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    FS: Surface Pro 3 & Starbucks Gift Cards!

    payment sent for 2 Starbucks card BUMP :)
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    240GB Crucial M500 SSD $73

    Thanks for the post. Got one :)
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    FS: Starbuck's Gift Cards

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    Problems with Powercolor rebate

    I submitted a rebate at powercolor and sapphire, after 8 weeks I got the rebate from sapphire and never heard from powercolor. I then called them up and asked them about it. They denied my rebate and said the rebate form was not signed. I asked a copy of the form and they sent me the rebate...
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    Received defective Item

    I left a negative feedback so other buyers will be aware of this.
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    Received defective Item

    Well, he didn't tell me that DVI was broken. My monitor has VGA input but would have been better to connect via DVI. I got it cheap for 33 USD so shipping it back and losing 15 USD is not worth it, might as well just use it. I also closed the dispute and thank my friend in helping me...
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    Received defective Item

    I appreciate all the reply here. We were able to figure it out but the DVI connection is really broken. No output. Would have been nice to know that before buying it. We have to put the video card in the extra pci-e slot via pci-e riser and increase the voltage in the bios to allow it to...
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    Received defective Item

    Thanks for the replies. Asking for the refund was the a good way to get a response from the seller. I see him getting online but no response from the seller. Anyways, he just informed me that he would not cover the cost of shipping back :( so it gives me more reason to try to get this to...
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    Received defective Item

    So should I have shipped it first before I filed PP complaint? Also, any advice to get it work would be appreciated. Here are the things I have done 1. DVI has no output in initial boot 2. VGA has output on text but upon boot to windows or linux....I get nothing 3. I have tried it on 2...
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    Received defective Item

    So the cost of shipping back will be on me?
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    Received defective Item

    I recently purchased a 7750 which has no output via DVI connection, on VGA and even at VGA it won't boot to Windows or Linux. I filed a complaint via PP for refund and he wants the GPU back. I would like a refund first and if I do ship back, want the costs of shipping back. I have PM'd him...
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    FS: XFX 6870

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    FS: HD6990, HD6970

    Nice price on that 6990..
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    FS: 2X 5850's

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    wts: sapphire 7950 boost $170

    Payment sent :)
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    wts: sapphire 7950 boost $170

    I believe you were moved already.. BTW, ygpm.
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    FS - 2 x HD 7950

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    WTB Radeon 7950

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    WTB Radeon 7950

    I just recently upgraded my Power Supply and would like to upgrade my GPU. 140-150 shipped. Please PM me. Thanks.
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    rosenwill ultra slim HDTV wall mount with level, $7.99 shipped.

    Great deal! Just got one :) Thanks
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    FS\FT: Final Moving Sale

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    FS: Inspiron 6400 laptop $225 shipped

    I have one of these and love it. Still use it a lot. Didn't realize they can take 4gb though :)
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    Best CPU's of all time?

    Pentium M 166 with MMX
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    FS 2 OCZ VERTEX 2 SSD Drives

    Darn good to resist...
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    FS Intel 3945abg mini-pcie - $6 shipped

    Selling my Intel Wireless card 3945 mini-pcie. Was pulled from my e1505. $6 shipped. Heatware: clemsyn
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    WTB: Working AMD Athlon X2 3800 or faster socket 939 CPU

    Would you consider a naked 3800? Not sure if it still works since I don't have a way to test it. 20 shipped and payment would be after you tested it to be working.
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    FS AM2 Combo

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    FS AM2 Combo

    pending :)
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    FS AM2 Combo

    Up you go
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    FS AM2 Combo

    Bump 55 shipped