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    Too Much Video Game Violence At E3

    I have to agree with her. The level of gory violence in some games today is downright juvenile but hey, kids need something to play too I guess and gratuitous gore does the trick for many of them. Reminds me of an article I read recently, "Why its still not cool to admit you're a gamer"...
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    Bulletstorm Sequel Cancelled; PC Piracy Mentioned

    Ok. Ill say it. Where did all these fucking smacktards come from. Ign? This forum makes me sick nowadays.
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    Bulletstorm Sequel Cancelled; PC Piracy Mentioned

    Bulletstorm looked great, played well and was actually pretty funny. Dont understand all the hate here. Afterall these are the painkiller guys. Theyre work is top of the heap. Makes me wonder what im missing. Anyways another loss for pc.
  4. J

    AMD Radeon HD 7970 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Very underwhelming indeed. My 560Ti will keep me going til Kepler arrives. Now I wonder when I'm gonna finally ditch this Q6600? And yes, it was very obvious that [H] was comparing the 7970 to an overclocked GTX580. Don't see the problem there.
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    Video Game Awards Don’t Need to Change, YOU Do!

    No sir, I don't need to change. The Spike VGAs are a disgusting reminder that the mainstream audience really doesn't understand gaming. I don't think gaming awards shouldn't be televised, they should be read about or experienced in person.
  6. J

    World's First Supercomputer Built With SSDs

    I'll take 2 please. They look badass!
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    Gears of War Developer Epic Games Reveals Fortnite at the VGAs

    You've got to kidding me. Toony art style. You mean I have to play another zombie game. The whole survive the night sounds like a Minecraft rip off. I'm sorry but I can't help but feel completely underwhelmed by this especially after the Samaritan demo. Its probably yet another XBOX...
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    Free Santa Sam Skin in Latest Serious Sam 3: BFE Update

    Awesome. You gotta love devs with a good sense of humor.
  9. J

    HP Says Cats Void Your Warranty

    Cats can be disgustingly filthy animals. The air in a cat owners home can be quite noxious. I wouldn't touch that laptop with a ten foot pole.
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    $30k iPhone Speakers

    10000 is a pretty sick spec. First of all, peons need not apply. This for ballers only. Second, the guy who will actually buy this is probably gonna be ripped out of his tree partying it up with his peeps and all the hot bitches. He's not an audiophile nerd spending the afternoon assessing...
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    What's your game of choice when you are feeling violent?

    Quake 3 Arena Industrial electronica, BFG10Ks, demons and cyborgs, gibs flyin' everywhere. Fuck yeah bitches.
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    Was Rage an ethical release?

  13. J

    So we have heard nothing from the NVidia camp...

    I smell Charlie around here somewhere.
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    What game have you been playing lately?

    WH40K Space Marine Good fun.
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    Upgrade from gtx 280

    If you're gonna step into higher resolutions, I agree the 560Ti probably won't be enough to push BF3 maxed out. But don't plunk down $400+ for a 570 or 580 when the next gen is around the corner. Those new cards will be here before you know it and you'll likely regret it as nVidia's new...
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    help me decide between dell u2711 or acd 27inch?!

    I have a U2711. Its a thing of beauty. Colors and detail are incredible. Blacks are not very deep. Typical IPS characteristics. Been able to run almost everything very well with my aging GTX280.
  17. J

    Upgrade from gtx 280

    560Ti or if you can wait, get a 600 series nVidia when they arrive early next year
  18. J

    Rage sucks

    Epic owns this generation. Have you seen the good Samaritan demo? The enhanced Unreal engine 3 looks better than anything else I've ever seen. Premonition: Epic will return to the PC with their new IP and deliver the definitive Sci-Fi shooter of this generation. Then I woke up and realized...
  19. J

    Rage sucks

    I noticed how average looking the textures were up close in many of the screen shots and trailers released so far. Nothing new here. The game excels visually when you are looking at the grand landscapes. And yes, Gears 3 looks at least two to three times as sharp on a 360 for crying out loud...
  20. J

    Rage sucks

    Looks awesome. Must be the ATI boys who are having trouble. Haven't they learned by now.:rolleyes: How does the game play? No one seems to talking about that. Apparently, the AI is supposed to be good and the challenge escalates throughout. Anyone with a comment regarding this? And to...
  21. J

    Rage sucks

    Why is everyone so surprised that this game doesn't live up to their monumental expectations? Id's last game was DECENT at best. Why should they be expected to do any better than they're last job. Ever heard the saying "Your reputation is only as good as your last job". We all know that ID...
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    Death Sentence For Mobile Exec That Took Bribes

    China doesn't %&$# around. Good for them. As for texting and driving, if your license was revoked for a year on the first offence, would anyone do it? I certainly wouldn't. Why do we feel like we deserve a second chance when we're breaking the law?
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    Battlefield 3: Paris Multiplayer Gameplay Video

    There is a difference between what they state in their terms and what you are saying. You're pretty darn close though, but you've put a negative spin on it. "The products and services that we make available on the Websites may be downloaded or accessed for at least one year after you have...
  24. J

    Tribes: Ascend Also Going Free-to-Play

    Oh boy! I can't wait to buy that invisible rocket pack for $12.99:rolleyes:
  25. J

    The good old Q6600

    My Q6600 platform is still going. This is the longest life of any I've ever had. It'll be 4 years in the Fall. Hard to believe. Still rocking a GTX280 on it as well. BulletStorm at 2560x1440 was the first game to actually cripple it a bit. Still playable. Just not smooth. I'm not...
  26. J

    Nintendo Demo Reel Used PC, Xbox 360 Footage

    So it supports 1080p, finally. Whopee fucking ding dong. How much video memory does the system have, or did I miss that tid bit? And don't get me started on that controller. I really can't imagine myself playing Rage with that thing. Sorry for being such a hater, but I just haven't been...
  27. J

    The Slow, Strange Death Of The Demo

    Of course. They want to blast you with an awesome series of clips so that hype will get the best of you and you'll make the purchase. Here's the deal. Poor game w/ demo = likely poor sales. Poor game w/ no demo = possible decent sales. Demos mean there will be less resources spent on...
  28. J

    Video Game Selling In-Game Gun for $60?

    This is a prime example of gaming going in the wrong direction. Yeah sure buddy, I'll take your $60 gun along with that invisible Wow steed for $12 (I think it is was 12). Devs, listen up. I'm sure there's some fanboy who will pay $60 for it, but you've just turned me away from the game...
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    Netflix Passes Piracy in U.S. Net Traffic

    Can I just some better content for my $7.99. The only ones that even watch netflix at home are the kids.
  30. J

    Portal 2 Adoption News "Controversy"

    Great point, but I also feel that Valve intended Portal 2 to have an E rating and should have exercised a little better judgement.
  31. J

    Brink, thoughts?

    Silus, all I'm saying is that I'm waiting for a demo. That's it. I'll decide for myself whether the game is good or not. I don't need some journalist to tell me what to think. I'm not choosing to see only the bad ones. I'm merely going with the one site that most consistently follows the...
  32. J

    Brink, thoughts?

    Feedback you ask. How about 2 versions of the game floating around. A day 1 patch that is supposed to fix graphic problems. Check out the Gamespot review. 6 for the X360 version. Not very promising. Don't get too excited about it, you may be disappointed. But hey, what does Gamespot know...
  33. J

    Brink, thoughts?

    Wow. This is really sad. Splash Damage has put so much work into their new ip only to launch it like this. I almost feel sorry for them. They must be freaking out right now. Based on this kind of feedback, I wouldn't touch this game without playing a proper demo first.
  34. J

    Thermaltake Level 10 GT Full Tower Case

    Looks like cheap stacks of plastic for $280. No thanks. I'll stick with my Lian-Li.
  35. J

    More Hawken Gameplay Footage

    The faster the better. I'd even drop the jump jets completely for sustained flight. Hopefully there will be some deep customization.
  36. J

    You guys like Mechs? Holy jebus look at this!

    Agree. You can't compare the two. I think it's great that they're going for a different feel and not just trying to re-create Mechwarrior. Game looks and sounds awesome. Can't wait to see what else they have store for us.
  37. J

    More Hawken Gameplay Footage

    The game looks freakin awesome. Graphics are great. I really like the sound design. Reminds me of a cross between District 9 and Transformers. Glad to see that there are devs out there that want to deliver faster paced mech games. Just to set the record straight. Hawken is a true mech...
  38. J

    Official Crysis 2 Thread

    LOL. I almost forgot. The Crysis series has had poor AI from the very beginning, regardless of difficulty level. From what I remember of Far Cry, the AI was better. Could be wrong though. That was a long time ago.
  39. J

    Official Crysis 2 Thread

    DX11 eh. Lots of complaints about the graphics here. DX11 isn`t gonna fix the pis poor AI in this supposedly AAA game. It`s really inexcusable. Who gives a shit about all those bells and whistles when the game plays like this. I was camped out above three soldiers who were aware of my...