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    Man mwave is fast. Anyway, i still need my cpu (e6700) which will come in tomorrow and my memory which newegg better get them in tomorrow. And than tomorrow night im installing the whole thing. Cant wait.
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    I havent been on this forum for quite some time. But have been following this thread and PvHK testing of the board. I just placed an order at mwave and bought a complete new system. Its been a little under 7 months since i made my last computer and have been itching to build something new...
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    Prey Limited Collector's Edition $20 @ Amazon again

    If you dont want to wait for shipping, bestbuy has it for $20. I picked one up. Havent played it though. Those who played it, how is the game? Any comments?
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    Is it possible to get a bad hard drive brand new ?

    Sheesh. Are you definitely beyond a shadow of a doubt sure that everything works? slow installs are a bad sign and usually result in an aborted install. Take everything out that you dont need. leave one harddrive, one optic, and memory and video. Use no soundcard nothing. But dont work under the...
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    Is it possible to get a bad hard drive brand new ?

    alright they are crossed. build away and lets see if the bird flies.
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    How fast should a Dremel go when cutting steel (P180 mobotray)

    No, i honestly thought you made it up. But its still funny. and even smiling now when i think of it.
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    Is it possible to get a bad hard drive brand new ?

    If you have the smaller sata and straight psu cable (the smaller one) use that. I have raptors in all my systems and use both sets of cables (the original older large psu and large sata and the smaller set) but like the smaller one because i can wire manage it better. Save the larger psu molex...
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    How fast should a Dremel go when cutting steel (P180 mobotray)

    Hey Darth. Everytime i see your username im laughing. Great name. Hilarious.
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    How fast should a Dremel go when cutting steel (P180 mobotray)

    Oh man. Dremel and eyeglasses. Eye protection is a must. I had one guy (i build computers for this dude)who thought he didnt need them just because he was going to cut a small one inch hole in his case and got a piece of metal right in his eye. He was rushed to emergency and luckly for him it...
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    How difficult is it for a newbie to build a PC?

    Omega you are sidetracking this thread. Go bitch somewhere else. For the last time.I AM RESPONDING TO A GENERAL COMMENT. Have some respect for the OP. This is my last response to you. Our exchange is not helping the OP so either provide constructive comments or go give your sniffles to your...
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    Is it possible to get a bad hard drive brand new ?

    Nope. I too upgraded from the 74 gig raptor to the raptor X and love the drive and no there is no difference in installing the X from the normal. Just contact WD and they will issue you a new one. No big deal. Just tell them that the hard drive clicks and shuts down. Also mention that the...
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    How difficult is it for a newbie to build a PC?

    Omega I'm not flaming anyone. However, i am criticizing the stupid comments that have no meaningful value to the OP other than as bragging points. The OP is not interested in stroking anyone's ego. Son any of the thousands of builders here can install a computer in less than an hour but that...
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    Is it possible to get a bad hard drive brand new ?

    If you heard a click than its your hard drive. I own that raptor x and believe me that there shouldnt be clicks. And yes the more systems you build the more you will realize that parts come bad from the factory.
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    Would Bose Triports make a good V-Day present?

    They are a piece of shit. Get her real headphones like shure, sennheiser, grado, etc etc. Bose is more hype than anything else..Save your money. Give her the bose only if she feels strongly about them otherwise go elsewhere.
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    NOD32 question

    Several points. Have been using nod32 for years and never even had one infection. Second. The retail is not worth it. Get the download. You will be up and running in minutes and yes eset emails the password and logon info. You will not get infected by just logging onto the interenet and...
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    Help me out guys, new rig or new monitor?

    Get a monitor. Your specs are great. No need to upgrade that. Your crt while produces a great picture does not warrant its size. Sorry but crts are crap. The picture does not justify the size no matter how you argue it. I was like you, i used a large crt just because i couldnt let go of the...
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    Not using official Sony components? Your warrantee is void

    I will tell you this though. This sucks big time. Im glad you guys brought this out to attention.
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    Not using official Sony components? Your warrantee is void

    The fact is that you have no idea what your talking about. Just by agreeing to purchase that item, you agree to the terms and conditions. The second money exchanges hands you agree.
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    Is a MacBook Pro for me??

    I would defintely buy 2gigs. I bought my machine with 1gig module and put the other gig myself. Bought it way cheaper from newegg. To upgrade the memory is very pathetically easy. unscrrew, memory in, and rescrew the back flap. No more than 2 minutes and thats taking your sweet time checking the...
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    Is a MacBook Pro for me??

    Get the MBP you will be happy. In fact you will be so happy that you will run to the internet and tell us how happy you are (well at least i hope so).
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    Is a MacBook Pro for me??

    Should you get a MBP? Yes in a heartbeat. I got one and am truly happy. Is it easy to install windows? Lets put it this way. First day i got my mac i learned the operating system. Second day, i installed windows through bootcamp. Kids stuff. The whole experience was a pleasure. Of course there...
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    OMG getting a Divorce sale 360 games, e1705 more

    bump and fight for your kids man. Dont let the wife control their lives. Her morals already sux. And good luck.
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    Switchers: Where are you now?

    my first time on a pc was with commoder 64. After that all is history. While i used apples looong time ago i decided to go back and try it out. I bought myself a mbp 17 incher and love the machine. I used apple for close to a year now and 2 months ago i went back to windows. While the operating...
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    Building my first sff rig! what do you think of my stuff?

    The 939's are still the best bang for your buck and run rock solid.
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    Building my first sff rig! what do you think of my stuff?

    Just my two cents. I have the qpack and have had if for about 7 months and still using the psu that came with it. Damn thing is stable. Sure based on all the negative posts on here about the psu it still amuses me that mine runs fine. I use a one of my old 6800 ultras gpu with a raptor and one...
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    Best "First-person Shooter" game to Date?

    FEAR followed by Far Cry. In fact probably Farcry since it took forever and was so damn good that i didnt want it to finish so i took my damn time. FEAR was soo good that after i installed it i blow work off and such and played every waking minute until i passed it. Doom 3 was a one timer for...
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    Macbook a waste of Money?

    Hi all. Two things. First I have been with ibm since the aptiva days and am familiar with both there laptop and desktop line. Second i bought into the macbook craze and bought myself the macbook pro 17 incher. The laptop itself is drop dead awesome bla bla bla. But thats not why im writing. Im...
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    Calling all SoCal Adelphia/Comcast ---> TimeWarner Cable owners!

    Two dollar hooker. Hell what part of the country do you find them. Inflation baby inflation. :D
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    Calling all SoCal Adelphia/Comcast ---> TimeWarner Cable owners!

    Having timewarner take over adelphia is the best thing that can happen. I use time warner and love the service. In fact its probably the best. Saying that, i use dsl in the office and damn thing is the most stable i ever seen. by far dsl in the last 3 years has only been down once for a whole...
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    1and1 webhost : opinions/comments ?

    I use them as well as godaddy and i like 1and1 better. Its never down. and it just works.Godaddy is a little bit fidgety. In fact i think i will get rid of them when my time is up..But ya 1and1 is good.
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    Mad @ Newegg

    Actually newegg does give you the difference. Bought with them for years and never had to get burned like this. Only problem is, they generally are more cool when the package hasnt arrived at your door yet. In other words if its just shipped they will honor the new price. did this countless...
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    removing heatsink without ripping out cpu

    Dude run your cpu for at least 20 minutes and letting it heat up the paste and than it comes right off. Just twist it back and forth a couple times and its a clean break. This is my method and have been building pc's since the k6 days and never had a problem.
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    Anyone have a Logitech Harmony remote control?

    I also have the 880 bought it months ago and darn thing is chucking along just fine. No problem and yes its an awesome remote. I eirher use this or use like five remotes and thats not going to happen so yup the 880 is awesome. I never dealt with logitech regarding this remote so cant comment...
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    Huge Problem! *Urgent* Help!

    Ok you seem a little lost. First rule of computer building. If this is your first time dont boggle down your pc. Take out all none essentials. Keep only one: optic drive, hard drive,. Than check all the connectors. Make sure everything is connected (this is hardware) push the cables down to make...
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    Get a 7950 GX2 or wait for DX10?

    why wait? How long you willing to wait? Vista is slated to come out sometimes next year and do you honestly think Gpu's with DX10 will follow suit simultaneous?
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    ASUS A8N Deluxe/Premium? 939? Whaaa?

    How long did it take you. I can get the zalman in in less than 5 minutes. Ninja takes a good 15-20
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    can i hook up my video cam to Dell2405?

    Of course as long as the cam has composite and/or s video. I own the 2405fpw and its great for multi media stuff
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    ASUS A8N Deluxe/Premium? 939? Whaaa?

    I own the premium and believe me you can invert twist do any configuration and the board is alright. This is a rock stable board so you should be happy. I ran this board through the ringer. In fact i like this board much more than i like my a8n asus deluxe. Your San Diego CPU is great I ran...
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    Macbook Pros with Glossy screen look soooo much better

    Actually i had the matte screen and when the glossy screen came out i returned it and got the glossy. I will never go back. the glossy screen is much much more beautiful. I use mine in an office environment as well as various other places (its used for business). And other than direct sunlight...