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    Which VR headset to buy in 2020?

    I'll make it easy for y'all. Whichever headset is NOT controlled by ZuccBook. As far as I'm concerned, Oculus is dead and should not be considered.
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    GSkill 128GB (16GBx8) is it the same as 64GB (16GBx4) x 2 ?

    Technically binned kits are supposed to be all-identical memory chips so that they behave the same when overclocked and such. However, I've personally mix-and-matched a ton of memory sticks, and overclocked quite a few of them too, without any fuss. Making sure they're all matched isn't as...
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    GTX970. I have one right now, was actually my first real GPU that I ever purchased used two years ago. Doesn't cook my room yet still runs modern titles just fine at medium settings. Aside from the VRAM issues (which I haven't actually had a problem with) it's probably one of the best video...
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    Blast from the Past - The Mysterious SATA Ports that Won't Work

    You're fine PlanDreaM, I just parked the project over winter break because of other issues. It's not a high priority. Is there actually a difference between the "SATA-150/300/600" and "SATA I/II/III" designations? As I understand it using the "150" designation was just another term for the...
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    OEM vendor for work PC's

    From personal experience, Dell is generally better. Their hardware is on par with HP, but their cases and mounting systems are definitely better (one-touch hard drive and expansion card removal is super super nice). For consumer desktop use I wouldn't ever touch an HP. IIRC, Dell also has a...
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    Blast from the Past - The Mysterious SATA Ports that Won't Work

    Ah, that's the old thread I remember finding! Thanks for that, and the spec list too. All of those links are dead unfortunately. But knowing the BIOS number differences does help a bit if I get lucky and find some. I think the SATA-300 only support may be an issue. I only have newer SATA-600...
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    Blast from the Past - The Mysterious SATA Ports that Won't Work

    Let me preface this by saying - I don't expect much, this is all probably a shot in the dark that's a waste of time, but I need to up my post count here and this is something that's bugged me for years. Hopefully this is in the correct forum. The scene: I have a little crap-box Cisnet...
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    Manufacturers thermal paste application.

    I may be new, but that's a little harsh Default. He's not writing that bad, chill a bit. These are all mass produced machines. Stuff happens on the assembly line, and QC likely is only checking that the machines boot and don't immediately fail a stress test. If the paste application is "good...
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    What do you use to test stability?

    The all of twice I've had to, I run multiple tests. P95 is a good start, but I mainly use OCCT as it has a more broad-spectrum tests, with a lot of options (heat generating, error-generating, Linpack, memory hammer, etc).
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    Hyper 212 reverse fan?

    Yep, no reason it shouldn't work. I think cooling performance would be SLIGHTLY degraded by a pull setup due to air velocity magicks, but unless you're pushing a 120W or greater CPU the evo shouldn't care.
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    PowerColor Radeon HD7950 880 MHz 3GB DDR5 PCI-Express

    It will output 144hz, yes. Will it put out enough FPS to *maintain* 144hz? Not in most games without sacrificing a lot of quality.