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    Amazon and Walmart are at War over Prices and it is Terrifying CPG Brands

    HardOCP is becoming the tl;dr site with these book reports.
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    Facebook Tests Dislike Button on Messages

    At a time when so many other companies are removing it from their services because it makes stupid people feel bad.
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    Bad News for Microsoft: Windows 10 Loses Market Share Again

    When you live in a world where Windows 8.1 is now retrospectively considered "not that bad". I have 7 on my main laptop and 8.1 on my Surface 3. A co-worker was showing me Windows 10 on his Surface 4 and I was very turned off to how awful it looked for fingering. The start panel is fine on a...
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    Tokyo Is Getting a New Life-Size Gundam

    Not Unicorn! That's the garbage one!
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    Overwatch's New Character Is a Robot Named Orisa

    I was expecting the girl to be the new character."Genius Kid!" is such a stupid trope. I'm glad they didn't go that route.
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda Features "Full Nudity," Is "Totally Softcore Space Porn"

    I feel like the [H] news pictures are looking more and more like click-bait ads. Not all of them, but some are pretty bad. Just waiting for the articles to be titled "When you see what this Asari is looking at, you'll be left speechless"
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    Overwatch Wins DICE Game of the Year

    Overwatch is safe, watered down, mass market, ultra processed oatmeal. It has just enough fun and bright colors to set it apart from the dreary once-a-year war shooters, and there's the Multi-National Team so everyone can feel represented, even though some of them are horribly racist...
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    Does Metacritic Really Matter Today

    Binary review sites (metacritic and rottentomatoes) are terrible for getting input on a movie or game. "Did you hate it? Yes or No" doesn't really capture the nuance of an opinion, and leads to an overinflation of the opinions on a lot of mediocre stuff. These sites are also cesspools for troll...
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    Gaming Hardware Needs to Grow Up

    Don't you dare talk ill of the g502! Hard working, and it feels like a glove.
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    Meet The Man To Blame For Comic Sans

    I work with like eight Graphic and Industrial Designers. To them it's a big hipster thing to over the top hate it. They're taught in school that it's worse than Hitler or something, and should never be used in any situation. One of us engineers made a sign in Comic Sans to poke the bear and...
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    You're Doing it Wrong

    Thanks. I don't usually go into non-news threads.
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    You're Doing it Wrong

    Not to be too off topic, but what happened to Steve? I've been seeing mostly Kyle posting lately.
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    Family Sues Apple Over Wreck Caused by FaceTime

    I have co-workers who facetime while on duty. They aren't even talking to the people they're facetiming with, just doing their job one handed while holding their phone at face level. I don't understand it at all.
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    “Rogue One” Reviewed: Is It Time To Abandon The “Star Wars” Franchise?

    A review is instantly untrustworthy when it contains the text "the best of George Lucas’s "Star Wars" entries ("Attack of the Clones" and "Revenge of the Sith")."
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    Reddit For Sale: Viral Fake News For $200

    I'd like to see an end to the bad haircut, neckbeard raising his eyebrow in a close-up youtube video to show you how smart he is.
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    Michael Fassbender: VR Will Change The Whole Medium Of Film

    A gimmick, like 3d. It'd work where it is appropriate, but be shoved into movies where it detracts from them as well. VR is bad for movies because framing of a scene is very important for emotional impact on movies that have a real creative spark. Also editing on good looking movies would get...
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    San Francisco Rail System Hacker Hacked

    RTFA: They had already elected to refuse to pay up because they had properly stored backups from which they are restoring. The system is back online already.
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    Amazon Gets Real About Fakes

    Here's a specific example I ran across recently: Things...
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    Amazon Gets Real About Fakes

    Wasn't this not a big problem until Amazon changed some policy early this year? I've noticed a big influx over 2016 of garbage knockoffs, the same product being released by multiple different "brands", and fake or paid reviews.
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    Amazon Institutes Cap On Product Reviews

    This also doesn't fix the problem of paid-for reviews. The reviewer gets refunded for purchasing a product, but only after the product creator has seen their positive review posted on Amazon. This lets the product get a bogus review (There is no refund for a not-positive review), but it still...
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    Dishonored 2 PC Problems?

    Alt-Tab messed with Skyrim too. For some reason Bethesda games don't like you looking at another window.
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    Carve A Pumpkin With A Waterjet!

    The machine uses 0.5-1 gallon per minute of cutting, and 3 gallons of recycled water for cooling. A shower is like 2 gallons per minute.
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    Lyft Could Be Getting Rid Of Its Pink Mustache

    That stupid moustache logo is the biggest turnoff for Lyft. It was a fad to stick moustaches on everything, and now it looks dated, like if they had Doge or Grumpy Cat as their mascot. It shouldn't have been used in the first place, but that's a very San Francisco thing to give serious start ups...
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    Carve A Pumpkin With A Waterjet!

    We have done this at my place of employment (coworker's project here). It is pretty easy to use, take a vector file and either autopath it, or manually define which direction the machine follows the lines in the file. We can instruct someone in the operation of the software and hardware in about...
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    Apple Watch Lead Sags As Smartwatch Market Sinks

    My coworker has and extensively uses an Android one. I get a lot of Dick Tracy flashbacks when he uses it for searches.
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    The Last Guardian Has Finally Gone Gold

    Their games are never about length, and none of their fans obsess over how long the games are. They pack a very large amount of heart and fun into a tight package and don't feel like a ripoff. Shadow was like 10 hours to beat and Ico was like 6, and both were well worth the money when my brother...
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    League of Legends Getting Crowdfunding Support For Prize Pools

    I mean, this IS League of Legends ripping off DotA. That's exactly what the company was created as - a DotA ripoff. But seriously, I agree it's not really a ripoff. Just another logical revenue source, and gleaning profits from in-game microtransactions isn't that unique an idea. And if it...
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    First Look At J. K. Simmons As Commissioner Gordon In Justice League

    JK Simmons is always gonna be J Jonah Jameson. Also JK Simmons is the white Samual L Jackson. He's only interesting when he's shouting (Spiderman, Whiplash) and I don't usually think of Commissioner Gordon as someone who is shouting a lot.
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    Adblock Plus Now Sells Ads

    The concept is nice. The problem with modern ads is they are so bloated with high volume auto-play videos, tracking, and high volume per page. As a certain website we're at demonstrates, low impact banner ads can be fine in moderation. I believe services like AdBlock came as a response to the...
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    Oculus Will Get Mac Support If Apple 'Ever Releases A Good Computer'

    In pictures of people wearing VR headsets, why are they always looking up?
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    Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Tesla

    This was a fatal non-electric car fire that occured recently. This one wasn't related to the gas tank, but this one set itself on fire and locked the people inside, which I'd say is much worse than flying debris...
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    Apple Targeting Late October for OS X Mavericks Launch

    Someone is quick to jump the gun and go screaming mad. Galvin seems to be saying "I thought apple was copying MS' tiles, but that still looks like windowed programs rather than tile based"
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    Study: Video Games Don’t Make Teens Violent

    The local CBS radio news covered this article in a positive light, I almost hit the breaks hearing a news station talk in support of a study that says violent video games don't increase violent tendencies.
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    Google Glass Expected to Retail for $299

    Comparing theft of googles to sunglasses/prescription is apples and oranges. There is limited resellability of sunglasses and especially prescription glasses. Tech is much different. Theft of smartphones is a pretty big issue, and this would be a lot easier to snatch and dash than a phone in...
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    First Trailer for Ashton Kutcher's 'Jobs' Released

    "It only takes one person" Are they talking about the guy whose wiki bio reads "single-handedly invented both the Apple I and Apple II computers"? Pirates was a great movie, especially seeing Bender as Ballmer. I may rent this one to compare, it'd be nice if it wasn't as atrocious with...
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    Topless Women at Game Developer's Holiday Party? They seem to be held to their own standards in this case, at least according to their corporate, regardless of Kotaku's white knighting attempts...
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    Pirate Party Politician Goes After Book Pirates

    if you read the article, she basically says she rolled over and took the first offer she found because it was so lucrative, and regrets the decision. If you want brilliant, this article linked within that article is:
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    Pirate Party Politician Goes After Book Pirates

    She knew full well what she was signing into with that company and made a fat check off of it. She had plenty of other options for getting a book published that didn't involve a book RIAA, just like there are plenty of musicians who go independent to escape the gutting. "I'm too lazy to...
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    Audi Scores Fastest Electric Lap On The Nürburgring

    I wonder how the Tesla would fair on that run. They both seem to have similar limited top speeds, so it'd come down to handling.