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    FS/FT/WTB Thread ::: Parts of every kind, new and old.

    what is the Vanguard 128MB PC133 ram compatible with? I have an intel 810 flex board that needs more ram
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    Building Dad's New Work Computer - List Prepared - Suggestions??

    okay, from what I read so far, ur preparation looks pretty good (I think a differnt PSU is unnecessary, coolermaster is a rename of a pretty good brand) Is AMD a possibility? You may find things a little easier power/heat-wise with a Winny AMD64, get different money on shipping w/ a...
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    ATI Confirms Commitment to AGP Bus

    read: you don't trust nvidia based on vague BS you saw in some forum some time that supported your "ATI rules" MSI 6600gt kicks problems. And I'm not really a lucky person so my trust statue w/ nvidia is high. Garbage? have you owned one? You said you wouldn't even buy...
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    thats not the same all. Besides the NV43 has its upsides, particularly the purevideo capabilities, which would be nice to see on a 6800 gt/ultra type card or nvidia is just effin lazy. :D
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    specifically with regards to nvidia's nv48, what stops them from combining the best of the 6600gt/6800ultra? e.g. 6600gt = 128 MB, 500mhz core, 1000 mhz GDDR3, 8 pipes, 128-bit, purevideo capable 6800U = 256 MB, 400mhz core, 1100mhz GDDR3, 16 pipes, 256-bit, no purevideo...
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    Linux needs a fool-proof distro

    well look, I said A distro, not every linux distro...I have SuSE and I like it, I think its a step in that direction I was referring to, but its not for everyone. Thats true for just about every distro for Linux: some like it, others preferr another distro. The problem is is that there is no...
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    Linux needs a fool-proof distro

    Why? Because I can't figure it out?'s for the good of the thousands upon thousands of suffering individuals with a Dell PC and are stuck with Windows XP and AOL optimized 9.0 with lightspeed technology (although I suppose it cant really help out the latter) its for people who have...
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    I have WinDVD 6 Plat...what else do I need?

    what else would optimize my DVD playing abilities? nvdvd? purevideo (i have a 6600gt)? ffdshow? anything else?
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    Wow, 40145 3DM01 points! Someone testing R520 on Driverheaven?

    with regards to obvious fan-boyism running about, I fail to understand why some people feel they have to defend to the death the idea that their brand/model video card is THE BEST video card...does it run the games you like satisfactorily? Then its a good video card, no denying it. I recently...
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    Armada m700 laptop Video driver question

    i don't get it talonz...why would he be able to use omega drivers if he couldnt use catalyst drivers?
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    Armada m700 laptop Video driver question

    nope looks like u r sol. linky
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    Which of these is the best <= $75 capture card?

    well first of all htpc forum is more appropriate for this topic, but I think you want none of the above (although I'm not familiar with the avermedia one)...what you want is the Hauppauge PVR-150MCE...go to
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    is the 6800gt woth the money?

    depends on what the rest of ur system is like
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    been out of the "loop" for a while, need some help

    I dont think evga would be the way to go unless you really want to upgrade again three months later (is the video card really going to change that much in three months?) just buy a 6600gt or a 6800nu (or oc a radeon x800 non-pro) and be happy. I personally think evga hsf's are horrifyingly...
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    msi 6600gt

    well, as an owner of the MSI 6600gt (AGP flavor, not the PCI-E) I am VERY pleased with my purchase and I would encourage anyone to get this over practically any other 6600gt agp (BFG or Leadtek would be good choices too, I think) The HSF mounting is solid in my view, no problems speeding up the...
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    What makes Lian-Li so wonderful?

    It's a sweet case, and for your intents/purposes (I wouldn't tote it as the end-all/be-all of cases, unless maybe you're talking about the sub $40 range :D ) it should serve pretty well.
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    What makes Lian-Li so wonderful?

    My case (the one i showed the link to) is silver, but admittedly skyhawk doesn't make them in black. its definitely a lian li ripoff, but I for one don't care, and feel pretty confident about modding the shiz out of it (It's not like I need to keep the resale value, or something) But of...
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    What makes Lian-Li so wonderful?

    I feel I should mention my case in this thread. I feel lian li makes the best server or full tower cases around, and the inverted design on the higher end ones is sweet, but, especially for the price, check out this case. I have one of these, and its solid as a rock, removable mobo tray...
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    Isn't this case like a modders dream?

    the modder's dream case is $115?? too much to throw down...try this sucker...I own one and its every bit as good as my buddy's lian li
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    what do the different core names mean

    weak, AMD. weak. :rolleyes:
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    what do the different core names mean

    so w/ the right mobo you can tweak multipliers on A64's like a mobile xp?
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    Barton v. Thoroughbred

    2400+ xp-m barton OCs fine - I'm running mine @ 2.2 GHz (11 x 200) and 1.65 volts...probably could go higher, but I don't want to go past 1.75 volts...and I am using a Zalman CNPS-7000A, so idle temps = 36 C.
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    what do the different core names mean

    I was under the impression that the FX-57 would be a single-core 2.8 GHz processor p.s. (fingers crossed) here's hoping AMD makes another multiplier-unlocked processor for "power-saving purposes" :D
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    chaintech av-710...stupid question, but...

    I can't find my manual for it, and I don't know how to hook up my front audio ports... front audio pins are arranged something like... 1 2 3 N 5 6 7 8 9 10 3 / 8 and 5 / 10 have jumpers. the board is not labeled here accept for "front audio" what goes in 1, 2, 6, 7...
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    mobile athlon oc problem....

    um well the bios won't let me push it past 200 anyway, besides i have pc3200 ram
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    mobile athlon oc problem....

    its a ASUS atn8x v.2.0 rev. 1007...isn't a +0.18 vcore increase kinda high for 11x200 to 12x200?
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    mobile athlon oc problem....

    well it's not really a problem I guess, because its running perfect @ 2.2 GHz (11x200) w/ a 1.58 Vcore and 31 C idle temps, but that would make one think it has plenty of overhead for more OC......nope. if i try to up the multiplier to 12, it doesn't post, no matter how high it seems i raise...
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    Best 6600GT AGP card???

    MSI 6600gt definitely. VIVO+games+copper heatsink=awesome. I have one and i am enjoying it.
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    thermaltake shark case

    I would say only if you want to watercool, otherwise there's a lot of other well-made cases for air-cooling and of course if you like that crazy "body kit" on it.
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    how do I turn my computer into a linux and windows box?

    OK. A. N00b here. I downloaded the SuSE 9.1 personal CD ISO. I have a few questions: 1. How do I create another partition on my hard drive in which to install SuSE? 2. How do I turn the ISO into a functional installation CD (e.g. a CD from which to boot and install SuSE?) 3. Can I...
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    Which is the best Linux?

    I am looking for a OS that I can use for simple desktop use browsing, etc. and take advantage of some of the cool programs for linux (photo editors, etc.). I want one thats well polished and rock solid stable. I have no use of linux as a server OS and just want one that even other people could...
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    Need a laptop for my GF

    good luck finding a deal like that right now. prices have been slowly going up on 'decent' least thats i'm seeing. Sure, Dell says they have 549$ notebooks, but good luck playing warcraft 3 very well w/ celeron and 256 shared ram
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    Sufficient card for $70

    should go with the radeon 9550/9600
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    how good is the 6600 vanilla?

    does anybody know where I could find a review for the 6600? perhaps in comparison with a gt and or x600/x700 pro?
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    NOOB: No idea what ram?

    I thought only OCZ EB and Crucial Ballistix ram posted CAS 2 with AMD I wrong? If not, I would go with either of those instead...found OCZ PC3200 with 2-3-3-6 on newegg for ~115 bux.
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    Connecting Sony DVD player to computer monitor

    only if your 9800 has VIVO, i think
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    planning a htpc system on a tight

    yes it does have component in...hey newegg had a Arctic Cooling copper silent 2m for 14 bucks...I assume that something simple like that would be fine for a 1800+, yes? btw I dont of any vid card that has component there a dvi to component adapter or something?
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    planning a htpc system on a tight

    thanks trep...yeah I found the A100 for $38...doesnt look quite as cool IMO, but hey it doesnt look bad either. Where did u find the blue a106 for 38 though? anyways I also found a gyration kb/mouse that has the same mouse but with a full size kb for 20 bux cheaper...still 20-30 bucks more...
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    planning a htpc system on a tight

    [H] ey, Building a htpc using old pc parts and trying to get a hold of the cheapest htpc I can...looking to spend around $'s what I have so far... old stuff I have: Athlon XP 1800+ 2x256 pc2100 ddr ram generic dvd-rom drive Chaintech av-710 looking to buy: Athenatech A106...
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    How long do you think a new age videocard can go without a heatsink?

    New age? Did they come out with a 6800 Yanni edition? :p Nah my mx440 hardly runs without a fan and with a heatsink...I dont think even His Yanniness's words of wisdom can save the heat issues of the cutting edge GPUs. P.S. Yanni bites.