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    Double IP address/subnet mask with one adapter?

    This is called IP aliasing btw.
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    Asus P8Z77-V PRO $104.99 at Microcenter B&M (possible clearance)

    None left on the shelves at Westbury, NY location.
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    (Scam) Seagate MomentusXT 750gb 32.99

    In for the max of 5 items. =0
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    Small business. Management of data and long term storage

    Can LTO5 be obtained cheaper now that LTO6 has hit the market? Are refurb/used LTO5 drives out of the question?
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    Newegg Crucial 4GB DDR1600 16.99 Free Shipping

    Yes, but do the Samsung sticks have lighting? Apples and oranges, if you're in that market.
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    14 ft. Cat 6 550Mhz UTP Network Cable $0.99 shipped

    Must use OPs code of EMCJHHG73, not EMCJHHG97. Code is set for a maximum value of $7.50 applied to your order, so you can order 5 for $4.95.
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    How do you test your HDDs for reliability?

    I use badblocks for a full write/read pass and then check SMART data through smartmontools afterwards. How comfortable are you with Linux? Do you have a spare PC (or can dedicate a PC) to Linux while testing HDDs?
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    HP SAS Expander Owner's Thread

    Are you connecting the Areca to the expander with a SFF-8088/SFF-8088 cable, or did you reroute a SFF-8087 off the card? If the latter, try the former. People have reported problems daisy chaining another expander off the internal one that the ix models use. I don't have any -ix cards, only LP...
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    FS: AMD Never Settle Bundle (Farcry 3, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman) & Assassin's Creed III

    Codes for: AMD Never Settle Bundle (Farcry 3, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman Absolution) - $55 Assassin's Creed 3 - $25 Paypal or Amazon payments accepted. Heat:
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    HGST 4TB Touro Desktop External Drive $169.99 (limit 2)

    HGST 4TB Touro Desktop External Drive $169.99 (limit 2) Eligible for prime/free shipping.
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    Dell 30" at $730
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    SSD that gives most IOPS for the money

    What controller(s) are you thinking of using? You may hit the IOPS ceiling of the controller rather then the drives.
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    Need a larger SSD to last into future. Stick with 520 or go 840 Pro series?

    Do you really need 25% free space? I don't worry about longevity / write amplification etc. I figure by the time it matters, you can just get a replacement.
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    Mechanical keyboard repairable?

    Steelseries 6GV2, out of warranty by a few months.. gr. Multiple keys will randomly repeat when pressed (IE, pressing the "t" key will sometimes result in numerous "t"s). Does this sound somehow repairable, or should I just write off the keyboard? It's very annoying, having to constantly...
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    PowerColor Radeon HD 7950 3GB AX7950 3GBD5-2DHV4 $280 AR FS @Newegg $299.99 before a $20 MIR. Free shipping. 3 free games (Farcry 3, Hitman, Sleeping Dogs) Purchase must be made before 11/30, Postmarked within 25 days of purchase date Card comes factory overclocked over vanilla 7950's.
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    Missing Disk Capacity, and Misallocated Reserved Partitions. Oh My!

    You sure you have the right drivers selected? As far as the 2TB thing, is the drive set up with MBR or GPT?
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    Simple C encrypt/decrypt program

    The two problems I see stem from scanf(). You can use gdb as a debugger. Compile with -ggdb (or -g). Start gdb with your executable and set a breakpoint and you can examine your variables. $ gcc -g -ggdb test.c -o test Google for a gdb tutorial :) Quick and dirty, I did something like the...
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    FS: Steam codes

    Ello. These are Steam games that can be gifted. Prices are in USD, I can take Paypal or Amazon payments. Torchlight x 2, $5 (or free with Torchlight 2). Torchlight 2, $15 Sol Survivor x 2, $7.50 ea E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy, $7.50 Heat:
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    Mod Backblaze 45disks in 4U?

    Maybe they don't want two chassis. Or maybe they can't fit another 4U. :P
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    ZFSguru NAS fileserver project

    You're using LSISAS3081E-R's? They use the 1068 chip which doesn't support 3TB afaik.
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    IBM ServeRAID M1015 Solaris JBOD?

    I'm not able to get the card working in OpenIndiana (running the native/9240-8i firmware). Didn't work with the native SUNWmrsas, or the mrsas driver off LSI's page (dated Aug 11, 2011). Driver wouldn't attach even when I manually added the PCI device codes. Anyone have this card working...
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    20% off all PCIe Graphics Cards & DDR2/DDR3 @ MicroCenter

    You do need to keep in mind taxes, Paypal overhead and shipping fees.
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    How to send login details with URL? or other solution for this problem I have...

    What player is this? What sort of authentication mechanism is this?
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    OCZ 60 GB Vertex Plus SATA II @amazon $45

    It's known to be incompatible with the 945 chipset and also possibly the 965, which are pretty farking common.
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    Newegg: WD20EARS $69.99 shipped (no rebates)

    Spinning up and down is a function of your operating system usually. Try turning off your disk related power saving functions.
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    Logitech G110 USB Gaming Keyboard $53

    Same price at Newegg w/ free shipping for those that get taxed at Amazon but not Newegg.
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    Can I fake having an anti-virus program?

    Keep in mind they may check the first three octets (6 hexadecimal characters) of a MAC address to see if it's a Sony device. You should use the OUI prefix of Sony Computer Entertainment if you are going to do this, and override the MAC address on your computer with that prefix. Chances of a...
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    Ol' faithful D-link 4300 passed away...

    OP, are you a Bresnan/Optimum West customer? ;)
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    Linux Desktop: run as root?

    It's been a while, but can't you just set your UID to 0 in the passwd file?
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    Permissions issue? Can't run "php cron.php" on production server

    On that last note, I believe there's separate .ini files, so make sure you modify / edit them appropriately.
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    Quite possible the best desktop wifi adapter

    Cheaply? Sure. Sightly? Not always possible. I live in a Cape house with lath and plaster walls on the inside with brick on the outside, and it is a royal PITA to run cabling. I have CAT5 ran for 3-5 systems on the east side of the house, but anything on the second floor or on the west...
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    Networking help... (AP, bridge, or repeater)

    If you use cable service you should be fine using MoCa, but if you have satellite it won't work.
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    Supermicro ESXi/ZFS All-in-one

    The X9SCA doesn't have any UIO slots on it.
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    Steam for regular applications?

    AFAIK the only one I've heard of is Ninite. The funcitonality you're looking for isn't free tho.
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    Hitachi 5k300 not working with FreeNas

    What SATA controller does the motherboard have? Is the eSATA through that same controller or a different one?
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    f/s: nook and psp god of war edition

    3g/wifi or wifi only nook?
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    25 inch HP 2509M $199.99

    Looks like there's a VESA mount under the HP logo on the back and the stand is removable .. Eyefinity candidate?
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    Question About Which Chassis to Buy

    Look for BR10i. PCI-E x8. Standard orientation.