where to buy discontinued laptops

    i don't know specifically, but you may be able to get some answers here: the user base is pretty on top of thinkpad goings on, and possibly bill morrow, the owner of the site might know a few channels.
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    Glossy vs. matte. Which one should I pick?

    go look yourself at compusabestbuycircuitcity. it's a subjective thing. you don't want to find out that the glare annoys the heck out of you, and likewise you don't want to feel that the matte is too muted.
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    E17, anyone using it yet?

    I tried it over a year ago... (still in beta?) and was ok with it... but not so impressed that i switched to it. i still <3 xfce.
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    I'm done with this crappy consumer router, recommend me a good one!

    I have a wrap box too. so far so good, though clarkconnect / smoothwall are easier for a noob to grasp (but not available as an option for those purdy wrap boxes).
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    Addicted to Accessories? Post here...

    i <3 docking stations. though my t42 just has a "port replicator"
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    Causes of hard drive errors

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    difference between high-speed networks and broadband networks

    now-a-days i think anything faster than dialup is labeled "high speed", though i'm not sure if there's any rule of thumb to compare "high speed" to "broadband" if you're talking about mobile networks, cingular's edge network is probably labeled high speed, but verizon/sprint ev-do network...
  27. N 600m runs super hot

    canned air as suggested is a good idea. the usually include some straw like part so you can really get in there to force the air in. if you have them around, i'd use tweezers to pull out what every clumpy stuff you can from there. pulling the laptop apart really clean out the heatsink is...
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    PC mp3 to Razr V3c ringtones ?

    if the phone has disabled bluetooth obex, then transfering via bluetooth is not an option.
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    gentoo iso

    o rly?
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    Linux on my LinkStation

    there's a fair amount of info here: i'm looking to get one myself. i'd like to have a fileserver that doesn't hog a ton of wattage and can be a print server. as far as asterisk goes... i'm a pbx newb, and wouldn't know much about how...
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    sql insert xml file as whole file

    i have an xml file that i want to insert as a large text field into an mssql 2000 database. i realize i can do an INSERT <table> (column) VALUES('text'), with the xml file contents, but i have dozens of them and i'd like to script it if possible. i have a stored procedure that works with...
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    First all linux project: my "new" thinkpad

    sounds like you have all the goodies you want up and running, but i've found to be a good source for linux on thinkpad info.
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    How do I do this? Network ?

    what hasn't been mentioned yet is that you can use any router you get now as a switch so long as you disable dhcp on the router (all pc's plugged into the lan ports). when you have some form of broadband, it's pretty easy to rearrange the connections to have the router function as intended.
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    Satellite TV on PC's

    ibl, also, no links on privacy policy or legal info, drastic markdown in price to entice and "enter" to win a plasma
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    Bluetooth headsets

    i have it, and love it. i'm debating getting a second one for in the house since i'm always forgetting mine in the car. fwiw, it's not any heavier than any other headset. in fact, i think it's a bit more comfortable since it conforms better to your earlobe than the motorola's i tried (and i...
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    Blocking ARP Packets on LAN

    turns out i'm a moron. i had bridging enabled between the lan and wan on the wrap box. disabling that fixed things. thanks to all who responded.
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    Blocking ARP Packets on LAN

    all my lan addresses are 192.168.2.x if this annoys me, i should set up the wrt54g as the router and see what happens.
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    Blocking ARP Packets on LAN

    I have pfsense running on a WRAP box. I noticed that the led's on my lan switch are always blinking like crazy, and i finally looked into it. the router is allowing ARP packets onto my lan. How can i block these? Can i block these? i tried to block any packets not destined for my...
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    FS: Casio EX-Z110 6mp Camera $150 SHIPPED

    bump sent email.
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    Make a USB printer available over wireless network?

    i have this, and i like it: the catch is that it requires an existing wireless access point. i kept it because i could use the ethernet switch that's bundled into it (and you can host two printers, which i have). if your desk...