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    Network pics thread

    Any problems with heat, cold, humidity or dust running the rack in the garage?
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    Network pics thread

    Never mind the quick start guide shows a 12v .5A power brick. So you don't HAVE to run it POE.
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    Network pics thread

    I have spare 24v injectors left over from other UAP and UAP-LR installs. Now I finally know what I can do with them.
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    Network pics thread

    New Ubiquiti routers just announced...
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    Network pics thread

    Edge Router Lite handles Gigabit Fiber with ease.
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    Network pics thread

    I just noticed the ground straps on the rails. Never seen this before. Anyone else do this?
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    ASA 5505 RAM upgrade recommend?

    Maybe I was just lucky, but this 512MB in my ASA 5505 was a pull from an old PC. Never had a problem with it.
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    Network pics thread

    I didn't see any adapters that would replace the ODD for 2 x 2.5 drives. I wedge an Intel SSD in the center tucked under the 16GB case-less USB flash drive. The box already has 2x1TB 3.5 drives connected to the PERC. Running VMWare ESXi 5. It is VERY quiet. Wish it had room for more drives...
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    Network pics thread

    Replaced the DVD in my DELL R210 II box with an HDD adapter.
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    RAID 96

    Looking through the new features of my QNAP 3.6 firmware I see SYMFORM cloud backup. I take a look at their offering and I see this RAID 96. I read the details and it looks like RAID5 at a 1MB block size. Their claim to only need 64 of 96 blocks to recover 64MB of data is a bit misleading. You...
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    Network pics thread

    4 x ST32000542AS 2TB 5900 RPM Seagate QNAP TS-419P Faster drives won't help the Atom CPU do AES. Speeds went from 80MB/s to 30MB/s with encryption enabled. Security of the data is more important to me so I will take the speed hit.
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    Network pics thread

    Also 10TB plugged in externally via eSata & USB. Uploaded with
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    Network pics thread

    Love mine, except it's a little slow with encryption on. Uploaded with
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    Network pics thread

    @dashpuppy - Do those 1TB Seagate CC38 drives need a firmware update? IIRC they had issues.
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    Network pics thread

    Are they running Ethernet over 8 conductor phone cable?
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    Any opinions on the wifi time capsule unit?

    The Timecapsule is good maybe a bit pricey, but clean if you don't want a datacenter in your home. :) If you are on a mid-range budget, I recommend an Airport Extreme and a USB external hard drive directly connected to the AirPort Extreme. If you want to do a little more with your storage skip...
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    Help pick the right MBP SSD

    I have had great luck with the Intel 320 series 300 & 600GB drives. I do have a 250GB 510 in a 2011 13" MBP with no issues. The 6Gbps sata was flaky in the 15" and 17" Early 2011 models. Over 50 Intel SSD's for me with ZERO failures. Stick with the Intel and you will not be disappointed.
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    connecting to an office pc

    I still think RDP is the best for direct connect. That said, the time has finally come to make sure all of your RDP connections are done over VPN since the Morto worm has infecting via port 3389.
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    SSD formating/clean wipe

    I use the Intel SSD Toolbox, but it does require an Intel SSD to have no partitions and be a secondary drive. Also use one of these to make your life easier. As the bios password lock sometimes requires you to eject and re-insert the...
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    question about building a new system

    I only avoided the ECC due to the Server motherboard configurations not having the correct configuration. More like a Workstation board with Audio and PCIe16 etc.
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    Network pics thread

    New toy. Currently running PBX-In-A-Flash. Specs: Atom 270, 1GB DDR2 SODIMM, 2.5HDD Front, CF Card Front, mini-PCIe under HDD, 2 - 9Pin Serial, 2 Gigabit, 4 USB, DVI, Audio. AOPEN.COM PS-No mSata support. Tried my Intel 80GB SSD in the mini-PCIe slot.
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    Network pics thread

    @CaseyBlackburn What's up with the curved/bench shelf over the Soyo monitor????
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    HardOCP Question on SSD

    INTEL, INTEL, INTEL. Over 50 X25-M and X25-V drives and not 1 failure.
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    Post Your Workshop
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    All things equal, what's better: 2 DSL vs. Cable?

    I agree with goodcooper 1 Cable and 1 DSL. Even drop to the most basic DSL for a lifeline connection to save money. 2 different connections should always leave you with at least 1 working and you are already setup to deal with 2 connections as that has been your setup for some time.
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    Where are Flash cookies stored?

    Firefox users get BetterPrivacy add-on. Clears those out nicely.
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    Network pics thread

    @dashpuppy The Untangle box is over on the workbench (not pictured). The Ferrari is just sitting there looking fast. :)
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    Network pics thread

    My rack as of August 2010, this year no more KVM all servers will have IP based KVM iDrac6 Enterprise or similar. I hate sitting in front of the rack. :) Kinda. Notable items (top to bottom): APC Power (Ethernet controlled) Cisco 2960G-24 Cisco 3548 Cisco 1811 Cisco ASA 5505 Sonicwall...