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    Dell ST2410 24” Full HD Widescreen Monitor $179 free shipping

    Deal is somewhat back, coming up at $189 now for me.
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    Are Klipsch ProMedia amps prone to failure?

    the 2.1's were nowhere near the quality of the 5.1's, especially sound wise. On that note, my 5.1 non Ultras have lasted me for going on 9 years now, and the only issue was what i posted a few posts back, very recently. I couldn't be happier with them.... except if they had more inputs ;-)
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    Are Klipsch ProMedia amps prone to failure?

    lucky for me, none of my components were dead. I simply wiggled the relays, made sure the fuse was snapped in correctly, and moved many capacitors and resistors that were touching other components so they would cool better, and amazingly the sound came back in full. @raptor, would you be...
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    Are Klipsch ProMedia amps prone to failure?

    Did you end up ordering any? I'm looking for a relay so I can try to fix my Amp also. Please let me know.
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    AM2 cpu rocks in its socket

    did you check for bent pins on the cpu? If you find any, VERY carefully use a tiny screwdriver or something to straighten it out a bit, and see if you can get it into the socket.
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    Guinness Store - 15% off

    seems like a good deal for exclusive items, but I find that much of the more common items are cheaper elsewhere... why do the manufacturers always try to screw us :-p I love guinness, cheers and thanks for the heads up!
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    Best Router +)

    If you're looking for cheap, a Buffalo WHR-125 or WHR-G54 are great with DD-WRT firmware... But, if you really want an upgrade, Get the Linksys WRT-350N. Its wireless N (good range), runs DD-WRT, and is a gigabit switch, so all around you have a nice upgrade.
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    New Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 at Amazon for $23.99

    another vote for best mouse ever. I wish they would make a wireless version.
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    Netgear GS105 5 Port Copper Gigabit Switch $26.99AR Free Shipping

    they used the outside as a heatsink to avoid the need for a fan. I have the 8 port version and its great.
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    OEM Conroe based Celeron 420 for $40

    certainly with a bit of overclocking, but probably not at stock. heres a review comparing the 2.0ghz Conroe-L to the Celeron D 365 (3.6ghz) among others.
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    AMD Athlon 3400+ 939 $15 / $4.60 S&H

    Thats a pretty sweet deal. for buyers: keep in mind we don't know if these are Newcastle or Venice core. Newcastle is 89w, has the old memory controller which locks RAM at pc2700 if all 4 dimm's are used. Venice is 67w, has the improved memory controller, and overclocks better. :)
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    Free Antec Notebook Cooler at Circuit City

    you want FAR soap? :p go to kmart, get a 4 pack of duracell batteries, head over to the beauty department, grab any 2 proctor and gamble products (many variety of soap ;-) ), make sure to get the coupon form on of the on shelf promotion displays, and when you ring up with the coupon, you...
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    vostro or macbook!?

    bang for the buck is definetly not one of Apple's strong suits. They're pretty, but they're pretty overpriced :-p Get a vostro or any other laptop that you can find with good specs for your price range. If you fancy OSX, try dual booting Windows with Linux. Its got the eye candy and speed...
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    28" Viewsonic LCD @ Newegg 649.99

    thats a grey to grey response time. That means the real response time is probably 6 or 8ms. Still nice though.
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    Westinghouse 37"1080P HDTV LVM-37W3 Monitor New $999.00

    check again and get your refund, costco deal is alive again ;)
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    Westinghouse 37w3 for $799, Costco

    Its ALIVE! (haha I had to.) Now I hope it stays there since I'm planning on ordering next week!
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    OCZ 4GB (2 X 2GB) PC6400 DDR2 800 169.99 AR

    the patriot seem to have better timings at ddr2 800, and is rumored to be Micron D9, which would make it a better deal I believe.
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    Is there a way to enable Dolby Digital on my Asus A8N5X or is it just a gimmick?

    update the drivers, if the sound is still not to your liking, invest in a sound card that you can carry form system to system when you upgrade. Not only will it sound far superior to on-board sound, but having a dedicated sound processor will put less load on the cpu and slightly increase...
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    Best Replacement Socket 478 Motherboard?

    the Asus P4C-800 is one of the best boards ever made, IMO, but very hard to find nowadays (875 chipset). My 'extreme gamer'/ Graphic Desinger friend is still running that in one of his systems i built with a P4 3.4 EE since they are dirt cheap now, and switches between that and his AMD64 system...
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    Anti-static wristband is that really needed? any other way?

    Don't run around in socks on carpet beforehand :p I've built 30+ computers and never had a static issue either. The above suggestions to touch the case sound about right.
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    Belkin Products

    Some Belkin stuff is fine, just overpriced. Even after "40% off" you're still paying nearly double what you can find it for elsewhere! nice deal belkin....:p
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    asrock 939dualsata2 and x2 6000+?

    keep your eye on this page for updates also, dont forget you will need this expansion board, and DDR2 RAM.
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    [warm] Deal of the Day tracking site

    stumbled upon this and find it very useful. Its lists a ton of "Woot" style and other deal of the day sites in a convenient format.. not just another Woot tracker. Havent seen it mentioned before here, so I thought i'd share.
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    Maxim Free! Today Only!

    Link was broken, correct link here Thanks for pointing this out!
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    [Warm] Razer Pro|Tone m100 earphones WOOT

    Woot has 2 pairs of Razer Pro|Tone m100 in-ear headphones for $29.99 + 5= $34.99. These retail for around that price for 1 pair, so this is pretty much a BOGO. All the reviews I read rated these very highly for the price, one ever claimed they matched and slightly bested the Sennheiser...
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    Get it while it's HOT! Seagate 500 gig SATA

    the 7200.10 has perpendicular recording technology, which results in a much lower (nearly half) seek time. If you plan to use the drive as the primary hard drive, I would recommend a 7200.10 as they are noticeably faster. If the drive is just for storage, it really wont matter much unless you...
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    SMOKING!! pqi TURBO 2GB (2 x 1GB) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory for $140.99!!! @Egg

    eh, warm at best... 3-4-4-8 @ PC3200 is very shitty, you can get always get Ultra brand RAM with the same specs for about this price
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    Westinghouse LVM-42W2 42" LCD 1080p HD Monitor $1299

    this is the W2, not the W3. I believe it was only the W3 that does not suffer from banding and backlight bleeding, but don't quote me on this without looking into it :p
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    Alternatives to Windows File Sharing that have Hard Drive Mapping Capabilities

    I'm not aware of any options other than Samba mounts or FTP that would be better, but just to be sure, have you tried disabling the Auto scan for network folders? You'll still be able to see them when you want to, but it...
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    I switched my family router to a Moto SB 5100 years back, and it was an astronomical jump from the ISP provided modem (probably because it was a jump from DOCSIS 1.1 to 2.0). My current ISP (cablevision) supplied us with a Moto SB5150? I think-- the current one on the site says SB5120, but...
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    Ultra 1024MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz Memory $50 After MIR+tax+shipping

    3-3-3-8 was as low as they were pushed in a review i read, so they are VERY cheap modules, as expected
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    [Burning Hot??] 22" DVI, HDCP LCD monitor $299.00 A/R

    Its not on the website at all anymore :mad: i was considering buying it too!
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    Machine_Check_Exception, please help!

    I have intermittently recieved the same error on my K8N Neo2 Platinum. Open up the case, unplug all drives (from the drive and the motherboard) and remove all cards, and reseat them. Plug everything back in. Also, what DIMM's are your RAM in? I find that with 2 sticks, I get fewer issues...
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    MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum max mem voltage?

    Thanks for that link, very informative. Since I have a PC P&C PSU with adjustable voltage rails, i think a simple Vdimm = Vio mod would be a quick fix for this matter, assuming I cant get the memory stable otherwise :)
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    MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum max mem voltage?

    I'm considering getting some of the Team Xtreem pc4000 (BH-5) for my K8N Neo2 Platinum, but i'm not sure if it will run stably. Its rated at 3.3-3.45v @ DDR500. From what I've gathered from this forum and the MSI forum (just browsing them), it seems there is or at least was a 3.1v board...
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    [Burning Hot??] 22" DVI, HDCP LCD monitor $299.00 A/R

    pulled from the specs page: "Used by newer HDTV set-top boxes and DVD players, the DVI-HDCP connection allows the transmission of uncompressed, copy-protected digital content to your high definition display with stunning image fidelity and clarity." So the monitor has the folllowing: 1 VGA...
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    running a K8N Neo2 Platinum right now. Decent board, but PICKY AS HELL with RAM. I even have RAM on their 'tested good' list, and I battle intermittent issues (BSOD's for a couple weeks at a time that mysteriously appear and then vanish.. usually after the RAM is reseated) I've run tests on...
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    A8N SLI only detecting 256MB RAM

    I am not sure if there were high temperatures in the chipset prior to the heatsink swap, but there were no high temps after. I imagine there was damage done since the fan had been dying for 5 months and my brother just left it alone, likely resulting in high temps. Reformat resulted in the same...