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    New Build Opinions Please!

    Wow really? I thought I was "following the rules", I did what you asked, and still, you are haranguing me about the form rather than helping me with my list. I posted what I thought would be a good setup. I wasn't asking anyone to build it for me. If it is this much trouble to get some opinions...
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    New Build Opinions Please!

    Ok, next week.
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    New Build Opinions Please!

    Here you go: 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming mostly, some photoshop, dvd ripping/conversion, video editing, music 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? <$2500, yes 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell...
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    New Build Opinions Please!

    Wow, ok, well that's good to know! :o I thought those matx cases would fit full size cards. I'll have to do some digging then and find out what will fit. I didn't really want a full size case.
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    New Build Opinions Please!

    Thinking about building a micro atx size desktop. I have been using gaming laptops for the last 5+ years. This will be used mainly for gaming, but also video/photo (ripping dvds & photoshop) and music. I really like being able to "multi-task" on the computer. Trying to future proof a little too...
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    Planetside 2

    How do you guys setup your joystick in the game? When I try to assign directions, is shows up as a gamepad in the game, so i only have 4 directions, up, down, roll right, roll left. I want to be able to fly with my joystick like I do in flight sims. Not have to use the keyboard to yaw. Same...
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    Ebay Bans Sale of Potions & Magic Spells

    I hear Meth has a good profit ratio, you might want to try that! :p
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    Dotcom: MPAA / RIAA Corrupted the U.S. Government

    Whats so new about this? Corps do it with the EPA to get restrictions removed or make it harder to impose restrictions down the road. Been happening for a very long time.
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    [H]appy Birthday to ME!

    HB!! :p
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    Courts Okay Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking

    Did you have rockets attached to that Yugo?! :p
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    Courts Okay Warrantless Cell Phone Tracking

    I KNEW Bigfoot was real!!
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    Chrome Bug Hunters Made Big Money

    Wow, now THAT is the way to keep your application awesome! I can imagine if they were crappy $25 per bug/security hole, there wouldn't be much interest. But those are really great incentives!
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    People Without Facebook Accounts Are 'Suspicious'

    I fear for the future of mankind with the extension of high school society to people's mid life before they discover "real life". If, in fact, they ever actually do. :(
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    Woz Predicts 'Horrible Problems' With Cloud Computing

    So because Woz says it, we should take it seriously now? I guess I need to start checking with Woz more often!!
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    Wikipedia Blackout Caused By Cut Cables

    It was the government installing new devices to intercept leaks that are sent to Wiki...uh oh..
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    Microsoft Windows 8 Packaging?

    Whats everyone so excited about? I haven't even seen Windows 8 yet. Heck, we are still trying to get my company up to Windows 7 off of XP. So we have what, another 5-7 years before we'll have to upgrade to 8 anyways. :)
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    The PC Looks Like It's Dying

    This is a result of our declining education system. Because people are no longer smart enough to use PCs, they have to make dumbed down devices for the population. The knowledge of how to actually use a computer is fading away.... You should probably have a glass of Brawndo...
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    Jails Moving To Video Visitations?

    The system is FUBAR. Our laws are FUBAR. The "war on drugs" is FUBAR. When you have a for profit penal system, of course they are going to try and stuff it to the gills with people. And who pays for it? The taxpayers. Hurray for capitalism and the raping of human rights, because god forbid we...
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    EPIC Pedal Car Mod

    That is awesome! I don't see how that car can flip unless the kid takes it onto a steep hill. If the father knows enough on how to build this for his son, and judging by the pictures, he works in a car shop, then I'm sure he put limits on the motor so it wouldn't go too fast. Well, until the boy...
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    The World’s Most Famous Photo?

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    Demonoid Busted By The Police

    I wonder how much $$ USA gave Ukraine to do this. Money talks!
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    Cyber Security Law Fails To Pass Senate

    You got that right. Go check out the Koch Bros data center in Wichita and Green Bay. Prepare for a cavity search! :p
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    NASA's Curiosity Rover to Land on Mars This Weekend

    Woot!! So happy it made it!! Best money we've ever spent on space exploration. Can't wait until we start getting data back on all the tests its going to start performing. It really is too bad that the couldn't have gotten a good HD camera/telescope setup in advance of it landing to get...
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    Texting While Driving FAIL of the Week

    If they don't want people talking/texting, they should just put cell jammers in cars and be done with it.
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    Ubisoft DRM Lets Remote Attackers In

    Dangit! I was wondering where all my porn went! Hold on a sec, I think someone is knocking at my door...
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    Facebook Rolls Out "A More Beautiful View of Photos"

    On its way!! Facebook Stock
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    Automatic License Plate Readers: A Threat To Privacy

    Next up, automatic speeding tickets and insurance premium increases! Woohoo! :rolleyes:
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    Digg to Be Reborn on August 1

    Dunno what Digg is, and apparently I don't care. :p
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    Hacker Tool Disguised As A Power Strip

    1.21 gigawatts?! :D
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    Facebook's Facial Recognition Draws US Senate Scrutiny

    Nah, that's why corporations lobby the government, so they can make the pesky questions go away...;)
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    Mom Hacked School To Change Kid's Grades by 1%

    I swear, sometimes I think we really are computer constructs....I can't believe people don't have more important things to do in their lives than this kind of bullshit. :rolleyes:
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    Yahoo CEO Mayer's Pay Package Worth More Than $59M

    Wow! Hot, and rich!! I'd let her get me pregnant and support me! :p
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    10 Years Ago Today: Porn Star Edition

    Ron Jerem..
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    Online Sales Tax For All Inches Closer To Reality

    I agree with you on most of that. I believe as a first world country, we should be able to provide all our citizens with the right to education, health care and jobs. And by provide, I don't mean "hand outs". The biggest problem is, programs like social security DO work, if the politicians would...
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    Guncraft Open Beta

    lol! I applaud Minecraft for its gameplay. If you are going to copy what minecraft did, then you should step up the game with better visuals etc, and then add a new twist to the game. Like others have said, this just looks like someone trying to "cash in".
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    Tech Layoffs Hit 3-Year High of 51,529

    Yes. My company has been centralizing the shit out of anything to do with IT. No more custom home made apps, it all has to come out of a box with vendor support. Now we have an effort to move everyone to thin client. Corporate may be saving some money, but the manufacturing sites are dying...
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    Donate Your Old Hardware To Help Needy Children

    Well, I hate to bring the thread back on topic, but it really would be great to get a list of charities that take that kind of stuff. I have a shit ton of computers I wouldn't mind donating, but I really want to find a legit charity that can actually use it.