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    Board games/card games discussion?

    Around 3rd and 4th edition I spent way too much money on MTG. But I've been recently getting into board games so to scratch my itch I've bought several Duel Decks like this one. I also have a few promo 30 card decks that are good for mixing and matching. It's been perfect for a few casual...
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    Anyone else interested in WildStar?

    Since you're on the trial I'd suggest trying a few other characters out. Maybe try to get to level 15 on a couple that interest you. I initially wanted to play Stalker then last minute decided to play Medic (I'm a tank in ESO.) Got the Medic to 31 and their DPS rotation just kept getting...
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    Anyone else interested in WildStar?

    I plan on giving this game a decent shot and plan on playing on a PvE server. If anyone has a crew that is looking for another member let me know. I plan on playing a Stalker tank but I am going in without playing any of the betas.
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    WTS - White 16GB Moto X (AT&T), Black PS Vita 1st Gen

    White 16GB Moto X Pic 1, Pic 2 Comes in original box with the OEM charger and cable. Used in mint condition Sold Black PS Vita 1st Gen Wifi/3G Pic 1, Pic 2 Comes with original charging cables, 32GB memory card, and 8GB memory card. Used in mint condition $200 Shipped eBay Heat Payments...
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    Help with my domain!

    I've been happy with Dreamhost for the past few years. I pay <$10 a month.
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    ATT pricing Apple out?

    The $85 a month also includes the $15 device subsidy charge. I didn't know any other carriers offered a Microcell. I thought it was AT&T only.
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    ATT pricing Apple out?

    I'd love to switch from AT&T, but T-Mobile getting rid of corporate discounts kinda killed that. After taxes my AT&T bill is still ~$85 with 3GB of data. I probably would have switched long ago but I have a Microcell in my house and they actually have LTE in Cincinnati.
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    ATT pricing Apple out?

    Pretty sure that Verizon price is a temporary promotion. They're selling the 5C and 5S for the same price on contract.
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    Yeah, they need stricter prerequisites for some of their quests. I almost always end up doing a zone out of order because I like to venture off for various map completion objectives. It's like they wanted to have these epic multi-part quests, but then tried to break them up to fit a standard...
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    Elder Scrolls Online - $37

    I've played since head start and I'm still enjoying the game. I can see why other folks completely despise it. I feel like it's a niche game and I hope the developers iron out some of the obvious issues and continue with their vision. The folks that say "I'm only going to play if it's free"...
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    Which used Android Phone under $250 should I get?

    SMS is the platform that the 5 other people I group message with on a regular basis have in common. On my iPhone it was always like a mini chat room and that was perfect for me. Not sure how to get that going on Android so as soon as I plugged in my SIM card all hell broke loose.
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    Which used Android Phone under $250 should I get?

    I'm coming from an iPhone 5. I've only used the Moto X for an hour or two. I really like the size and feel of the phone, I just struggle a little bit with Android. I probably just need to take the time to learn how to use my phone a different way and get everything set up the way I like it...
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    Which used Android Phone under $250 should I get?

    I just picked up a Moto X for $200 in good condition. Haven't touched an Android phone since the original Droid. Figured this was a good phone to get to see what has changed.
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    Thanks for reinforcing the point we were making about your posts. No one has denied that there are bugs. We just enjoy the game despite the bugs, but it appears those bugs make you throw a fit. We all spend money on games we end up not liking. It sounds like you need to cancel your sub and...
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    Life isn't about what happens to you, it's about how you react to it. And always remember opinions are like assholes. As for ESO people have different tolerance for bugs and people have different reactions to the ones they experience. When I get a bug or have a botting issue, I usually...
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    I really hope it breaks up the grind from VR1 - VR10.
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    I personally haven't experienced this. Any time I've completed the quest with a group or with random ungrouped people I've never had to wait for a respawn as long as I 'tagged' the mob before it died. When in a group we do make sure we progress the quests at a similar pace so that we aren't on...
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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    I've put almost 4 days /played into this game and I think it's pretty great. I'm level 43 in AD with 3 bugged quests in my journal. But these are quests my friends have been able to complete so I'm not sure what the issue is. I find the game pretty unique for a AAA MMORPG. My biggest gripe...
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    League of Legends -- how many [H] regulars?

    Codes from PAX East. They expire in a couple days... Riot Blitzcrank Codes: WW7JT3J3A7RF9K WWQ3GMJVVLQYYD Arcade Hecarim Codes: WW3RWPQPWQLG6D WW44MFKQH7LUYK
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    Anyone else interested in WildStar?

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    The Elder Scrolls Online

    Played this damn near all day yesterday. Everything was very stable for a day 1 mmo launch. Had to re-log a couple times and I still can't complete the damn frog racing quest. My merry band of adventurers were 12, 11, 11, and 8 and we finished the first AD dungeon. We were slightly under...
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    Infamous: Second Son

    Has there been any mention on how long it will take to finish the main story? I really enjoyed the PS3 games but felt they almost got a little long in the tooth. Especially when doing all of the side missions.
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    March shows the Xbox One's strengths

    When I was a kid we played NES/SNES in the PIP window. I think PIP functionality has kind of gone the way of the Dodo.
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    Upgrading SSD - Clone or Just Add Space

    Looking for some random opinions. I currently have a Crucial M4 128GB SSD that has Windows 8.1 installed along with other miscellaneous programs. I keep all of my games and media on a Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB HDD. I'm purchasing a Samsung 840 EVO 750GB SSD so that I can move my games...
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    Final Fantasy Lightning Returns

    PS3 Codes if anyone wants them: Yuna Code: JGJF-FJNA-ECHT & Cloud Code: ENDK-7EN7-2D9K
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    Titanfall - Respawn Entertainment's first game

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    Titanfall - Beta, anyone got in?

    PM Sent. Enjoy!
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    Titanfall - Beta, anyone got in?

    First person to reply to this thread and quote me gets a beta code.
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    PSN Flash Sale - Ends 6:00PM PST 01/31

    Several FF games are on sale this week also.
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    Best multi IM chat program for iOS?

    I don't have much experience in VOIP apps. I use Skype for Skype-to-Skype calls all the time and it's fantastic. I used to user Viber for long conference calls... It was OK at best. The quality was pretty sub-par, but I think they have a paid tier. Maybe check out some of the Google Voice...
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    Best multi IM chat program for iOS?

    I researched this recently and IM+ is probably the best option. I tried it but it didn't really meet my needs. My friends and I started on ICQ in '97 and started migrating to AIM around 2001. Flash forward to today and IMing has kinda gone down the crapper. I still leave my AIM account signed...
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    Best apps for the iPad Air?

    Didn't realize until today that my iPad Air has the M7 Processor. Isn't the M7 kinda useless in an iPad? Is there anything out there that takes advantage of it?
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    Assassin's Creed Black Flag

    This was my first AC game. The first 3-4 hours I was so pissed and through I wasted my money and uninstalled. The next day I re-installed it to give it another go and so far I've put in about 28 hours. It's an extremely fun game but the story didn't really pull me in. I'm sitting at about 60%...
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    ps3 rpg recommendations

    I really really loved the FFX-2 game play, but I just couldn't get over the girly stuff. Thinking of giving it another shot with the HD release.
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    Now that dust has settled, are you playing your new consoles?

    Played through the Knack and Killzone single player campaigns. Enjoyed both of them. Now I'm working on AC4. I play it almost daily and I'm at 30% or so. If the girlfriend is in the mood we'll play Lego Marvel. For a quick game or change of pace I'll play a little bit of Resogun or...
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    PS4 Order Status Update

    Just got my e-mail from Best Buy that mine will be ready to pick up at Midnight and they will hold it until the 23rd. I order my games through Amazon (Prime.) Last night about 8pm I finally got the shipment notification and they ended up sending them 1-day so they will be here today.
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    PS4 Launch Games - what is everyone buying?

    Killzone Knack Lego Marvel