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    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 Is Coming Q1 2020

    Mods made the first VTM great. Hopeful for the sequel but we'll see.
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    Netflix Brings Dragon's Dogma and Other Japanese Anime to the Platform

    Dragons Dogma the Movie/Series? Whatever... maybe it'll work. What I really want is Dragon's Dogma the Sequel..loved that game.
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    Rhode Island State Representative Wants to Tax Violent Video Games

    I didn't have to click the link to know it would be a Republican politician. But I did anyway and it was a Republican. Guess next time I'll just save myself an extra click when I read dumb stuff like this.
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    Kentucky Governor Blames Video Games for Florida School Shooting

    So lets blame the fake digital guns but not the real guns. Makes sense.
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    FCC Won’t Delay Vote, Says Net Neutrality Supporters Are “Desperate”

    Pai was nominated by the GOP and you're not allowed to have more than 3 commissioners from the same party so yeah blame Obama.
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    Shouting “Pay Your Taxes,” Activists Occupy Apple Retail Stores across France

    Apple CEO: "They're saying, "Pay your taxes!!!". Taxes are being paid - anytime someone buys an iPhone, they pay the Apple Tax!"
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    Petition for the Resignation of FCC Chairman Ajit Varadaraj Pai

    Did some people miss the 'petition' that took place last Nov? Too bad!
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    Ajit Pai and the FCC Want It to Be Legal for Comcast to Block BitTorrent

    Disgusting is right. Just another way big corporations control supply . They know demand will only rise but instead of upgrading and investing in infrastructure they rather inhibit supply to increase profits. They can do that when there's no real competition. NN is a stumbling block they want...
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    New Discovery Raises Hope for Human Colonization of the Moon

    "Fake moon village..all staged and filmed in a cave in Antartica." :joyful: Also going to be the biggest reality TV show for the next 10-20 years.
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    $150 "Light" Phone Does Nothing but Make and Receive Calls

    Noone is going to buy a $150 no frills non smartphone...but put a fruit logo on it and price it at $300 and people will be lining up for it.
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    This Is The Samsung Galaxy S8, Launching March 29

    4000mah battery or GTFO
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    are you going to abandon intel for ryzen?

    Cant believe I'm on the AMD CPU section nevermind contemplating buying an AMD processor but here I am!! Been running this same intel system for 8 years (i7 920) and was finally going to do the upgrade this winter to either 5820K or 6800K and lo and behold whats this..AMD coming out with a new...
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    German Politician Threatens Facebook Over Online Hate Speech

    A conservative politician wants to curb hate speech? .... Best joke of the day!
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    My First Virtual Reality Groping

    Well its news to me that the so called male experience involves assaulting women I find your misogynistic viewpoint sexist.
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    Seasonic Flagship PRIME 750W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    nice review. This will be on my short list when I build my new system later this year. One place I don't skimp on is PSU moreso than other components. Gotta have quality.
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    Game of Thrones Cast Plays Overwatch

    omg I laughed so hard esp the end
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    Corsair M65 Pro RGB Gaming Mouse Review

    seriously whats with the whole RGB trend in PC peripherals..rgb in kb's, mice,case, mobo, ram. Are they so hard up at new ideas that they need to sell this as a feature? I really could care less if it has RGB or not over other more useful features but maybe I'm in the minority. And if having...
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    Cheap Flagships: The Rise Of The $400 Smartphone

    Can add the Lenovo Zuk 2 Pro to that list of current cheap flagships ($420) and first of the cheapies with SD 820 SOC. Too bad its China only..for now.
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    850M Android Devices Still Vulnerable To Stagefright Bug

    If the carriers aren't planning on releasing update to fix that then they really ought to replace existing customers phones with new versions of phones that are updated even if it means a new phone at the carriers expense. Just as what happens in the automotive industry when there is a safety...
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    The Division Beta Claims Record

    I was in the previous closed beta. Think my playtime in the closed beta was about 20hrs. Then started in on the open beta. I couldn't last 2 hrs of it. I admit, game was fun for a bit (dark zone pvp was the main focus for me) but my problem with it is it got boring fast. And pve isn't any...
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    U.S. Ramps Up Fight With Apple

    Huawei to US govt: Forget Apple. Our phones already come with a backdoor courtesy of the Chinese govt :D
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    Internet-Speak Is Destroying The Planet

    Since when has anyone spelled dying on the internet correctly? It's almost always 'dieing'
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    Theater Owners Are Furious About Netflix’s New Movie

    Except that's not what you did. You're the type that singles out a race than blames other for pulling the race card.
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    95% Of Android Phones Open To Attack

    hear, hear!
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    NASA Finds 'Bright Spots' On Dwarf Planet Ceres

    Looks like the MH370 mystery is finally solved.
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    New Chrome Extension Spots Unencrypted Tracking

    HardPCP is unsecure:o
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    Sony to Shut Down All of Its Stores in Canada

    Or maybe its just a sign that retailing is changing. This past holiday I almost did all my shopping online. I'm in Canada btw. And I saved money than if I had actually gone to a brick and mortar store. And I know many others who did the same. I think at one point the Fedex guy was coming by...
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    Canadian Pirates to Get Notices from ISPs in January

    yes just keep blabbing about it and pretty soon they will come after the vpns too.
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    Amazon Fire TV Firmware Update Bricks Rooted Devices

    I think you got that wrong. I don't want to use their servers or services but Amazon is basically forcing users to use them. It's like buying a car and you can only have it serviced by the vendor you bought it from otherwise the car turns into a lemon. Fine if they void the warranty - that is...
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    Disney Research Creates Realistic CG Eyes

    I am definitely up to my eyeballs in bad puns.
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    Apple Deleted Rivals’ Songs From Users’ iPods

    You were going good there till you mentioned Bose.
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    L.A. School District Halts iPad Contract As FBI Seizes Documents

    or steals a box of Swisher Sweets.
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    Awesome Video of the Day

    thats was awesome :D
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    eVGA GTX 970 - Terrible Fan Buzz

    ^^ He's right. If OP wants the 780 I'd go haggle the hell out of it and go real low. Usually a seller like that hopes to attract someone who isn't aware of what's on the current market and current values. And if the seller isn't willing to budge or not willing to go low enough that's his loss...
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    eVGA GTX 970 - Terrible Fan Buzz

    I'm with you. My experience with EVGA cards is just as you said..great CS but very spotty performance. I'd stay away from the ACX cooler. And their 970 ACX comes with only 4 phase power while others have 6. I'll buy MSI, Gigabyte, Zotac even before I touch an EVGA card.
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    EVGA screwed up ACX on the 970.

    My last EVGA card had one of those custom coolers - pre ACX ones. They were terrible - flimsy, noisy and not much better performance than the reference cooler. I've always heard great things about EVGA cards but that was my last EVGA card I'll buy. Apparently they're dismal with non...
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    MIT Built A Robotic Cheetah

    thanks that was mesmerizing watching it. Notice too in the robot the feet were always touching the ground (when its not jumping) vs the cheetah's.
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    Apple Event Essentials

    I have no problem with noobs..ppl need to start somewhere. My thing with Apple is it's become synonymous with the hipster generation. Was true back then even before the whole iphone craze started and the iphone just took it to a whole new level.
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    Amazon Buying Twitch

    It's already here altho that's not quite fast food it's still food: