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    3DMark11 Score

    P2464 with HD5770 and Q6600 both @stock.
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    ASUS EAH5750 Formula Video Card Review @ [H]

    Please come up with an award for bloopers like this, like a Wooden Spoon award or something.
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    Opera Says Microsoft EU Browser Offer "Not Enough"

    They are not the only one. The EU bureaucracy has turned into a monster seeking control far beyond the mandate given by the EU parliament and EU voters. The transparency is zero and normal people have no idea what is going on before some crazy political decision or court ruling is announced "on...
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    ATI and HDCP class action suit

    I wish I lived in the US, then I'd be entitled to two new HD4650 cards (have ATi 9800Pro and X850XT-PE). On the other hand... never mind
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    Upgrade suggestions - Smaller Quieter?

    Does nVidia have anything small atm like the HD 4670, but with better 3D performance? Just installed a 4670 in my SFF box with about 1 inch length clearance. Looked into faster cards, ia 9600GT, but they were all too long. I've found one HD 4830 version that would fit, but with no space left for...
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    Feedback on the updates

    Steve aka Property of HardOCP has been a forum member for 38.2 years. Impressive!
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    ASUS Silent Knight, Triton 77, & Silent Square EVO

    0 what, C or K? The graphs actually make a good representation of the performance delta, as 0 delta gives close to 0 bar length. However, the type of graphs you are asking for would give a better representation of the performance ratio.
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    Asus P5K-E and 8400

    All P5K-E WiFi BIOS revisions after 0906 (100*) are beta, of course the MB doesn't come with one of those.
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    Civilization 4 Gold $19.99 @ Amazon.

    Civ4 gold includes the warlords expansion pack. In addition, you can buy the Beyond the Sword exp pack. I quickly had to ban myself from playing this game. After install I spent a full week playing it without sleep.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 @ [H]

    The "massive difference in performance" is explained by the significant difference in testing approach between H and other sites. There is no discrepancy whatsoever. If you fail to understand this you shouldn't engage in a technical discussion. "Something else is going on"... yeah, some...
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 @ [H]

    Must be the fastest growing thread since "Valve sucks!"... Strange, as there is not much to discuss - there is no discrepancy between the H review and the reviews on other sites, there is only a question of different technical approach. The consumers must decide for themselves which approach...
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    Tri Core, who is waiting for it?

    Oh yes put me on the waitlist for a broken quadcore please :rolleyes:
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    AMD, present time.

    Q4 '07 earnings to be announced Thursday Jan 17. Any rumours out there? At least the HD38xx range should have made a positive impact...,,51_306,00.html
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    GeForce 8800 GT Mega Heatsink Roundup @ [H]

    Excellent useful review, and fascinating to see how that VF-900 keeps up with new heatsinks twice as big and heavy. Got a couple of them on some older cards, nice to know that they work on newer cards as well. Otherwise, I agree with the above poster and really miss the AC Silencer type of VGA...
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    [H] 680i & Yorkfield Support Statement from NV

    Higher res and/or fps. Besides, 2x HD 3870 are not that far behind 2x 8800 in the AA/AF dept considering the price difference.
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    [H] 680i & Yorkfield Support Statement from NV

    Ironically, HD3870 CF turns out to be just as good or better than 8800GT SLI, at least without AA/AF: Conclusion is, Nvidia needs to get into the CPU business. But do they have what it takes?
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    Dissappointing Year So Far for AMD

    Sorry, go on.
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    Dissappointing Year So Far for AMD

    It is becoming clearer that AMD is in need of a strong financial partner to go on in this race. Preferrably one with complimentary business areas, e.g. Samsung (RAM, HDDs, CD/DVD, monitors++). With all PC components under one umbrella that could become a powerhouse.
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    9800GTX spotted!! First Pics!

    One million BungholioMarks don't lie!
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    Statement about Bannings and Malicous Rumors @ [H]

    This is a difficult issue. The bannee's lie could have been less obvious, eg 17 cards instead of 170, and he could have gotten away with it and still have done some damage. In fact, anyone can lie about having serious errors with a single card and thus damage the brand's reputation, and no...
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    [H]ardOCP HSF Review Changes & Feedback.

    I suggest choose a CPU that pulls 200W or more under load when max oc'ed on air, e.g. a 65nm quad, a 5xx series prescott or a smithfield. I don't think a 45nm quad will be that hungry even at 4GHz.
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    Mega-Heatsink Roundup - 0407 @ [H]

    7th quarter of the year 2004
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    Mega-Heatsink Roundup - 0407 @ [H]

    Great job Marc, bet you got a little bit tired of mounting monster heatsinks... I also agree on the conclusions, well except that I disqualified the CooliTs in my mind. Some words in the intro on the principles of heat transfer through heatpipes would have been nice, since they behave quite...
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    Perfomance in Crysis demo with x1950Pro

    1950Pro 256MB 580/695,1680x1050, all medium, 7.10, xp, Q6600@3GHz: Avg ~22.5 fps, min. 16 fps, max. 31 fps. Playable. Running GPU benchmark 1 Results will depend on current system settings Press any key to continue . . . Running...
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    Crysis CPU performance: E6850 vs QX6850 vs QX9650 vs Phenom X4

    So the above benchmarks are definitely GPU-limited then, as the results for the 3GHz dual-core (E6850) are spot-on the quad-core results (even a little faster than the Phenom). The small difference between the Intel and AMD CPUs may be ascribed to different bus speeds, memory timings, chipsets...
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    Crysis CPU performance: E6850 vs QX6850 vs QX9650 vs Phenom X4

    These benchmarks are GPU-limited, don't you think?
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    AMD Q3 "Earnings" - What's your best guess?

    It would be interesting to know what is your idea of an optimistic prognosis for AMD.
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    AMD To strike back?

    Yeah, but will there be an increase in single thread performance per clock for the desktop versions (phenom)?
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    AMD To strike back?

    About 50% of the European countries were until 15-18 years ago not very free, including the extraordinarily un-free former East Germany where AMD Dresden Fab is located. Which kind of weakens the political point you're trying to make. X2 is an excellent and still competitive processor series...
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    AMD To strike back?

    Why didn't you just search the FutureMark ORB yourself? The CPU scores with Q6600@stock are evenly distributed within a range of 3400-3900 (XP). I've never run my own at stock so I can't verify this... but I do get a CPU score of 4691 @3GHz.
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    $50 Power Supply Roundup

    The Seasonic S12-II 330W is just 59.99 at NewEgg, imo a much better choice than any of the units tested in this roundup.
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    Pedal to the Metal: Overclocking the Athlon AM2

    How could you tell, did it have a large red or green LED clock freq display on the case front panel? :)
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    AMD Triple Core Information

    Quad core Intels not oc'ing well? You gotta be kidding me. Enthusiasts are all over the Q6600s after the price drop, and many G0s easily reach 3.6 on air and 1.4V Vcore. Running a B3 24/7 on 1.3V and 3.2GHz myself, in a quiet system with low fan speeds and case airflow. I understand the need...
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    for the record

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    Where Are The Barcy Bench Reviews?

    If AMD had sent them a box I'm pretty sure they would have come up with something, considering all the attention this launch had in the enthusiast community. The lack of tests (and test objects) is ridiculous. So what now... another 90 days of hype before the Phenol launch?
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    Q6600 and Freezer 7 -- Booooooooo

    Tjunction (throttling temp) for Q6600 is 100 degrees C. As long as you're well below this in Coretemp you're fine. People who are used to Prescotts don't worry about Q6600 temps at all. Folding on all cores, I'm getting lower temps with a Q6600@3GHz than with a P4 550@stock (3.4GHz) in the...
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    ASUS P5K-E WIFI-AP Edition Problems PLEASE Help

    Q6600 P5K-E Crucial Ballistix 6400 2x1GB 2x 320GB Seagate Barracuda (not raid) Big Typhoon VX120 Corsair HX520 X1950Pro Running stable at 3 GHz for some days now. Vcore set manually to 1.35V i BIOS, reads 1.30V in CPU-Z. I'm using BIOS version 0401. Did you get to install the OS...
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    ASUS P5K-E WIFI-AP Edition Problems PLEASE Help

    I had the same problems as you with this MB, but eventually got rid of it. Not exactly sure how, though. A few things I did that you might try: Make sure RAM is in the yellow slots BIOS, Jumperfree config.: Set "Ai overclocking" to "Manual" in BIOS (you don't have to overclock)...
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    Q6600 owners... what is your VID?

    B3 Vid 1.325 V Vcore 1.328 @ 3.15GHz 100% load