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    PG32UQX - ASUS 32" 4K 144 Hz HDR1400 G-Sync Ultimate

    Hi. Quick question: I have the 45GR95QE and though it is a fantastic monitor, I would like to add a 4K 32" monitor to get better pixel pitch. In your case in which you own the 45 and the 32UQX, how better is overall picture/image quality on the 32UQX vs the 45? Do colors on the 32UQX look more...
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    PG32UQX - ASUS 32" 4K 144 Hz HDR1400 G-Sync Ultimate

    Hi. A quick question: I'm deciding between this monitor and the PA32UCG. It seems to me, at least on paper, that the PA32UCG should be a better monitor, but I'm wondering about these: The 32UQX covers 160% SRGB while the PA32UCG covers "just" 100% SRB. Both monitors cover 98% DCI-P3, but I have...
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    better and brighter monitor than SW321C

    Hi. I have a SW321C monitor that it's been praised in several reviews as an excellent monitor for photography, video editing et al. I have it but it's nothing impressive and I could even say the image quality is dull. At least when I compare it to a monitor like the XDR Pro display that I saw at...
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    LG UltraGear OLED 45GR95QE-B

    Hi, can anyone help me to where to find this monitor's drivers? I've downloaded all the monitors applications and software from LG website but there is no specific file for drivers and I can't get the PC to recognize the monitor as capable of displaying HDR videos. Thank you!
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    LG 2023 OLED TVs

    Hi, I was planning to buy a C2 42" to be used as a monitor, but should I wait for the C3 42" model? Does anyone have a clue when these new model is going to be available to buy? LG is already taking preorders...
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    The 32 inch 4k IPS 144hz's...(Update - this party is started) (wait for it...)

    Thank you! That's interesting, I'll take a look. I'd like a BRIGHT monitor, so I would double-check how bright the 32EP950 is in comparison to the PG32UQX.
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    The 32 inch 4k IPS 144hz's...(Update - this party is started) (wait for it...)

    If cost is not a matter, Is the PG32UQX as of now the best 4K 32" monitor available? I don't game that much (but I sometimes do) and mostly I'll be using the monitor for photo editing and regular stuff. I would like the best of the best monitor. Currently, my monitor is a BENQ SW321C, but I find...
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    Why OLED for PC use?

    OLED + Glossy display monitor: Match made in heaven. It's a joy to use such monitors.
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    Dell Alienware AW3423DWF 34″ QD-OLED 165Hz FreeSync Premium Pro (3440 x 1440)

    Hi there. Please help! :( I was working with my brand-new monitor (I opened it yesterday) and all of a sudden, the monitor went into a screen changing colors (red, blue, black, white, green) cycle and stopped responding. I turned it off, disconnect it from the power, disconnect/connect display...
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    best monitor for pop up colors?

    Thank you all for your responses and suggestions. I just ordered the Alienware 3423DW. It's curious, I bought for my daughter the Apple Studio Display last year and I connected it to my Windows PC (USB C to DisplayPort cable) and even though the ASD has been heavily criticized and it's not a...
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    best monitor for pop up colors?

    If you had to suggest the monitor with the color rendition you've like the most, which one would it be? In other words, what would be the best monitor for you to suggest overall?
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    best monitor for pop up colors?

    Beautiful colors! Look at those RED colors! Pop out naturally if such a thing exists. Closer to the real thing...
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    best monitor for pop up colors?

    Actually not, maybe I chose my wording bad. When I watch movies on my 77" OLED TV I always watch in TECHNICOLOR mode or CINEMA MODE, I hate the vivid/standard mode. My DELL UP3017Q colors pop out IN COMPARISON with my other monitors but it does not mean necessarily that those colors are unrealistic.
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    best monitor for pop up colors?

    Hi, I'm accustomed to my DELL UP3017Q. It's an old monitor, but with fantastic colors. I'm looking for a refresh. I also have a PREDATOR X38P monitor and a BENQ SW321C. I like to edit photos (not professionally but as a hobby) and occasionally gaming. What I like about the UP3017Q is that even...
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    Is the X38 Predator the best 38" monitor for photo editing?

    Hi. I've been using a 38" monitor from ACER the XR382CQK, and it's a great monitor, but I need another one for my office. I want to buy a new 38" to use in my home, where apart from normal office work I would do photo and video editing and very irregulary some gaming. Top best performance for...
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    Is there a better monitor (or at least equivalent) than the iMac Retina 5K display to be used with a PC

    Thank you, I'll take a look at those certainly. Hope one of them are glossy though... Best regards,
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    Is there a better monitor (or at least equivalent) than the iMac Retina 5K display to be used with a PC

    Hi. A few days ago I watched some sample photos on the iMac (2020 model) of a friend of mine and the colors renditions was absolutely beautiful and precise. Images pop up without losing any truth. I've read that the Retina display of that iMac is actually a quite good one, with full P3 coverage...
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    HDR 1000 nits vs 400 nits

    I made my mind about the new gaming monitor I want and it's specs look quite good, with HDR with 400 nits. There are two monitors (4K, 144) that offers more nits: 1000. My questions is: to really experience good HDR gaming, do I really need those 1000 nits or I would be fine with 400? Actually...
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    Any opinions about the Aorus AD27QD gaming monitor?

    Thanks for the observation and I agree, it's virtually the same model.
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    Any opinions about the Aorus AD27QD gaming monitor?

    I see this monitor, the Aorus AD27QD, is now available to buy and based from its specifications and some reviews I've seen and read, this may well be the best 1440p gaming monitor on the market today. I wonder why I've not seen this monitor mentioned in this forum? Thanks,
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    PG279 2k 165hz Antiglare Removal Help

    Congratulations!! I have the same monitor and would love to try it out. Did you by any chance took a video recording of the process?
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    I ran a few benchmarks... GTX 1080 ti FTW3 VS RTX 2080 ti FTW3 @ 3440x1440

    I have a regular 1080ti card and would like to upgrade to a regular (black edition) 2080ti. Any reason why I should avoid the BLACK model and get a XC or FTW model? Thanks! P.S. EDIT: Actually there's no BLACK edition available at BHPHOTO so I'm leaning toward the XC ULTRA model. Any...
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    Any 4K/5K 27"-28" glossy display like the latests iMac for PC?

    Wow , what do you know! I just found it! It’s the Planar IX2790 monitor!!!
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    Any 4K/5K 27"-28" glossy display like the latests iMac for PC?

    Is there any 4k/5k 27-28" GLOSSY monitor that I can use with my PC and that could bring me the same image the latest iMac displays provide? Thank you!
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    Absolute best display for lawyer (price irrelevant)

    As a lawyer myself and even tough I also have other monitors for PC gaming exclusively and even the unique Dell 30" OLED monitor, I've been lately working from my Acer Gaming Monitor 37.5" Ultra Wide Curved XR382CQK bmijqphuzx 3840 x 1600 and it is by far the best monitor for working I've had...
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    Trying to decide between two 38" monitors.

    I second the 38" ACER monitor option. Last week I was debating on this and after reading reviews and watching YouTube videos I chose the ACER monitor. I bought it from AMAZON and yes, be careful to choose the HDR option that, in fact, is actually cheaper than the non HDR one.
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    240hz gaming monitors

    I agree. Recently I "test drove" the 240hz Alienware monitor and the image quality is really awful even when comparing it with other TN monitors.
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    Why pro gamers tend to favor 24-25" monitors vs bigger (27" and more) ones?

    How do you resize the image? Care to share some settings? Thanks,
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    Why pro gamers tend to favor 24-25" monitors vs bigger (27" and more) ones?

    I was wondering why professional gamers tend to favor 24-25" monitors vs bigger (27" and more) ones? Is it because if you have a bigger screen you need to force more your view to focus on specific spots? Or because the mouse movement from one corner to another takes more time? Other reasons?
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    No OLED panel? $5500, absolutely not. $3999 is close but facing strong competition because this monitor might be the best big gaming display of it all but the one who buys it will not get the best one for other uses (movies, tv shows, sports) because that field belongs to OLED panels.
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    Asus ROG swift PG65

    But the hand/mouse movement is larger than what it would take with a 27" monitor. Trust me, I have tried again and again playing on my 65" OLED TV and a 43" 4K monitor with the same results where as playing on a 27" or small screen is easier.
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    Asus ROG swift PG65

    For PC gaming, specially FPS/TPS games, where you are supposed to play with a mouse and keyboard, it doesn't make sense (to me) playing with such a big screen in which you have to be at a great distance to have a complete field of view. I wonder how quick can you react with such a great screen...
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    Image quality and features wise, is the "Acer Predator X27 bmiphzx " just as good as this ASUS model? Is it basically a choice of the design you like the most? I don't know why ASUS gaming monitors are so elusive in comparison with the ACER ones. Thank you.
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    A better monitor for Windows than iMac 5K P3 displays?

    Hi. Recently I worked on a colleague brand new iMac (not the Pro one) and watching some photos and youtube videos I find that the image quality was gorgeous, really beatiful. Upon reading some material I find that the new iMac 27" uses a 5K display with P3 color gamut and that's the reason why...
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    Philips Momentum 43" 4K HDR gaming display

    Other than better input lag, what would be the advantage of this monitor vs a 43" Sony X800E or an equivalent Samsung UHD TV?
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    38" UW-QHD+ (3840 x 1600) vs 32" 4K? Which would you choose?

    That's good to know! I just ordered the 32" 4K Acer model. I hope that since it's got G-Sync games at 4K should run smoother with my GTX 1080Ti. I think I will have to disable one of my GTX 1080Ti cards because when I run them on SLI, 10 minutes after playing a BSOD appears. I think it's because...
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    38" UW-QHD+ (3840 x 1600) vs 32" 4K? Which would you choose?

    Thank you all for your responses. Spun Ducky solution to temporarily convert the 32" 4K into a 3840x1600 for gaming sound like quite a good idea. While gaming at 38" sure sounds very tempting, with 4K I think there won't be no pixelation at all and everything would look crystal clear; but, what...
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    38" UW-QHD+ (3840 x 1600) vs 32" 4K? Which would you choose?

    Hello. I'm debating between these two options for regular PC use (MS-Word, mail, internet browsing) and gaming. I have a a 8700K rig with 2 GTX 1080Ti. My two options are a 32" Acer 4K with GSync vs the 38" Acer HDR with no Gsync. Given these two options which would you use for the best gaming...
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    LG 27UK850-W vs BENQ SW271

    Hi. I'm basically deciding between these two monitor for my office. I'm not going to use them for video gaming nor professional photo/video uses BUT I do like having monitors that provide me the best image quality possible. I really like the LG 27UK850-W features but do like the fact that the...