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    Apple Has Hundreds Working On an Electric Car Design

    Just wait for it, they will have a proprietary electric charger which you must buy at great expense and wont ever be compatible with any other electric cars..
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    New Microsoft Windows 10 Preview

    Downloading now. Will try it out on a VM install first.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Just got rid of the old Jerker desk, love the added workspace of going with a proper L desk.
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    Surveillance System Scans 36M Faces in One Second?

    Its easy when all faces are exactly the same. LOL. =)
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    Free games!!!

    Hey guys there is a great free game I have been playing for a while now. Its called Shards of Dalaya Its completely free but donations are encouraged. The game is based off of EverQuest but it is 100% custom content and it is so much fun, the people are great. Go to...
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    Vista Install problems

    Ok what I just got home from work and I go to turn on my computer and now it wont even post, so Im pretty sure its a hardware problem and I suspect my video card. Would a dead video card cause the computer to not post. Because usually it beeps and then you see the initial screen now it turns...
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    Vista Install problems

    I did forget to mention that yes I removed all OC before that. Running stock.
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    Vista Install problems

    I really hope its not hardware, and if it is hardware I would tend to think it would be the video card as that is what caused the bluescreen (nvagp.dll) but I still cant afford to fix this. I will try again tonight to install vista after my computer has had a nice long break.
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    Vista Install problems

    Ok so I have had Vista 32bit installed for over a year with zero problems. The other day I decided to try out 64 bit so I install it and it works great sound, video everything. For about 2 days then yesterday my screen went black and about a minute later a blue screen appeared saying memory...
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    PSU actual power draw?

    I was wondering about actual power drawn from the wall from PSU's. For example if I have a 600W power supply will that draw the full 5A from my 120V wall socket at all times no matter how many hard drives/optical drives I have installed in my box or will it only draw the amount needed. I ask...
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    Vista Themes Customizations

    I was wondering if there are or will be any programs like TGTsoft for windows vista. I would very much like to customize my desktop like I did with XP.
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    creative vista situation

    Hey Sesheron I was having the same problem you described with my Audigy2 ZS. I installed vista and then attemped to install the latest Creative drivers for Vista and it installed the audio console thing but could not detect the hardware :( I tryed like 5 times and still nothing. So I went...
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    Vista and XP on seperate drives

    I have been reading that lots of people have been having some troubles with dual booting vista and windows. I have an old 20GB HD and my newer 160GB drive. I intend to install Vista onto a 50GB partition of the 160drive and then latter install XP on my old 20GB drive Will this work or will...
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    Just moved and now my speakers "hiss"

    Well on my power bar there are 2 LEDS one for Power and one for Ground, now right now the green LED is on for ground now I dont know if that means it is properly grounded or if it is not lol
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    Just moved and now my speakers "hiss"

    Ok I just have moved from the suburbs to downtown and I have the Logitech Z-5500 speakers. Now they produce a quite loud "hiss" over the speakers and a low frequancy rumble from the subwoofer. This is loud enough to be heard from quite a distance and is unacceptable. I did some research and I...
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    So what's gonna be the next big MMORPG?

    Vanguard will be the next big one. They have so many features that have never been used in popular MMO's yet like the diplomacy, that looks awsome to me and I love city building but shadowbane sucked at its implementation. GO VANGUARD
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    Yearning for 1997...

    OH man my professor for my digital design class was telling us about this lunar game that he played so much when he was a kid and then he made us program it into a FPGA oh that sucked lol. hehe you probably are my professor.
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    Repairing iPod Nano scratches?

    I have some minor scratches on my nano mostly around the screen area I have ordered an Invisable Shield today but it wont be here for a few days but I was thinking that I could use those CD scratch repair solution on the iPod do you think that this will work or will it make the problem worse?
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    2405FPW - Anyone else need a new desk?

    Um on the lowest setting the 2405 is more like 18'' high I thought it was 22'' also when I was gonna get it cus thats what it says on the web site but this is not the case its was about 18 so I would wiat till you get it to buy a new desk.
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    Pimpest keyboard ever! I want one of these so badly if it ever comes out or some variation on it would be super sweet. What do you guys think!
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    Having Everquest 1 withdrawls

    Aw man now I miss this game too, I played ont he bristlebane server from day 3 or something lol and played for a good 4 years before I was able to quit. My first character was a dwarf paladin named Stonejaw haha. And serioulsy the thing that made EQ so good was the atmosphere it had, it had...
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    Hardspell is an NV fansite

    Oh please can you eat your hat anyways :) and take a picture of it before and after and post it up here that would awsome.
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    List of websites that now carry the 7800GTX

    Never heard of NCIX?? NCIX is the of Canada, one of the best and $813CND is "only" $659US. Not to bad probly considering. Not that Im gonna pick one up but hehe.
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    Voodoo Laptops

    Hi guys I am looking at getting a laptop in the future, now I already have a kick ass gaming rig so I wont be gaming "too" much on this laptop and even if I dont do any, then im not gonna be to concerned haha. I live in Calgary where Voodoo is based and I know they make some good products. I...
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    2405 dvd playback calibration

    Um you know TheaterTek uses the Nvidia decoders, it says so on thier website.
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    eVGA 6800GT & 2405FPW

    I just recieved my Dell 2405fpw screen and I have the eVGA 6800GT AGP card running over the DVI-D and t works absolutley flawlessly you have nothing to worry about :) At 1920 X1200 of course haha forgot to mention that, it looks so great I love the monitor and the card plays games very well...
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    Windows Applications always on top???

    Hey Im having a very annoying problem. Im using windows XP and then all of a sudden today for not real reason (im sure I must have done something) applications are "always on top" I can never get any of them to overlap, I have to minimize everything to my desktop so I can see MSN nothing will...
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    LCD display resolutions?

    Hey guys I was just wondering whats up with Large LCD displays being low max res? I know they have made some 17 inch widescreens for laptops that are 1920 X1200 so I know they can do it but the large screens like 34 and 46 inches are like 1300 X 760 or something. Is this a manufacturing issue...
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    Canadians and 2405 deals

    I agree that it is a very hot selling item and that they probably wont lower the price on it. But there is no wait time of a month and a half. I ordered one on May 26, and according to Purolator it will be here tommorow! Mabey I just got lucky but Im excited haha.
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    Lowest price for 2405 in Canada?

    I just ordered this monitor from I just called and then asked if there was a sale going on and the girl said no. So I told her that I was going to wait until I got a 10 or 15% coupon to buy it and then she put me on hold and came back and said she will give me 10% off so Im sure you...
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    Dell 2405 sale?

    Hey I live in Canada and I was wondering if anyone knows when the next time LCDs go on sale on again. I also heard rumors about something called deal of the day or something like that? I really want to pick up one of the monitors the moment I get paid next friday :) Also to get the...
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    Windows XP install trouble

    Hey guys my buddy just upgraded his computer and we are having a huge amount of problems installing windows for some reason cus I never have probs on my computer hehe. Well he bought a 2800+ 64, 512mb kingston 3200 ram, a Gigabyte GA-K8VM800M with video and he has a new 160gb maxtor drive, and...
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    6800GT PCI-ex in Canada (Toronto)

    I beleive has some eVGA PCI Express 6800, GTs and Ultras listed on their website but if they are in stock is another question. They are located in Calgary too so hope this helps
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    Windows XP boot options

    Hey guys I downloaded the windows xp 64 bit to try out and I installed it on my second hard drive seperate from my main windows drive. So it didnt work at all every time it tryed to start up it would instantly get a BSOD and restart the comp but anyways I decided I didnt want it anyways so I...
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    CPU temperature monitoring for the DFI NF3 lanparty

    Hey guys I was wondering whats the best temp monitoring program for the DFI NF3 Lanparty UT 250Gb motherboard, I trying MBM5 but it does not support this motherboard and I know it never will, but I tryed anyways and I got some very strange temps hehe. Ive been looking on google with no sucsess...
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    Problem with new DFI Lanparty UT NF3 250Gb

    What bios would you suggest I use? The one on the DFI site?
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    Problem with new DFI Lanparty UT NF3 250Gb

    Hey guys my brother just bought a new AMD rig with the new DFI NF3 board and a 3000+ and a BFG 6800GT. Now I set it all up and it works great exect when I was teaking the settings on it to get a little bit of an overclock on it. I disabled thermal throttling, I saved bios exited and then it...
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    Audigy 2 ZS PCB layout?

    Hey guys I've been looking for the User Manual/board layout of the Audigy 2 ZS and have not been able to find it anywhere, I dont own one but I am looking at getting one and I would like to take a look at the layout of it first. If anyone knows where I can download this or has one they can...
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    Windows XP upgrade

    Hey guys I have had XP pretty much since it came out, I bought the XP upgrade package to save a bit of money since I had windows ME already. Now since I've had it everytime I did a fresh install it would always ask me to put in my full verision windows ME disk for a sec to check and then Id do...
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    Bios settings reseting?!

    Hey guys I am having a problem with my bios settings reseting every time I turn my PSU off or unplug my PSU. It will not reset if I just turn the computer off. But it gets annoying to have to reapply all of my overclock settings when I turn it off. Now I have checked to make sure my CMOS...