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    The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    Memory overclock seems to solve alot of slowdown.. if only it was that easy without modding the switch
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    The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    Zelda has always been a game that sells the consoles. Switch is dated in hardware sure, your cell phone could produce better graphics. But its still a top seller for a reason. Simplicity , ease of taking it with you, and overall nintendo just delivers solid content. I'm enjoying it on my...
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    Octopath Traveler II

    i liked the first one on my switch which already looks great for a 2d game, but i always wondered if playing it on higher end hardware has any benefits
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    Are we sort of in a drought or something? (bit of rambling here)

    Im sort of similar.. a game where I have to sit down for hours to memorize things just aint the same as when i was younger. Especially with the rate that new games keep coming out. a plagues tale innocence might be something good.. not a ton of side quests to get distracted.. Easy to learn...
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    Half Life: Alyx

    Mind boggling that people still won't give VR a try "just for one game" . There's tons of good VR content and games to stay entertained . (I love VR racing Sims/won't ever play a racing game that's not vr again) . I think some people just dislike the idea of actual physical activity requires...
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    think i found a happy setting for my system.. wanted to rock out at 4k, but i was looking mostly at 30-40fps.. knocked it down to 1440 with a mix of high settings gets around a smooth mid 50s. Now i do find it annoying having to switch windows to hdr before launching the game.. Im still mixed...
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    ever since 2013, i think the modern TR games have always been a treat for eye candy. my aging i5 4690k (i forgot what my overclock is) and gtx 1070 slugging away at 4k around an average 35-40 fps is highly playable on high settings.
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    thoughts on oculus go?

    Hey guys, curious about this thing as i havent really heard much buzz around it. I got a rift for home use (racing sims is my fav).. but i travel for work every week, so im only home on weekends.. but thinking that I fly alot and stay in hotels alot, would the oculus go be pretty good in that...
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    Resident Evil 2 being officially remade!

    third person works fairly decent for a horror game now, since your character essentially walks beyond the corner that you cant physically see, so it adds to the suspense of not knowing whats ahead lol
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    Beat Saber

    ahh man EDM and VR light sabers looks epic. gonna have to jump on this.. hopefully i got enough room though! im always paranoid of swinging my arms and hitting something in my room lol
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    Skyrim VR for PC April 3 (With oculus support!)

    hey rift guys, is there a way to jump? would be an annoyance to have to physically jump . I cant find a button scheme anywhere
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    Final Fantasy XV

    does the game support cloud saving? between my desktop and laptop... i travel with my laptop
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    Nier Automata $29.99 Steam Sale

    its a nice blend of some side scrolling, third person free-roaming, spacer shooter mix etc
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    Fallout 4 VR

    Ok I got it set up to my liking now. It has a bit of a learning curve, at least for rift, once you get your setup right tweaking it.. and learning the button mapping. Locomotion isnt too bad for me, i guess I got used to it from years of sim racing in VR.. (space and flight games is what gets...
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    Fallout 4 VR

    picked it up for my rift.. did the control fix like suggested, just annoyed with movement. Walk with lefthandd stick, and to rotate my body, i need to press down the right stick while moving it? Or can it be set to smoothly rotate without having to press?
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    Nothing PC at Gamestop ...

    yup. well the gamestops i been to lately, sell razer keyboards etc.. but yeah i miss the days of having boxes, floppies (or cdroms) and really thick manuals) . the flight or racing sims had booklets that covered basics of driving lines/flight etc . I still step into a gamestop every now and...
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    Is project cars 2 anygood?

    you get the most enjoyment out of racing sims in VR if you have the hardware.. steering wheel etc I love VR racing with my rig.
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    best/most worth it VR game for rift

    Fallout 4 VR should be epic. I race Sims in my rift.. epic. I get the most use out of it
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    Anyone else here using VR for other stuff besides gaming?

    Google Tilt Brush + music activated burshes+ your favorite drink(s) or intoxication of your choice + laying on the floor and just enjoying the music = pretty cool way to spend a night lol.
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    What's been the most relaxing game you've played of late?

    i find overwatch to be one.. its a fps that doesnt require super intense skill imo.
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    Looking for a Gaming Laptop

    i was in same position, wanting a gaming laptop but dont want something thats super bulky as i travel every week and live out of hotels. Was looking at a custom EVOC build (clevo p775dm3) build on hidevolution for its desktop processor, but read that the keyboard is either love it or hate it...
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    rift touch out of stock?

    so i just decided to look up the touch availability, and they seem to be out of stock on amazon, bestbuy etc.. wow! Any idea when next batches will be availible? or maybe in stock direct from oculus?
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    RT-AC68U clone $59 - use code WIFI40 -

    for those who ordered? how long did it take to ship? i ordered on monday, was hoping to have it by the weekend.
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    Owners: Are you happy with your VR purchase?

    I use mine every weekend (i travel for work during the week).. I race sim games (assetto corsa).. it is perfect for racing games that support VR... Otherwise i dont play much other VR games at the momment.. waiting for the Rift Touch controllers. It is totally worth it for me... its cheaper...
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    Anyone share experiences of using a 970 with the Vive?

    i had the msi 970 with my rift.. it was fine.. only time it felt sluggish was when turning on the super sampling above 1.5... i decided to upgrade to a 1070 and can rock super sampling at 2.0 now.
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    1440p at 60Hz or 1080p at 100Hz+ ?

    had a sieki 39 inch 4k tv that does 4k at 30hz.. but could accept a custom res of 1920x1080 120hz , which was nice. now i got the samsung 40 inch 4k, doing 4k at 60hz.. played a quick game of bf1 and couldnt tell too much difference, but in overwatch i was still performing ok. BF1 looks amazing...
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    Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K

    thank you very much. TV looks great. Now one more question, has anyone made any custom resolutions/ refresh rates? 1080p at 120hz? My old 39 inch seiki that was what i generally ran with and it was decent on gaming. I tried making a custom profile and that didnt work.
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    Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K

    just got the tv setup. What is the aboslute best setup for gaming /reduced lag? also, i notice the picture starts to dim , what feature disables that?
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    40" Samsung UN40KU6290 4K $290 at Best Buy (or $265 with $25/$200 Amex offer)

    just got one.. and im getting those blue flickering lines that were mentioned above.. doing a firmware update right now, hope that helps
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    40" Samsung UN40KU6290 4K $290 at Best Buy (or $265 with $25/$200 Amex offer)

    Worth it to upgrade over my seiki 39inch 4k? (which 4k was pretty much unusable at 30hz, but custom resolution setting at 1080p 120hz made it a pretty good pc monitor).. But since we got a new house built.. it would give me a reason to swap out and give my seiki to the new house lol
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    Overwatch On Sale For $35

    not to be a party pooper, but the online community becomes a bore when people let their kids play and the servers are full of kids. Not saying your kids are bad, but the general audience of kid players online can be annoying. Get them some single player games until they can handle an FPS imo
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    Returned my oculus

    dunno what you expected.. but i love my rift. its amazing in racing simulators.. i do get sick in games that rotate (space, airplanes).. but in racing sims its awesome.
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    How do you choose what game to play if you have like 250 steam games?

    racing sims is probably the only game i can sit down for hours just doing hotlaps online (assetto corsa) in my oculus rift. (friday /saturday night i would have a drink or 2, play some music on the desktop and put the rift on and just get immersed in it). Sim racing with a nice steering...
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    I really wish they would improve the flight models.. imagine if it had warthunder quality flying. Would be epic. in warthunder, you can easily fly planes and have great success flying with keyboard/mouse (i know flight sim guys will say thats unrealistic, but for an arcade game i think it would...
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    Playstation VR Thread.

    Will they have any demos at any stores like best buy? I want to try one.. i have a rift already, but wouldnt mind checking out the psvr since i got a ps4...
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    My 11 year old doing 128mph in a go-gart

    hahah nice!! Rift is great for sit-down sim racing imo. I spy some gt omega parts in your rig =) I was an on-off sim racer with an old logitech g25 that i would stick up to my desk from time to time.. but than after buying the rift cv1 a few months ago.. made me invest big time into a sim...
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    Racing games: which is your favorite?

    once you step into the world of sim racing with a proper steering wheel, hard to go back to the games... my picks are assetto corsa, dirt rally. Assetto corsa is full on sim.. while dirt rally has enough sim- arcade to make it enjoyable.
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    4K gaming on GTX970 viable?

    maybe with med to low textures
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    Oculus Touch Launching December 6th For $199

    looking forward to the touch.. i think the rift's simplicity as far as less wires help it out vs the vive.