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    Got an iPhone 14 Pro

    Oof using a 6s??? Congrats!!
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    Gamers Nexus vs LinusTechTips: Smackdown

    I'm just going to throw in here and say that I'm glad to see this conversation between GN and LTT. I know its hard, and painful, and dramatic, but I've not respected LTT for the mistakes they've promulgated through ignorance in multiple videos. I remember thinking how stupid it was when he was...
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    FS: R5-3600 with Wraith Spire cooler $150

    Price is shipped to USA only
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    FS: R5-3600 with Wraith Spire cooler $150

    I upgraded to a 3900x. The OEM 3900x box + the 3900x's wraith spire cooler is included. Not parting.
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    One of the reasons Apple is worth the money...

    This has been a feature for a long time, it’s a wonderful one and I’ve used it for the same reasons, multiple times. Android has caught up and new android phones also lock the phones so it can’t be stolen and used. Apple did it first but I think these are important features for everyone.
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    To replace thermal paste or not

    I wouldn’t hesitate. You got a boost, just a minor one. Importantly, in a couple years you’ll know it’s fine, rather than waiting for it to get bad enough to be worth it. Thermal compound degrades with time as it dries out. I just worked on a transmitter that blew up because the compound got...
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    Will a single Cisco WS-C2960-24TT-L switch share a single gw-wan for all its VLANs?

    some suggestions and questions: 1. Don't use or anything close to it. and up. 2. Why are you wanting to vlan? 3. If you use the sonicwall as a router on a stick, inter-vlan traffic will be throughput limited by the sonicwall. 4. Personally, I wouldn't...
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    Late 2013 Retina MacBook Pro worth it?

    I've got a PC for gaming, and a 13" rMBP for everything else. I dont like dealing with computer issues anymore. Guess I'm old. I do everything important on my mac. The iCloud crap is great with my iphone and ipad.
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    How would you design this topology?

    I think 4 switches is the max in a 2960S flexstack. Would have been better if the endpoint switches were 48 port-ers. This is going to cause near-term growth problems. Using flexstack is definitely the most optimal way, but the 2960S's do have severe limitations. Namely, 6 LACP groups...
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    60 Disk 4U Dell JBOD

    It's hugely discounted when quoted by a business rep.
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    Set up wifi for local hospital?

    I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and say you're in over your head. If you DO go ahead, do what others are saying and keep everything COMPLETELY separate. No shared NOTHING, not even the patch panels! Hospitals are supposed to be NSA-paranoid about security.
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    Best place to buy cisco rack mount kits?

    I've bought gear from they are fine. you got something against em?
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    Best DSL modem for poor line quality

    Go to the phone demarc (the box mounted on the outside wall of the house). Open it up and disconnect the wire from the phone jack, connect the modem directly to that, see if it helps.
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    Any reason not to chose HP V1910 switch over 1810?

    Im interested in this as well. no one else?
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    Which domain controller should I use? I'd recommend using the 2003 functional level for now unless you want one of the features only offered in 08. It's one of those "only if you have to but it doesn't really matter" type of things. Upping the functionality level takes a few...
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    Windows SBS 2008, where did my space go?

    Good thing you caught it before it was too late...
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    SSL certs...which way to go

    he needs to install the intermediate certificate from godaddy and his problems will disappear.
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    Exchange 2010 Outlook Live Demo

    I'm trying to find an interactive demo so I can play with the interface. I can't find one online, is there one somewhere or can one of you awesome people hook me up so I can play with it for a bit?
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    Your my first. I heart you, Oldie.

    Your my first. I heart you, Oldie.
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    Anyone with a Dell M1330?

    dang. my girlfriend has a m1330 and this is the first time I heard of issues. I like it a lot, it's a nice lappie.
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    3D PS3 gaming coming via firmware update

    Duh, your right. AMP is separate from frame rate :)
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    3D PS3 gaming coming via firmware update

    120hz (and now 240hz) tv sets don't duplicate frames. They INTERPOLATE frames and actually generate new ones. Say an object is moving across the screen at a steady rate at 60fps... the tv set will recognize the motion and interpolate the intermediate frames to make it silky smooth.
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    I Hate Dell

    Business support has been good for me.
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    What happens if I disable an account while a user is logged in?

    win2k3 AD. What happens if I disable an account while a user is logged in? What is the delay before they lose access to network resources? Do they have to logoff before it fully takes effect on their local computer?
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    Walmart $100 gift card with xbox 360 purchase 11/07/09 only

    I walked in today and happened to see the deal. They had a bunch left too. Fairbanks Alaska - where no one knows about the hot deals apparently ;)
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    27" iMac Teardown from iFixit!

    that entry level 27" iMac is a great computer.
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    Point of sale system

    for a salon, use supersalon. google it.
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    [itunes/win] forgot to unregister iphone before formatting

    You can reset the devices attached to your apple account. You do this somewhere in your account settings. So if you do this a couple times and run out of activations, you can do a mass delete and all devices will be de-authenticated. You can do this once a year.
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    Officemac 2010: Outlook is back!!

    ohhh shit!
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    Overcoming Price

    If your not sure you need the portability, consider the 24" iMac. Heavy horsepower and a very high quality screen for color sensitive applications. The 15" MBP also has a good screen, but the 24" iMac is far and above any typical consumer LCD, being an IPS panel. 24" imac with 2.93Ghz Core2...
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    How many of you are on MobileMe

    General consensus seems to be that it's worth it if you've got an iphone - otherwise no.
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    How many of you are on MobileMe

    I signed up for the trial and forgot about it and ending up accidentally buying a years subscription. I really like the backup application and the idisk... I also have two macs and the syncronization (bookmarks, keychains, calendars) is pretty sweet. I think if I were an iphone owner, i'd...
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    New Macbook Pro 13 - hard drive replaceable?

    removing the back cover does not void warrantee in any way. easy access to RAM, HD, and battery, when the back cover is removed.
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    MBP 13" and 15" bad news about SATA

    Power saving measure. It's not a cost saver at all. And its a software setting, so I presume someone somewhere will figure out how to change it in the future.
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    Slow Xserve, need some ideas.

    I would ditch the raid5 for a mere 3 drive array, and mirror two drives and use the third for whatever.
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    Why are used Mac Pros so expensive?

    It's all about the software. I started with 10.1. It sucked booty. 10.2 was the first one I could really use day in and out. Every successive version of os x has run faster on the same hardware, cept MAYBE 10.5. thats the magic. Win7 has got this same crucial element to it, and thats why...
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    Those of you who've used the 2.4 and the 2.0 Albook, what's the perf. difference?

    I looove my backlit. I am frequently on the couch in limited light and it's so helpful.
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    connecting server room to main office block!

    Wow. I didn't not even notice... sorry about that. I totally necro'ed this thread. :)
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    connecting server room to main office block!

    I would personally prefer fiber when running between different buildings, because of grounding potential differences and the possibility of a lightning strike or other act of god.
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    A/V to Firewire recommendations?

    Many digital video cameras with firewire can be fed from the vcr, and convert to firewire.