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    FS: Some NVMEs And Some Other Stuff

    Payment sent for the 580
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    Nvidia Pick Your Path Bundle! [Assassin's Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, The Crew]

    Amazon was also unwilling to give me a code for a card purchased on Oct 24th. Last large computer purchase I make from them.
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    Changes to USPS

    Just a heads up: I went to the post office today to send a package with insurance and delivery confirmation. The clerk alerted me that priority mail packages now included delivery confirmation and the number would be printed on my reicept. I was suspicious, and even more so when my reicept...
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    FS: Diamond Ati 7970

    Got rid of the rest of my desktop here on the forums, so all I have left is this here video card. Purchased in October and used lightly. Played through Borderlands 2 and decided I didn't really want to play video games anymore. Comes with everything that was in the box. The card has a 5 year...
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    WTB/TF: Samsung Galaxy S3 (AT&T/Unlocked)

    Looking for a lightly used, well taken care of S3 for at&t or unlocked. I bought an Iphone to try after being a long time Android user and I'm looking to make the switch back. Let me know what you're wanting price wise and send me a few photos, please. I'm a motivated buyer. I have cash or a...
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    FS/FT: 3770k (used)

    Sold over pm.
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    FS/FT: 3770k (used)

    Lightly used retail 3770k. Purchased on another forum. Tested for several days to make sure its in good working order. I've attached a picture of it passing Intel Burn Test and showing cpu-id/real temp. Seems to run fairly cool for Ivy Bridge, or at least cooler than my 3570k. I would keep it...
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    2012 13" MacBook Air 128GB

    Sent you a pm with a few questions so here's a bump for you.
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    WD 3TB USB3 External & Crucial M4 128GB -33% of Retail

    They were black friday deals? The m4 was all claimed in like 30 seconds if that.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7770 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    Price to performance ratio. And kittens.
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    Sunday is Sony Triple Station Cash day

    Thanks for the heads up.
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    WTS Black 16GB AT&T iPhone 4

    pm'd you
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    New 7850 - crappy performance in WoW: MoP

    Wipe the drivers again and try an older driver version for shits and giggles?
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    PlanetSide 2

    Darn, BDV's code is gone already! Totally want to try this out.
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    [H]ot: Patriot Intel Extreme 8GB 1600mhz -$4 amir

    Its actually a 10$ MIR, so it comes out to $26.07 after rebate and the MEM106 code.
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    HP 23" LED Monitor XP598AA#ABA: $75 AC shipped @ (starts 11/13)

    Yeah I know, but all 3 of mine have the horrible staining issue.
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    HP 23" LED Monitor XP598AA#ABA: $75 AC shipped @ (starts 11/13)

    Just got done checking the second for dead/stuck pixels. I will let you know in a bit. edit: Four tabs on the sides, six on the top and bottom.
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    HP 23" LED Monitor XP598AA#ABA: $75 AC shipped @ (starts 11/13)

    Bought three to try taking the bezels off for a cheap eyefinity setup. Desktop/web browsing look pretty bad compared to my old 2005fpws, but movies and games look fine. I'm sure I can tweak it to look better. I'm sure I'm just really used to using these 2005s though.
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    [FS] - Water Cooling & PC Hardware Sale

    pm sent, bump for you good sir.
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    Laptop Mem & HD's, Tech stuff, & H20 items - Lots of Pics - No Best Offer Refused

    Just a bump for you Ensign. Wanted to let you know that the P5K board you sold me is a badass overclocker. Currently doing 505 FSB, and its super stable. I'm positive I can get some more out of it, as I haven't tried to go past 505.
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    You graphics card progression

    Some card that I don't remember in a crappy P200mhz Ati Rage Xpert 16mb GeForce2 GTS 64mb Ati 9600 XT 256mb NV 6800 128mb w/ unlocked pipes NV 8800 GT 512mb Ati 4870 512mb Ati 4850x2 2gb Thinking about switching to a smaller card now. The 4850x2 is huge at almost 11 1/4'' inches. I...
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    Dell SLI 17" Laptop 984

    After reading around, it looks like 2x 512mb 9800gt's. I was so close to buying this, but at 1920x1200 with the 512mbs I will pass. If it was 2x 1gb, I would've bought it.
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    Laptop Mem & HD's, Tech stuff, & H20 items - Lots of Pics - No Best Offer Refused

    ygpm edit: payment sent for motherboard and fans
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    FS: Madden 08, WD External HD, Ipod, MISC Items

    edit: crap, double post. I lose at the internet.
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    Parting out desktop, E6300, IP35-E, RAM, etc

    pm'ing you about the ip35-e
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    FS: E6750/9800GTX/2GB/320GB/etc Gaming Rig & Games

    Interested in the P35-DS3L if you part it out...possibly the 690 also.
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    Ghetto fabulous HD4870 cooling!

    My poor card :p
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    So yeah. I ordered a new 4850x2 last night off amazon and got my old 4850x2 ready to ship back to them for return. I noticed those new 9.2 Cats came out, so I plugged it back in, and all of a sudden, both cores are loading...what the hell? So yeah, no idea what the problem was, but my card is...
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    Plantronics .Audio 370 @ $12.99 FS

    Yeah, mine came the same way. I thought I was buying bnib also. I wouldn't have messed around with another pair of refurbed headphones after last years 4th of July sale Fatal1ty Pros took a crap on me.
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    Still having no luck. I'm still using Xp Pro 32bit. Is anyone else successfully using the 4850 x2 on xp? I have tried every driver. 8.11, 8.12, 9.1 and the disc that came with the card. All have the same results. Just wondering if this might be an XP issue? :confused:
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    I did a fresh windows install. Nothing changed. I think there is something wrong with the card. I get the same fps in games/3dmark score with crossfire enabled and disabled. :( Could someone take a screen shot of GPUz with the 9.1 cats? I want to compare.
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    Thanks for looking. I went ahead an opened one as soon as I started having troubles. Thanks again for the help.
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    Yeah, the 6 and 8 pin are plugged in. I have a PC Power and Cooling 610 Silencer running a single hitachi 1tb drive. No pci cards, no dvd burner etc. The red box is where the red led is, under the heatsink. To the right is where the green led is. No other leds are lit up. Does anyone else...
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    c2d e6550 oc'd to a modest 3.0ghz. I just figured I should get a higher 3dmark score and not 2k less. The red light is under the black heatsink on the top of the card. You sort of have to be at an angle to see it. :confused:
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    Wow I'm stumped. I just got a 4850x2 2gb the other day and was really excited about the boost I should get over my 4870 512mb. Anyways, I've installed the 9.1s and the 8.whatever that came with the card, using driver sweeper, safe mode, etc etc, and I can't get the thing to perform like it...