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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    I've used ASUS motherboards and graphics cards for the past 2 generations because they offered the best features I was looking for in comparison to the competition (the little things, like Intel NICs and half decent BIOS interfaces).
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    Todays learning: VMware HA - need to buy more ram

    HA is only designed to respond when a host becomes isolated, or becomes entirely unavailable (ie. fails). Removing a cable from a single NIC, unless as you say, it is the last NIC in the team that heartbeat traffic is traversing, will not do anything. Isolation being when a host cannot...
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    MSI Barebone System Give-Away

    Products you don't need to buy better cooling for.
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    MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!

    insert drivel here...
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    Gotta agree with the trend in this thread; their support is fantastic!
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    ESXi 4.1 upgrade on hosts, keep vCenter 4.0

    Why not just start again with a new virtual vCenter? Short of reimporting the hosts and reconfiguring any cluster settings, the only thing you'll lose is performance data.
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    StarWinds (iSCSI NAS) Free to VCPs

    Thanks for pointing this out dude, very cool. Need to get this going in the lab.
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    Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset Give-Away - 5 Sets Again!!!

    I have a pair of NuForce NE-7Ms and a pair of Sennheiser CX300.
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    Corsair HS1 Gaming Headset Give-Away - 5 Sets!!!

    I need to hear my games better because my current headphones suck. They're uncomfortable and have no midrange.
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    M$ refuses to support vmware environments?

    You need to escalate the matter to your TAM, if you have one. If not, escalate via the help desk person you were working with; at the very least they should not refuse support but ask you to replicate it on physical hardware.
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    MD3000i Dualplex Controllers - Partial/No Redundancy

    So to clarify, RiDDLeRThC meets the target requirement, but not the HBA requirement, so the datastores are still considered "Partial/No Redundancy"? To meet the HBA requirement, you're saying that he'd need to move to 2 hardware iSCSI initators, as even having path redundancy with a software...
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    Congratulations, dude! You're getting quite the vCV!
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    Step 2: Passed the VCDX Design Exam

    Congratulations once again dude. Have you seen the new roadmap for VCDX4? I think the addition of the VCAP is nice as it did seem like a big jump between VCP and VCDX - this way there is immediate recognition of passing the more advanced exams.
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    Took the VCDX Enterprise Exam the other day....

    Congratulations, dude. I must admit I was put off VMware tests a bit when I did my VCP3; I found a lot of the questions irrelevant or (intentionally?) vague and misleading. I think a technical exam should be exactly that, something that tests technical ability. Either way, I got it...not...
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    XP mode and malware

    Assuming you have all the obvious integration features disabled and there are no exploitable security holes in the hypervisor, you run the same risk as if the VM were another machine on your network (depending obviously how your networking is setup) if one were to be compromised.
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    Troubleshooting Experts Only --- Dual-port NIC issue...

    I've had a lot of fun with Server 2008/Hyper-V and Broadcom NICs also - remember the TCP Offload/Chimney problems they had with the RTM version of R1? As of late I've also had a lot of trouble with the RSS (receive side scaling) functionality also. Both of these issues were resolved with...
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    VMware HA question

    Care to elaborate? I don't mean to try to derail the thread, but a statement like that needs to be pulled up. Hyper-V might be just what the OP is looking for.
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    Hyper-V Legacy Network

    You don't have SP2 integrated...? If not, still can be made available to the guest as an ISO. So it's a *NIX guest? I don't think whatever OS it's running changes anything re it not booting as Hyper-V should have no awareness of the guest OS at that stage. Could you build another VM with...
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    Hyper-V Legacy Network

    That is wierd. I've never encountered this before, but then again I've never needed to use a legacy ethernet port. Be interesting to see if other VMs have issues with the network. One thing to note is that the integration tools are delivered by an ISO via the ATA CDROM adapter, so you should...
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    Hyper-V Legacy Network

    Are any other virtual machines communicating through the same virtual network? They running fine? If you add a synthetic ethernet port (a normal adapter, nonlegacy) with the same network, does it also refuse to boot?
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    Hyper-V Legacy Network

    If you remove the legacy adapter, does it start? Have you ensured that the NIC is associated with a network that still exists? edit: Googling "hyper-v 14070" seems to support that the configured network/vSwitch is in some way unavailable...
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    RAID Level and Stripe Size

    I'd be interested to see what lopoetve has to say about your stripe size question. My thinking would be that you'd be wanting the stripe size of the controller and the block size of the filesystem to match, so bar any other requirements (maximum file size being the main consideration in choosing...
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    Licensing Q's & vCenter for ESX&ESXi

    Perhaps the sentace would be clearer if it went something along the lines of " included in all licensed editions of VMware vSphere". Completely agree it's a bit confusing; I read through the Installation guide and the only mention of "vCenter Server Agent license" related to ESX/ESXi...
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    P2v...Domain controller to hyper V

    As you mention, SCVMM is definately what you're looking for, however I'd class what you want to do as a V2V instead of a P2V (it doesn't matter to SCVMM that the source is also virtual so it's the same wizard and everything). SCVMM has two methods of collecting the source - online and...
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    Antec PSU RMA Nonexistant?

    So, an update. Antec got back to me, saying I should talk to the Australian distributer (for future reference, this is Altech ( Sent them an email, they shot me straight back to the retailer I had already talked to who advised me to talk to Antec in the first place...
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    Antec PSU RMA Nonexistant?

    Hey guys, was curious about experiences people had had regarding RMAing their Antec PSUs recently. I submitted a ticket on the 3rd of December, and aside from the automated confirmation I have heard nothing back from them. Further emails and comments just queue up in their web based system to...
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    Can I create a "hidden" user?

    Presuming this is XP?
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    Cisco switch config for optimal VM performance

    I'd agree in most situations, however we recently had a VMware health check done in our environment. The report they give you afterwards actually recommends maintaining autonegotiation: "Incorrect network speed and duplex settings can severly impace performance. Gigabit networks should be set to...
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    Quiet system for running ESXi

    Yes, when in AHCI mode.
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    Changing IP of an NFS datastore

    Ha, put this one down to a stupid user issue - the Cisco guys had configured an etherchannel as per our request, however was load balancing using the destination MAC address (ie. unless the port physically went down, all traffic would continue going to the same NIC - the etherchannel obviously...
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    Changing IP of an NFS datastore

    Sigh. Thanks for confirming Lop. Hey, while we're on the topic of these blades I wonder if you could confirm something else for me. At the moment we have 2 NICs dedicated to the Management switch (contains the VMotion and Service Console vmk ports). These are two Broadcom BCM5708. If I fail...
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    Changing IP of an NFS datastore

    At work, we have an ESXi 3.5 blade environment connected to a NetApp SAN. We recently determined during setup that despite there being 4 NICs dedicated to NFS, only one NIC was actually being used by a particular host because we had set the load balance to "Route based on IP Hash". Because all...
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    Running ESX inside of ESX - might be old news for some

    That's pretty entertaining, and would be really useful for some development labs where performance is not critical. You know what I really want? A type 1 hypervisor that is able to emulate or passthrough the VT bit. This'd enable one you stack different virtualisation technologies on top of...
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    ESXi 4.0 and Nehalem Xeon

    There are some fairly hueg discussion topics on the issue of terminal servers on ESX. Due to the massively threaded nature of them (so many different processes, from different users, trying to execute little things at exactly the same time that may not be hugely intensive but will affect general...
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    Gigabyte EX58-UD3R Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Must admit my opinion of Gigabyte motherboards has been heading downwards as of late due to my experiences with my EX58-DS4. I had a real case of driver hell with the onboard Realtek LAN; having to choose between next to no throughput or continual dropouts was not ideal. I also really object...
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    want to practice for hyper-v cert exam... possible to set up home lab?? help pls!

    Are you talking about 70-652? If so, just use Microsoft's eLearning courses as linked here. I went through those, having only setup and briefly used Hyper-V previously, and passed with 96%. The exam, as long as you are confident with the material in the courses above, is very easy.
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    Hyper V: I made a mistake

    You can manually edit the .XML file that points to where the snapshots/.VHD files are when the vmms service is stopped. You need to configure it not to restart, but once it is stopped you can edit the file normally. Merging snapshots with their parent is not going to help if you've since moved...
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    vSphere client rant

    Do you have a 2003 VM to compare with? My experience with 2008 is that even with VMware tools installed, there still is significant lag when local to the ESX host (1 hop, 5ms lag at max). This lag does not exist with 2003, in my testing.
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    Virtual cluster help, ESX or Hyper-V

    I think Hyper-V would only be an option for purely Windows workloads. You'd then have the advantage of it not only being cheaper, but as well as a reduction of licensing costs of your guests (if you bought either 2008 Enterprise or Datacenter). Microsoft will tell you otherwise but any...
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    TurboHT in ESX4

    Sadly Anandtech hasn't gone into great detail of performance with E5500 servers and ESX4, however a review quick to hand reveals quite a difference when testing on ESX3.5.