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    Best option for adding more sata ports

    If you plan to go really big, this is a good start. You can eventually get a retired SAS Expander board ( ex: ) for about $30...
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    How Intel's changing the future of power supplies with its ATX12VO spec

    Kinda like the BTX? I still have a BTX case. I could be wrong, but this might be Intel looking for something to patent so they can control the standard and/or make royalty off of it for every PC that uses it. It's the same tactic that Nvidia uses.
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    AMD Drops Ryzen 3000 Pricing by up to $50

    This seems good, but the prices have been down on e-tailers for a bit, so don't expect a drastic change if you were recently looking. I looked last month and they were this low for the 3600/3700 stuff. It was surprising to me because the 3-series and 2-series were pretty close in price. Seems...
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    CD Projekt Red Confirms a "The Witcher" Title Will Follow "Cyberpunk 2077"

    Doesn't surprise me after the success of the Netflix series, they'd be silly not to get a new title out.
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    Cox wants to turn your home WiFi into a public hotspot.

    I'm surprised to hear they don't already do this. It's common these days for companies that lease you the hardware to have this sort of stuff enabled. I see "COX wifi" at businesses all the time. It's usually alongside that businesses WiFi .. always figured this is what is going on. It's not so...
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    On paper GPU in Xbox Series X faster than RTX 2080 Super

    Can't argue with that, some games (to me) are more enjoyable on a console in front of my TV while sitting on the coach. Others are more enjoyable at the desk with a mouse & keyboard. And yes, my PC lives at my desk.
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    EK has a new fan. It's fast, expensive, really thick and...

    I have a server 120mm Delta on my radiator, if you tune it correctly it's hardly noticable and allows for the computer to really pump air if it needs it. I rarely hear louder than a low hum unless I'm really pressing the machine on a hot day. So they have their purpose. The key is to make sure...
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    Google's product cancelling is killing their reputation.

    Is it? Google extended the P2/P2XL warranties because of all the launch issues, it should still be good for a few more months at least.
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    Google's product cancelling is killing their reputation.

    Wait, they're going to kill Google Play Music or just rebrand it as YouTube Music? The company runs like a person with ADHD. They fixate and develop something quickly, but get figgity and distracted, so they never finish it. Years ago they killed the Google Journal note taking app and...
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    Apple's Reinvention as a Services Company Starts for Real Monday

    That Spotify v. Apple [EU anti-trust] complaint just got a tad bit more juicy. If what Spotify is claiming is true, I'd imagine there will now be more complaints from the companies they're going to compete against here.
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    PS5 spec leak shows 8 core CPU and 24GB of RAM.

    20Gb of GDDR6? In a console that's not a ton of money? Right. These seem like wish list specs by someone who doesn't understand engineering to a price point.
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    VRoamer Generates On-The-Fly VR Experiences While Walking Through Buildings

    With co-op, so we can all feel a tad better together as we move into shanties.
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    Health Apps Sell User Data

    Seems the big players have made steps to be HIPAA compliant. Says it doesn't have to be HIPAA for "personal use." You'd think that the transfer of the data to servers outside of your control would make it...
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    Intel Shows Off Graphics Card Designs at GDC 2019

    I kinda think Intel will target mid-tier and low-tier for their first generation. It's hard to leapfrog anyone on a 1st Gen product unless they're doing something completely unheard of. Especially given their foundry problems on smaller nodes. If they had a working/production 7nm, maybe they can...
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    Obsidian Employee is Remaking Star Wars Dark Forces

    Does his page really say that? He's banking on them just removing the content and being done with it, but that statement removes any doubt that he knows he's violating IP, so if they sought compensation, it wouldn't go over well.
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    What Happens When You Water Cool an Air Cooler?

    That all depends on what is "good enough" in his opinion .. barely overclocking with a large air cooler can allow you to use quieter fans. My watercooled setup is a tad loud because I have only 120mm of radiator and a Delta fan (speed controlled). So in my setup, his would be a lot quieter, but...
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    What Happens When You Water Cool an Air Cooler?

    Yeah, the bottom plate could have been done a tad better (but, it is a first gen prototype for his idea). I think you can slide those aluminum fins off, so he could have increased the surface area dramatically by just drilling holes to size of the heatpipes and reassemblying. Should have also...
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    Captain Marvel Will Lead the MCU, Kevin Feige Says

    Why see the next one? The last Avengers was the perfect ending to the current MCU.
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    File Abnormality Causes Duplicate Tax Refunds

    It's more like: "Bank error in bank's favor: We'll correct it within 4-5 business days. Maybe we'll refund fees associated with it." And.. "Bank error in your favor: Give us back our money, you thieving f***!"
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    Epic Games Denies Client Spying Accusations

    Doesn't Steam also do some hardware/software profiling? They use it for their user metric stuff. Seems to be a lot about nothing and I don't have a dog in this race.
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    Flickr Photos Were Used to Train IBM Facial Recognition

    Problem is, your photos are only being used in the training portion of the algorithm. Once that's done and the model evolves, it's just weights for feature take off. The picture can be discarded or removed. That's why many researches just scrape images from Google search (as mentioned). This is...
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    Flickr Photos Were Used to Train IBM Facial Recognition

    Hmm, maybe they should develop some form of algorithm that searches images for facial features to try to match another image? "We've likely used your Flickr photo to train our facial recognition software." "Remove my image!" "Sorry, we don't have the technology to find your image. But that'd...
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    RED Removes References to Hydrogen One Modular Components

    Wait, did he refer to himself in that way? He's the founder of Oakley and founder/CEO of RED Digital. A few years ago I got the opportunity to tour RED's facilities near LA and meet their former CTO / current staff (I'll say, they're very dog friendly in the cubicles). From what I was told...
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    911 Calls Raise Concerns Over Amazon Working Conditions

    We also used to wrap factories in barbwire and force people to work until they dropped, didn't get a single 911 call back then either! :rolleyes:
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    NVIDIA Acquires Mellanox for $6.9 Billion

    He added "plus, we reeeeaaalllly love money." As he snorted a line of coke, slammed a champagne bottle against the wall, and sprinted out the door with two hookers in tow.
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    YouTube Adds Feature to Fact-Check Viral Conspiracy Videos and Fake News

    I wouldn't doubt it. Monsanto has one of the most aggressive social media groups on Reddit. There's a list of names of known shills but you could usually find them just by mentioning a few keywords and they'd appear within hours to defend the company (despite claiming to not be involved with...
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    Ubisoft Will Prevent Third-Party Digital Stores from Selling "The Division 2" after Release

    From what I played in the open beta and what I've read. This is more in tune with being what the developers envisioned but didn't have time to polish for the first title. It's a hybrid genre game that may not appeal to everyone. TheDivision had a lot of problems at launch, but was a fun title...
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    "No Survivors": Second New Boeing 737 to Crash in Four Months

    This is the third Boeing plane that has been lost in 4 months, that's not a good view no matter who is at fault.
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    Ubisoft Will Prevent Third-Party Digital Stores from Selling "The Division 2" after Release

    Seems like it'll just keep the price of used games higher. Step 1) Buy game on a new uPlay account. Step 2) Play game until you're done with it. Step 3) Reset game/uplay profile and sell account.
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    Anthem Is a Buggy Mess

    I dunno, it seems EA really pushed the envelope it appears. They usually release buggy / BETA games, but this one appears to be especially bad. It's like they were testing just how far they could push their Early-Access-as-Retail model. No, that's not really an official thing for them, but it...
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    Cryptocurrency Mining Slowdown Could Lead to GPU Price Cuts

    That's probably why the newest generation is more expensive, so they didn't have to cut as much price on the last generation to make them look enticing to consumers. It's nice to see consumers voting with their wallets and holding out for the proper over-supply price cuts they've been avoiding.
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    MIT Has Developed a Four-Legged Robot That Can Do a Backflip

    MIT is going to be the people who accidentally end the human race.
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    The USB Promoter Group Announces USB4 Specification

    True, many simple devices just use a translation layer of hardware for RS-232 anyways as it's still widely used in basic microprocessors you may put in some electronics (like a PIC or AT). Modern power regulator IC's are smart enough to detect the capabilities available, the issue will be with...
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    The Shadow Robot Company Makes a Telerobotic Hand

    Too expensive for his tastes.
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    The Biggest Problem with Triple-A, Open-World Games: "They're Boring as Hell"

    He's not wrong on many titles (GR: Wildlands was a copy/paste bonanza). The chores in RDR2 were completely optional depending your play style and most of the levels/missions had some uniqueness to them. The game is long even just doing the story missions straight through. The side missions...
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    Steven Spielberg Is Gunning to Make Sure Netflix Never Has Another Oscars Contender

    Netflix changed the way they released movies to comply with the rules of eligibility for films they felt had a chance at awards. Now they want to move the goal posts even farther? Sounds like sour grapes from an industry clinging to the past.
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    Windows 10: New Study Shows Home Edition Users Are Baffled by Updates

    As others have said, there are a few ways around it. What bugs me is the "Reboot/Shutdown w/ Update" and "Reboot/Shutdown w/o Update" options in the power menu have gone. At least those gave the users some level of control if they needed a quick reboot but didn't want to be forced into a coffee...
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    YouTube Disables Comments on Videos with Minors

    They were only going to do something about it when forced by advertisers, just like every other crackdown. It only took this long because the guy who did the video on what was going on (exposing it all) had his post on Reddit go viral and the popularity reached the main media and advertisers...